15 DIY Barn Door Ideas For Inspiring Makeover Projects

The barn door trend has been around for a few years and continues to be quite popular. Sliding barn doors are appreciated for their ability to make pretty much any space look and feel welcoming and cozy. This is a valuable feature in a lot of cases but especially in the context of a modern or contemporary design which is usually minimalist and sometimes can come across as cold and austere. Luckily, we have 15 ideas that can help you prevent that. They’re all DIY-oriented so get ready to pick your next weekend project.

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In addition to making spaces look extra charming thanks to their rustic character, barn doors are also space-efficient and that makes them ideal for narrow hallways, tiny bathrooms and other such contexts. A good example in this DIY barn door designed specifically for the laundry room. It’s both space-saving and good-looking.

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There are two ways in which you can add a barn door to one of the rooms in your home. You can repurpose an actual existing barn door or you can build one yourself from scratch. If you decide to go with the latter, you can check out the tutorial from gatheredinthekitchen. It shows you exactly what you need for this project and how to get it done efficiently.

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As it turns out, building a barn door is not only pretty easy but also cheap. For instance, the project featured on farmfreshvintagefinds only cost around $20 which is extremely reasonable considering that with that money you can get a new door for your pantry, bathroom or whatever other space you have in mind. Obviously, the final cost depends on the size of the door and the actual materials you plan on using so try to be a bit flexible in that regard.

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Of course, you can also add a DIY barn door to a garden shed or a small cabin, just to give it a sort of authentic, charming look. There are plenty of ways in which the actual door can be customized if you want it to stand out. One option is to paint it in a bright, eye-catching color. This red door featured on instructables could inspire you.

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There’s more to a DIY barn door than just the part where you actually build it. After that, the finishing part is just as important because that’s when the door actually starts to take shape and to look like the real deal. Dark wood stain does wonders and we really love how this project featured on warmcozyhome turned out.

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An extra large DIY barn door like the one featured on kleinworthco is not much difficult or more expensive to build than the smaller ones we’ve seen so far. Of course, you need to adjust the proportions accordingly so be sure to measure twice before you make any cuts. To make your large door look less imposing, decorate it with a quirky wreath.

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The cedar barn door featured on instructables looks a perfect addition for a space such as the bedroom or the home office. It looks quite massive but it also looks homey and that means a lot. The rusticity of barn doors in general is something that can be used to one’s advantage in all sorts of different setups and decors.

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Inspired the rustic barn door, this baby gate is both cute and super practical. This is a project that you can do yourself from scratch and which can be personalized in all sorts of cute and stylish ways. Check out the basics on instructables and feel free to add your own touch to the design and the project in general.

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A DIY barn door can also be a perfect option for a quick bathroom makeover. Actually, this would work out perfectly since the sliding door is space-efficient and has a lovely rustic appearance which can make this otherwise utilitarian space feel more like an actual part of a warm and cozy home. You can find out more about this transformation on shadesofblueinteriors.

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A barn door can also make a kitchen look and feel more welcoming which is especially desirable when the kitchen is actually a separate space and not included in an open plan volume along with the living room and dining area. It’s one of those details which can really make a difference in a space like this where there’s not a lot of room for purely decorative elements. The DIY barn door project featured on finditmakeitloveit shows just how cheerful this change can be.

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In case you’re worried about the actual sliding mechanism that needs to be attached to the barn door, that shouldn’t really pose any problems since you can actually build everything yourself out of plumbing pipes, casters, flanges, elbows and a few other things. As you can see, this particular door is pretty small and narrow which makes everything quite simple. Check out all the details on jennaburger.

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The new laundry room barn door featured on jennasuedesign looks pretty cool as well. The wood has been stained and that gives it a rustic look as opposed to brightly-colored paint which can make anything stand out in a cheerful manner. The black metal pipe hardware complements it perfectly, giving it a slightly industrial appearance without diminishing its charm.

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If you like the idea of a DIY barn door but you’re not really in love with the whole rustic appearance, there are ways to work around that and to make your door look unique. A great example in that sense can be found on instructables. Check out the cool geometric pattern. It’s definitely worth the time and effort put into this project.

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Another interesting looking DIY barn-door was featured on vintagerevivals. You can actually use any old door for this if you give it a makeover and you install casters and a proper sliding mechanism so you can use it as a sliding barn door. You’d also have the opportunity to customize the new design with a suitable handle.

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The last DIY barn door project on today’s list comes from theaccentpiece. Assuming you already have the door, the installation requires the following supplies: two trolley hangers, a trolley track, four box rail attachments and two end caps. It’s all pretty straight-forward so there’s not much room for customization at this point.