25 DIY Gifts For Every Type of Mom

You could buy her flowers or get a picture framed or take her to a fancy restaurant, but we all know that what moms really want for Mother’s Day is time with their kids. So what do you give a girl who’s already got everything? That’s where the DIY comes in. All moms have different talents and different hobbies so when they receive a homemade gift from you that goes right along with what they love, they’ll enjoy it even more. Check out these 25 Mother’s Day gifts that you can DIY for your type of mom.

1. Traveling Mom

diy travel bag

When you travel, it’s a fact that all girls look for the cutest traveling gear they can find. If your mom is out and about regularly, make her this simple toiletry bag that will not only hold all her bathroom necessities, it will protect them from water too. (via My Poppet Makes)

2. Gardener Mom

diy plant pots

Help your green-thumbed mother bring her outdoor gardening skills into the living room with these plant pots. You can create whatever designs you think she would like best, in whatever colors go with her home. Let the succulent planting begin.

3. Freelance Mom

diy laptop case

The online world provides so many job opportunities for freelancers. Whether she runs her own blog or works with someone else’s, your mom is probably toting her laptop all over the place. Make her this padded case to keep her workspace safe and colorful. (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. Candle Collecting Mom

diy jar candle

Yes, believe it or not that is a thing. Some moms can’t resist the Bath and Body Works candle sales and attend every Scentsy party within driving distance. You just gotta love a good candle. If that’s your mom, make her a one of a kind candle in a bottle that she’ll burn out twice as fast as her BBW favorite. (via Tidbits)

5. To Do List Mom

diy marbled notebook

Her coffee table, desk, dresser and part of the kitchen counter are covered in sheets and sheets of lists and notes. Help your mom keep her thoughts organized with these pretty marbled notebooks. Create a full sized one for her desk and a mini one for her purse! (via The Lovely Drawer)

6. All Natural Mom

diy diffuser

You know the ones I’m talking about. They only shop at Whole Foods and Farmers’ Markets and they make their own organic hand sanitizer. Those cleaning freak moms probably won’t enjoy a store bought candle, so make their house smell like the lemon and peppermint they clean with with this all natural diffuser.

7. Fashionista Mom

diy lipstick holder

For some moms, they are naked without their lipstick. Give them a simple way to keep all their colors organized and within easy reach with a simple lipstick holder like this. (via The Merrythought)

8. Trendy Mom

diy emoji coasters

Not all moms are technology-ignorant. In fact, even my mom can send me a story in emojis. A mom like that deserves these DIY emoji coasters in her most-used faces. (via Lovely Indeed)

9. Young Mom

diy quote tote

You probably know a young mom who will be getting dandelions and fingerpaintings for Mother’s Day. Spend a couple dollars on a canvas tote and iron on a meaningful saying or Bible verse for a sweet gift. She’ll be grateful of the extra carrying space. (via Alice and Lois)

10. Organized Mom

diy leather catchall

Is your mom always annoyed that dad is losing his keys or someone moved the garage opener again? Whip up this simple leather catchall that will give all those things a stylish place to rest.

11. Family Oriented Mom

diy stamped bracelet

For many moms, their family is their hobby. They’ll do anything to help out their kids or even grandchildren. Pay tribute to this fierce love with an initialed bracelet. You can use her original love’s initials (your dad!) or put all you and your siblings first initials on it. (via A Beautiful Mess)

12. Hostess Mom

diy cutting board

Like my mother-in-law, some moms just enjoy having people over. There’s always an extra place for dinner and good stories passed around the table. Make her a unique wood burned cutting board that she can use to serve appetizers or fruit or whatever food will please the crowd. (via Brit + Co)

13. Crafty Mom

diy ring dishes

If your mom is a crafty mom, you’ve probably admired some of her creations and problem solving skills yourself. Feel free to half make these little jewelry plates and gift her the gold paint so she can do the rest. (via Homey Oh My)

14. Nostalgic Mom

diy spoon ring

Here’s a gift that requires you to be sneaky. Steal away one of your grandma’s pieces of vintage flatware to make into a spoon ring for your mom. She’ll love wearing around a piece of her childhood. (via The Merrythought)

15. Grandma

diy eye cream

When you start to see those wrinkles and lines, you know that she is searching for a cream to smooth things over. Mix up this all natural coffee-infused eye cream that will help her manage wrinkles and fight oncoming lines. (via Hello Natural)

16. Kokedama.

Engraved mothers day round wood

Like there hanging plants for example. The project is inspired by the Japanese moss balls known as kokedama. To make them you need small plants, moss, a mixture of peat soil and bonsai soil (or akedama), cotton thread and twine. Expose the roots of the plants, mix the two soils together, shape it into a ball, wrap moss around it and then tie cotton string around the ball. Make a small hole and press the plant inside. Then take small sheets of moss and press them firmly into the soil. Wrap twine around the ball and leave the sides long so you can hang the plants.{found on designsponge}.

