DIY With Family Photos for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. While you’re probably planning a nice Sunday dinner where your mom can come and sit and relax and not worry about cooking or dishes, having a little something she can take home is a welcome addition. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. In fact, you can DIY it with things you probably already have in your home. Like family photos. Because what mom doesn’t love a photo of her family? Check out these 10 DIYs you can make with your family photos for Mother’s Day and blow your mom away.

Family photo wreath

Make a wreath out of those family pictures for your mom this year. You can even make one from old pictures for your grandma of people and times gone by. It’s a great memento that keeps those beloved faces in front of her eyes all year round. (via Country Living)

Family photo magnets

For the mom or grandma who is always putting photos and hand-drawn pictures from the grandkids on the fridge, make her these photo magnets that will only make anything she hangs feel special. (via Sundae Sins)

Family photo clock

If your mom is the busy one, always rushing to and from events and appointments, make her a photo clock. Suddenly, she won’t mind having to keep track of the time because it means she gets to look at her family multiple hours a day. (via Rosy Red Buttons)

Family photo cubes

Coffee table photos are most definitely welcome on any mother’s coffee table. Pasting photos on blocks not only gives her something to make her smile every morning, it gives grandkids something to play with and readily available photos to show off to friends. (via Tara Dennis)

Family photo hoops

Help your mom out with her gallery wall this Mother’s Day. Transfer photos onto cloth and glue them into embroidery hoops. Feel free to pimp them out with some embroidery stitches too. (via My So Called Crafty Life)

Family photo collage

Get the kid’s in on the Mother’s Day crafting. Use family photos to make a fun mural with paper and magazine cutouts. It will be the best family photo your mom has ever received. (via Skunkboy)

Family photo pillows

For the traveling mom, use your transfer paper skills to make her a travel size photo pillow for Mother’s Day. Then she can see her favorite people all the time no matter where she goes. (via Brit + Co)

Family photo coasters

Coasters. Another classic coffee table gift that you can make yourself. Put your photos in black and white and they’ll match any decor and season your mom decorates with. (via Hello Wonderful)

Family photo holder

Most moms these days just want photos that aren’t on a screen. Make this photo holder and pair it with a stack of printed photos this year. She’ll cry, I promise. (via Smile and Wave)

Family photo gift wrap

While we’re DIYing with family photos, we might as well wrap with family photos too. Use a copy of your favorite to paste on your wrapping paper with flowers or patterned washi tape. She’ll have no doubt it’s specially wrapped for her. (via Camille Styles)