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Closet Shoe Storage Ideas For A Well-Organized Home

Everyone has their own way of organizing their closet. Usually there’s some sort of storage system for coats and clothes in general and some sort of storage for shoes and various other things. Shoe storage is not complicated and usually consists of simple shelves but there are many different ways to integrate this into the design of a closet. Let’s have a look at some of the options and see what other ideas they inspire. 

Closet shoe envyView in gallery

Inspiring designs and ideas

Shoe closet storageView in gallery

Here’s a nice and simple closet with storage at the top for hangers and shelves at the bottom for shoes. This puts everything on display in a way that makes it accessible and doesn’t clutter the closet. It even leaves spaces in between for some accessories. It’s a nice setup created by Laurence Tamaccio Design Destinations

Pullout drawer with shoe shelvesView in gallery

A space-efficient way to store shoes is vertically which can translate into a variety of different furniture designs. This for instance is a vertical pull-out shelving system that takes up only a small section of the closet but can accommodate a large number of pairs of shoes. They can be organized based on season, style, color and more and it’s both efficient and convenient at the same time. This is a design by studio Provenance Builders

Cool walk in closet designView in gallery

Another option is to put your shoes on display and to proudly show off your collection. That can actually look quite nice in a walk-in closet. You could have open shelves with some sort of built-in lighting that illuminates the shoes in a subtle but effective way. A similar storage system could be set up for bags and other accessories. Here’s a glamorous example from Closet Factory

Shoe shelf walk in closetView in gallery

A small shoe storage closet is also an option. It could fit nicely in your entryway and it can hold your most used pairs of shoes or can offer some empty slots for your guests. This custom design by Closets of Tulsa features six open modules with shelves positioned at an angle for convenience, so you can easily take out the shoes and put them back in and so they’re more visible and easy to identify from a distance. 

Contemporary walk in closet with large storage for shoeView in gallery

for extensive collections of shoes a proper storage system is required. This large closet is heavily focused on that, featuring a variety of open shelves that take up almost the entire length of the unit. As you can see, the shelves have different heights and most are positioned close together to save space and to make this setup as efficient as possible. This stylish design is the work of studio WDG Architecture

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Not your traditional walk in closetView in gallery

It’s actually really nice to have all your shoes on display, color coordinated and everything, so make room in your closet to accommodate them all. Here they’re all clustered on one of the wall which is entirely consisting of open shelves. The shelves don’t need to be very deep and or tall so you can have a lot of them in a fairly small space. Leave a larger section at the bottom for boots. Check out this stylish design by Marks & Frantz Interior Design for more inspiration. 

Compact white closet designView in gallery

You can mix and match different types of shelves and also include other types of storage to create a custom unit. For instance this show closet has little cubbies that hold individual pairs of shoes small enough to fit in them and open shelves with different heights for all the other ones. The large space at the bottom is for boots and can also hold other large items. This design by transFORM Home is simple, modern and space-efficient. 

Custom closet with LED lightsView in gallery

Here’s another stylish shoe closet which was created by studio Tracie Butler Interior Design. It’s simple and has a contemporary aesthetic, with white as the primary color. That gives it a very clean look and really helps to emphasize all the different colors of the shoes and their designs. Also, the lighting helps to make them stand out more as well.


Purple closet cabinetsView in gallery

Adding color to the closet can also be a nice idea, a way to make it more unique and to match it to the rest of the house. This one has cool hints of lavender and purple and it’s furnished with a lot of wooden shelves and modules. That’s a combination that adds warmth and style to the space. The shoe storage shelves take up a big portion of the room and the island and the bench at the center tie the whole space together. This modern design was done by Cablik Enterprises.

Closet with glass doorsView in gallery

Having an organized closet starts with a good storage system where everything has its place. Here you can see a variety of different solutions being put together to create a custom unit that was designed to fit this space and to make the most of it. There’s both open and hidden storage and even modules with opaque glass doors that give a peek inside without totally exposing the contents. In this setup by Closet Classics there’s space for shoes, clothes, accessories and even a vanity with a couple of chairs. 

Closet with baskets for storageView in gallery

Here’s another custom closet, this time smaller and designed to take over this room corner. The large mirror doors really help to open up the space and the cabinet on the adjacent wall features a cool design for a show storage unit. It has shelves inside and see-through glass doors, like a display case for all the shoes. It’s an elegant design by Built-Rite Closets

Modern tailor made closet designView in gallery

The design chosen for this contemporary walk-in closet is a symmetrical one. The back wall is all covered in built-in furniture with a combination of open shelves, cubbies and drawers and there’s more storage on the two walls adjacent to it. That way as you walk in everything is easily accessible around you. All the shoes are on the shelves, the clothes are hanging above them and all the accessories are at the center. This is a custom organization system by studio Tailored Living.

