How To Make Interesting Prints Using A Rolling Pin

The rolling pin is a lot more versatile than it lets you know at first. You can use in more than one way and not just for making delicious cookies and treats. A surprising use for the rolling pin involves the creation of graphical and unique patterns on fabric or paper. The rolling pin acts in this case as a sort of stamp.


You can use the technique to make one-of-a-kind wrapping paper so your gifts always stand out. Let’s see what you’ll need for such an unusual project. The list of supplies includes craft foam, spray glue, paper, tape, block printing ink, rubber bands, scissors and rolling pins. You’ll also need something to spread the ink on.


It all goes like this: first you cover the rolling pins with paper and then you cut the craft foam into the desired shapes and you adhere it to the paper. You can also create an interesting design using rubber bands instead. Squeeze out some ink and spread it with a brush. Then roll the pin in the ink and roll your design on paper. You can experiment with different designs and colors. You can find more details about the project on ecosalon.

Cloth stripe DIY

Check out the striped stamp featured on tidbits-cami. It seems simple to make and it actually is. To get this look you’ll need a rolling pin, a piece of cardstock paper, some tape, a hot glue gun and a rubber stamp making sheet. It would be best to cover the rolling pin with cardstock paper if you plan to reuse it after this. Tape down the ends.

How to make stripes on cloth

Figure out what size and style of stripe you want and cut the rubber stamp sheet. Wrap the cut stripes around the rolling pin and cut off the excess. Hot glue them down starting from the center of the rolling pin. Then prepare your paint and apply it to the stripes with a foam brush. Start stamping.