17. Copper Jewelry Holder.

Engraved mothers day round wood

Or perhaps she’d enjoy more a branch jewelry holder. All you need for this project is a branch, some sanding paper, spray paint, a drill and screws. First find a beautiful branch. Clean it up and sand down the parts that are too rough. The decide where you need to drill some holes so the piece can be attached to a wall. Drill the holes and then spray paint the branch and the tops of the screws that you plan on using.

18. Flower Vases.

Engraved mothers day round wood

If your mother likes flowers and enjoys displaying them in her home, then you can make her a lovely gold-striped vase to add to her collection. It’s a really inexpensive project and all you need is a vase or even a large glass, some painter’s tape and spray paint. Decide on a design, tape the vase and then spray paint it. When you remove the tape you’ll reveal the beautiful pattern.{found on twotwentyone}.

19. Personalize coffee mugs.

Engraved mothers day round wood

Another simple and lovely idea is to personalize a pair of coffee mugs. All you need are two plain mugs and ceramic or glass paint markers in any colors you prefer. Wash and dry the mugs, draw you design or your text, let the paint cure for a few hours and then put the mugs in the oven (40 minutes at 375 degrees but it’s best to double check first in case your mugs require a different treatment).{found on gimmesomeoven}.

20. Concrete Coasters.

Engraved mothers day round wood

And since we’re discussing coffee mugs, if you don’t want to try your calligraphy skills with the previous project, you can make some hexagonal concrete coasters for your mom so she can use them with the mugs she already has. You need white concrete, cardboard, duct tape, masking tape, a hexagonal template and a mixer stick.

21. Magnetic Knive Holder.

Engraved mothers day round wood

Magnetic knife holders are really handy and if your mother doesn’t already have one you just found the perfect gift idea for this year’s Mother’s Day. To make one yourself you need a wooden block, a drill, super glue, some extra heavy duty magnets, lacquer and two small brackets and 4 small nails. Drill two rows of holes on the back of the wooden block without penetrating through the front. Put a bit of glue in each hole and drop the magnets in. once the glue is dry, apply a thin coat of lacquer finish onto the wooden block and add the brackets and nails for easy hanging.

22. Paper flower backdrop.

Practical gifts are always appreciated but sometimes it’s nice to also receive something that’s just beautiful to look at like a paper flower backdrop for the living room. This is also a project that’s fun to make. You need large sheets of butcher paper, a pen or a sharpie, scissors and a glue gun. Start by drawing a flower, making the outer rings narrow and widening them as you move closer to the center. Cut out the spiral shape and curl it. Add a little bit of glue at the center.{found on greenweddingshoes}.

23. Tiered desert stand.

Engraved mothers day round wood

A tiered desert stand would also be a lovely gift, especially if you make it yourself. The materials you need include three coordinating plates of different dimensions, a rod, five screw nuts, a flat screw nut, three washers, an electric drill, a pen or a marker, some painter’s tape a lamp finial. Tape over the center at the top and bottom of each plate as you drill holes in them and be gentle so they don’t crack.

24. Tablet Holder.

Engraved mothers day round wood

For the modern mothers who embrace technology, a useful gift could be a tablet holder which they can use in the kitchen. You can make one using an old cutting board, a Scrabble tile holder and a child’s building block. Attach the tile to the cutting board using wood glue and then glue the building block to the back of the cutting board. You can then paint the holder or stain it.{found on mamiejanes}.

25. Engraved Wood Cutting Board.

Engraved mothers day round wood

But if DIY projects are just not your forte you can just buy your mother a gift. A custom engraved cutting board would be a lovely idea. You can personalize it in a variety of different ways.Available on Etsy for $38.