Shoe storage racks

4 Tier 24 Pair Shoe Rack

4 Tier 24 Pair Shoe RackView in gallery

Something small and simple like this one from Rebrilliant is probably just what most entryways needs. It’s a practical and versatile type of shoe rack with four shelves that can hold 24 pairs of shoes in total, enough for the whole family and guests. You can also fit this rack inside a closet if you want to in case you have a bunch of extra pairs of shoes that need to be properly organized and stored in here. 

Burrier 50 Pair Shoe Rack

Burrier 50 Pair Shoe RackView in gallery

If you need more than four shelves then a bigger shoe rack is in order. This one has 10 shelves and can hold up to 50 pairs of shoes in total. It’s tall but doesn’t take up a lot of space on the floor and it has a simple design that can fit in most closets and a variety of different interiors. Although it is mainly a shoe rack, that doesn’t mean you can also use some of the shelves to store and organize other items. That makes this unit extra versatile. Check it out on wayfair

Colleen 13 Pair Shoe Rack

Colleen 13 Pair Shoe RackView in gallery

The Colleen shoe rack is really nice because it can serve as a multipurpose piece of furniture for the entryway. The shelves on the right side are perfect for storing shoes while the ones on the left side can be used in a few different ways. You can store boxes and bags on them and you can also place a planter there, a couple of books and various other things. There’s also the top which can be used similarly to a console table. 

5-Tier Storage 18 Pair Shoe Rack

5 Tier Storage 18 Pair Shoe RackView in gallery

If you’re looking for a simple, sturdy and durable shoe rack for a small entryway, this one from Ebern Designs might just be it. It’s a 5-tier storage system with a nice wooden top and 4 black mesh shelves below it. It has a simple design that coordinates well with a lot of different decors and it can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes which we think is a perfect number for most households. 

5-Tier Metal Adjustable to Flat or Slant Stackable Shoe Rack

5 Tier Metal Adjustable to Flat or Slant Stackable Shoe RackView in gallery

As you’re probably aware, some shoe racks have shelves that are slanted. That can be a convenient feature but flat shelves have their own advantages. This stylish shoe rack from Rebrilliant gives you the possibility to choose between both of these options. It has 5 adjustable metal shelves that you can easily positioned however you prefer them, either flat or slanted.  

12 Pair Shoe Rack

12 Pair Shoe RackView in gallery

Metal can feel a bit too cold in some cases and a wooden shoe rack could be a better fit. This one comes in 3 variants, espresso, light cherry and dark cherry and has a simple and modern design with a sturdy frame and four slender shelves with a flat surface and plenty of space between them for added versatility. It’s convenient and can hold 12 pairs of shoes. Check it out on Wayfair for more details. 

Foldable Plastic Transparent Shoe Box Storage

Foldable Plastic Transparent Shoe Box StorageView in gallery

Modular furniture is quite possibly the best kind because it leaves room for creativity and originality. What that means for this particular show storage system is that it’s made out of individual pieces similar to boxes and these are stackable and can be combined to make custom units. You can stack them in a variety of different configurations which allows you to maximize the space inside your closet or in your entryway. They also come in a variety of different colors. This is a set of 12 foldable shoe boxes from Rebrilliant

30 Pair Steel Shoe Rack

30 Pair Steel Shoe RackView in gallery

This is a really great shoe rack option for small spaces. It features a simple and space-efficient design with a slender and sturdy steel frame. it has 6 shelves that are stacked one on top of the other using connectors. The shelves themselves are made of fabric which makes them lightweight and gives this piece a casual look. It has a storage capacity of up to 30 pairs of shoes. Check out the specifications on wayfair for more details about this product. 

Space-Saving 70 Pair Shoe Rack

Space Saving 70 Pair Shoe RackView in gallery

For even larger collections, a bigger but still space-efficient shoe rack like this one would make a lot of sense. With its 10 shelves in total this shoe rack from 17 Stories can hold up to 70 individual pairs of shoes. The shelves are equally spaced out and made of metal the same as the frame. That makes this a very sturdy and durable piece which can last for many years. It’s easy to assemble and compact given its storage capacity. 

10 Tiers 45 Pair Shoe Rack

10 Tiers 45 Pair Shoe RackView in gallery

Not everyone likes all their shoes to sit out in the open. Luckily, with this shoe rack you can easily hide them all. This is a shoe rack from Rebrilliant and it has a sturdy steel tube frame with plastic connectors and a zipper cover that allows you to close it off to protect your shoes from dust and to keep them out of sight. It has a total of 9 shelves and a capacity to store up to 45 pairs of shoes which you can organize however you want.