Bathroom Decorating Ideas for a Small Yet Stylish Design

The bathroom is most likely one of your home’s smallest rooms, if not the smallest. But this fact doesn’t confine its destiny to dark unpleasantness, oh certainly not! There are many bathroom designs and strategies that can help this diminutive room look and feel like utterly welcoming, stylish, and vibrant. In other words, even the smallest of bathrooms can seem larger than life. Read on to find many fabulous bathroom decorating ideas that speak to you and your (tiny) space.

Powder room with a floral wallpaper
neo metro steel painted toilet design

Artwork – A large piece of artwork hung on the wall might be a possibility, even in your small bathroom. But it might not be, either. Just because you don’t have a free wall, though, doesn’t mean art should be absent from your bathroom. Think outside the box, as does this swirling gem of artistry on the toilet bowl itself.

Creative bathroom sink from stone

Creative, clever fixtures – A small bathroom may seem limited in its available options, but that’s what makes any variance from the norm so impressive and fun! A stone-ish countertop sink, for example, will set the bathroom apart, especially when juxtaposed so beautifully with a tall, elegant, and modern faucet.

Using monochromatic in bathroom

Light and white – Using a monochromatic palette, particularly in the lighter end of the spectrum, creates a visual uniformity that appears to expand a space. The use of white is a wonderful bathroom decorating idea for a small bathroom for the mere fact that many of the standard fixtures are white. Plus, white is just a lovely, airy color for any space.

Patterned floor surface

Patterned surfaces – While the incorporation of patterns might seem counterintuitive in a small space, their inclusion actually brings graphic vitality and charm. Keep the color palette tight when attempting this décor move, though, so as to avoid aesthetic overload.

Godi Basin bathroom

Unexpected elements – In almost any small space, the unexpected element(s), such as unexpected textures, surfaces, or shapes, will take center stage, there being little or nothing else to really compete with. This Godi basin, for example, is not an average pedestal sink but rather an artistic version, with its angled, conical base. Design touches such as this are excellent small bathroom decorating ideas.

Godi fancy vanity

Vertical emphasis – It’s a proven fact that spaces with more verticality feel larger than they actually are. Something about the air space and its impression on our perception. So anything you can do in a small bathroom to enhance the vertical space is going to help your cause. This includes ceiling mounted things, tall shower curtains, vertical stripes on the walls, tall mirrors, the list goes on. Think up.

Modern Bathroom Fixtures

Modern fixtures – Sometimes all it takes is a simple twist with a modern fixture – this circular pedestal sink with unexpected side-mounted faucet, for example – to bring your small bathroom up to a remarkable space.

Elegant bathroom accents

Elegant accentsElegance is graceful and stylish. While some may associate the feeling of elegance solely with copious amounts of crystal drops on a chandelier or 8” thick gilded-frame mirrors, this is not true. Elegance can be present in the simplest of ways, such as a slim, minimalist bathroom faucet perched, well, elegantly over a simple white sink.

Dark and dramatic walls for bathroom

Dark & dramatic walls – A small space is a prime location to experiment with bolder, darker, and more dramatic décor because of its smallness. Where these more dramatic choices would be overwhelming in larger doses, the small bathroom setting is ideal. Go bold.

american standard tub

Vintage fixtures – Whether or not the fixture is actually vintage is a moot point. A feeling or appearance of vintage, such as this brass tub faucet on the American Standard tub, might just be all your small bathroom needs to feel personalized and inviting.

neo metro bejeweled faucet

Eye-catching pieces – A gold-covered, “diamond”-studded sink faucet? Why, yes, please! The very bling-iness of this glammed up fixture completely makes up for the fact that it hovers over the tiniest bathroom sink in the land. But it’s okay, because, bling!

Carved basin stand

Sculptural elements – The reason a bathroom is such a, well, functional-heavy space is precisely the reason that special, sculptural details should be incorporated into the design. A carved basin stand, for example, is a subtle yet noticeable detail that really elevates the style of the entire space.

Me Bathtub and unique faucet

Custom plumbing – While many people would not think twice about gorgeous tub fixtures if they were mounted at the head of the tub (as is typically done in most homes), even the simplest of fixtures will scream “custom design!” when mounted, unexpectedly, on the side wall of the bathtub. Of course, architecturally, this is not always an option for the small bathroom. But if it is…it’s definitely a format to consider for major visual impact. As is this large, rectangular, modern bathtub design.

Wall mounted faucet

Wall-mounted components – There’s something to be said for keeping horizontal planes clear; it automatically makes a space look clean, fresh, and lacking in (or at least comfortable with) spatial constraints. Wall-mounting objects, then, is a great move for small bathroom design: faucets, sinks, toilets, vanities. All of it. Throw them on the wall.

Industrial touch with green

Industrial touches– A sink that looks little more than a concrete box is a fabulous industrial statement piece in a small bathroom. Paired with an unexpected faucet in a neon tint, the combination clearly reads modern urban chic.

Live Edge Bathroom Design

Rustic, organic touches – Because a bathroom tends to lean toward the clinical, what with the shiny porcelain this, and the glass mosaic that, a touch or two of something rustic, even organic, goes a long way to providing balance and breathtaking form, even in a modern bathroom. Consider the simple act of placing a potted plant in the bathroom, perhaps.

Storage vanity for small spaces and mirror above

Proportionate storage solutions – This idea is definitely not news, but it is just as definitely applicable in a small bathroom space. Keep storage solutions in proportion to your space. If you can squeeze in storage in a stylish vanity, or incorporate storage behind the wall-mounted mirror, do it. This type of maximizing of what space is available is what makes or breaks a small bathroom, in terms of double-duty effectiveness.

IDEA group rectanglar sinks

Simple, edited décor – The words “simple” and “edited” certainly don’t translate to “stale” and “boring.” What this might mean instead is to choose one large piece of décor instead of eight smaller pieces, and/or keep surfaces clear and free of clutter. Definitely both great pieces of advice for the tiny bathroom space.

Unique cape code from Duravit

Unique fixtures – As bathroom fixtures have remained somewhat standard for the past many decades, even the slightest variation speaks volumes on style. This uniquely shaped Cape Cod sink is evidence of this.

Carved wood basin stand

Classic color scheme – It doesn’t get much more classic than black and white, as far as color schemes go, and a small bathroom is a perfect place to showcase a classic color combination. Neutralized with a carved wood basin stand, this color palette showcased in a graphic way is simultaneously classic and innovative.

About me Stark bathroom

Wall-mounted toilet – Although the actual size of the toilet isn’t all that different, the feeling of a wall-mounted fixture is visually lighter-weighted than a traditional style. It’s a good rule of thumb to follow in a small space: Anything off the floor makes the room feel larger.

Cabinet Drawer Storage

Clever storage – While most of the world has accepted the fact that the “drawer” under the bathroom sink is an unusable facade, some designers have refused to roll over. A cabinet drawer cut out, shown, provides excellent storage, particularly for a small bathroom where every inch of storage space is at a premium.