DIY Jewelry Holder from a Branch

Combine functionality and glam to create this aesthetically pleasing jewelry holder that provides a lot more than your basic storage and organization functions. As an added accessory to the wall it can serve as a stand-alone piece of wall art.

DIY Jewelry Holder


This simple project is about as inexpensive as they come and super easy to make and customize for your space. Enjoy a nice hike in the woods and come back with your next creative endeavor!

DIY Jewelry Branch supplies

Materials you’ll need for Jewelry Holder:

  • branch
  • sanding block or paper
  • spray paint
  • drill
  • screws
  • counter sink drill bit

Instruction step by step to craft the Jewelry Holder:

gilded jewelry branch DIY

Step 1: Find and prepare branch

Find your branch (you may not have to go further than your backyard, but if you can’t find what you are looking for try a local ravine or wooded area that will surely have plenty of fallen branches). Try to pick a branch that is thicker at the base but with many branches coming off (again on the thicker side if possible).

Step 2: Clean

Clean up the branch by picking off smaller sticks that won’t support jewelry weight. Cut off any excess at the bottom if needed and sand down where appropriate.

Step 3: Pre-drill

Once the branch is prepped, use the counter sink drill bit to pre-drill through the branch in the places that it will attach to the wall. This is a must, especially if you are using a smaller diameter branch! If you fail to this it is likely your branch will split when you go to screw it into the wall.

Step 4: Spray paint

Spray both the branch and the tops of the screws that you will use in whatever color you desire. Spray painting the screw tops with allow for the screws to blend into the branch rather than showing up as small black dots on the finished product.

Step 5: Attach to the wall

Lastly, find a place for your branch and attach it to the wall by drilling in place through the pre-drilled holes.

DIY branch jewelry hook 1024x683
DIY branch jewelry hook 1024x683
DIY branch jewelry hook 1024x683
DIY branch jewelry hook 1024x683
DIY branch jewelry hook 1024x683
DIY branch jewelry hook 1024x683
DIY branch jewelry hook 1024x683

When hanging the finished product, try to hang horizontally to allow for a better display of your jewelry pieces (this will allow all the pieces to hang down independently instead of on top of each other). Hang above your dresser or near the closet with fun and colorful jewelry pieces to really create a focal point for your room!