Sliding Barn Door For Bathroom Trend Pushes Upward

The barn door for bathroom trend has captured the attention of homeowners nationwide. For those who want a rustic interior vibe, a sliding barn door makes sense. What began as a small idea has become an increasingly popular interior decor feature.

Sliding Barn Door For Bathroom

When remodeling your bathroom, you’ll need to address what kind of door you want. As there are many options to choose from, a sliding barn door is not only stylish but also affordable. Installing. a barn door in your bathroom space is also another way to enhance your DIY design skills.

If you can’t decide, let us help. We’ll show you sliding barn door ideas that were hand-picked by our team of design editors.

With each example, you’ll understand how a rustic door style adds an element of style to your bathroom space, unlike a traditional door.

Barn Door Bathroom Ideas

Your bathroom door is one of the most important elements of your bathroom space. It’s not a just  door, it’s a gateway. Here are the latest designs on how a barn door can be incorporated into your bathroom space.

Sliding Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

A sliding barn door separates a bedroom from a bathroom while providing a touch of rustic flavor. You can introduce other elements with similar rustic casualness like a reclaimed wood headboard and a live-edge counter for your bathroom.

Single Sliding Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

There are many sliding bathroom barn doors available in a variety of styles. This example is an X-braced reclaimed wood barn door. The bathroom’s cream monochrome interior is accented by the door’s dark brown door. The sliding door creates an enclosed and private area that feels protected and warm. 

Wood Stain Sliding Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

Each room has its own style which means the design possibilities are endless. You can introduce a barn door into a bathroom’s design and establish a dialogue between it and the rest of the decor.

Sliding Barn Door With Window

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

One of the possibilities is to paint the door so it matches the walls, floor, or other elements in the bathroom’s design. You can consider modifying the barn door to imprint your own style.

Monochrome Wooden Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

Barn doors offer a rustic vibe for bathrooms. The wood’s natural beauty is exposed, turning into a bathroom focal point. It’s complemented by stone accents and by an overall breezy and at the same time cozy feel which defines the entire room.

Z-Brace Sliding Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

A sliding barn door with double Z-brace paneling is popular in bigger bathrooms. The paneling is ideal when working with two barn doors.  

Vertical Panel Wooden Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

You’d think that barn doors are for rustic or farmhouse interiors but they’re not. Contemporary homes can be successful at integrating them into their decor. The minimalism of the style defines everything in the room but that doesn’t interfere with the character and essence of key design elements like the bathroom barn door.

Double Master Bathroom Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

A set of barn doors could seem a bit out of place if there are no matching elements that coordinate with it so it’s important to ensure the cohesiveness of the space by focusing on elements like the flooring, furniture, and light fixtures.

With this example, there’s a smooth dialogue between the bedroom’s wooden floor, bathroom vanities, and barn doors that separate the spaces.

Traditional Wooden Sliding Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

By painting a barn door you give it a new identity. A few defining characteristics are preserved. A painted barn door is still a barn door at its core, but with a customized look to help it blend in with your bathroom or bedroom decor.

Single Rack Sliding Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

The barn door separating this bedroom from the adjacent bathroom was painted grey to match the wall and that’s a look that suits it well. Even though the wood has been covered up that natural warmth and beauty are present in the form of an accent wall.

Mirrored Sliding Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

Here’s another example that shows one way a barn door can be customized without sacrificing its charm. This bathroom has a walk-in closet hidden behind a sliding barn door with a large mirror installed on it.

Frosted Glass Bathroom Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

These are not the typical barn doors that are solid and massive but still, they send a similar message. The glass panels give them a delicate and lightweight appearance and the wooden frames keep the rustic charm alive.

Rustic Sliding Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

In a different scenario, a barn door can be a major focal point by itself. The worn finish, the rugged texture, and all those little imperfections tell a story and showcase the uniqueness of the door.

Wooden Barn Door With Mirror

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

A barn door is solid and large enough to hold a mirror. While the door brings warmth and rusticity into the decor, the mirror makes the room seem spacious and open.

Matching Sliding Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

The barn door doesn’t have to be a focal point for the room. Take this house for example. It’s hard to distinguish the door from the walls, which is an effective design strategy. The wood paneling matches the walls.  

Modern Farmhouse Sliding Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

The exposed brick offers a rugged and industrial feel. This feature contributes to the warm decor, while the sliding barn door and wooden floor reinforce the style.

Wooden Barn Door Accent

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

If the goal is to create a cottage-inspired look, a barn door is an essential feature. This bedroom suite pairs well with turquoise, a popular color among rustic interiors. 

Sliding Barn Door Hardware

A sliding barn door looks only as good as its hardware. Let’s take a look at a few barn door hardware options. The little things are important in defining your bathroom space, giving it a personalized look that helps it feel like home.

Two-Piece Sliding Barn Door Rail System

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

This two-piece sliding door rail is common in Colonial architecture but can be used with an interior sliding barn door. Make sure you purchase the appropriate barn door hardware to go with it.

Check out this laundry room door for reference if you need some inspiration regarding the design. There’s a little built-in mirror which breaks the simplicity of the design.

Double Sliding Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

Barn doors have a distinctive look, usually featuring a wooden board that goes across diagonally and a two-layer frame that adds depth to its design. You can find the plans for such a door on jennasuedesign if you ever want to build one yourself from scratch. 

Sliding Barn Door Entryway

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

A sliding barn door isn’t only meant as a bathroom door. It’s also an excellent choice for doors to other rooms. It’s a style of door that makes cold spaces like that feel more welcoming. Additionally, they’re practical and space-efficient since they slide rather than swing open and take up space inside.

There’s a full tutorial on abeautifulmess which guides you through the whole process so you can plan, design, and build your own custom barn door from scratch.

Master Bedroom Sliding Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

If you want your barn door to look rustic that makes the process easier because you can leave the wood exposed and enjoy its natural beauty. Apply some stain to give it a rich and more interesting look and go with a hardware kit that matches this style.

You can also add accessories like a handle and a little safety hook to lock the door if that’s something that’s needed, in case you plan on adding this door to the bathroom. Head over to kleinworthco for more details.

Vertical Barn Door Handles

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

On designingvibes you can find a tutorial that shows how you can build double barn doors for your pantry. The style suits the pantry quite well even if your home has a more modern look in general. These doors were made using tongue and groove boards, regular wood boards, and square door hinges.

The boards were stained in this case which gives the doors a slightly more rustic look but if you prefer the look of painted wood that’s always an option too.

Front Barn Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

This looks like a barn-style door but that wasn’t always the case. It started as a basic flat door which later received a makeover. It involved the existing solid core wood, a few pine boards, new black hinges, a new doorknob, and a dark, walnut stain. You can find out all about it on remodelaholic.

Pastel Barn Door Style

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

In case you’re wondering if a barn door can look minimalistic, chic, and modern the answer is yes and there’s a perfect example on sugarandcloth that will convince you. The key to giving a barn door a contemporary look is simplifying the design.

Colonial Sliding Door

Bedroom barn door for bathroom

Walk-in closets and sliding barn doors are a great match. Double doors are ideal for large closets like the one featured on housefulofhandmade. The sliding doors feature small windows at the top that allow light to enter the bathroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

How Can I Fill The Small Gap Between A Barn Door And Wall?

You can fill the gap with weatherstripping. All you need is a nail gun and finishing nails to fill the gap between the sliding barn door and the wall. You could also use a transparent shower door seal to fill the gap.

Are Sliding Barn Doors Private Enough For Bathrooms?

As big and sturdy as sliding bathroom barn doors are, they offer less privacy than their traditional counterparts. The issue is how they’re mounted on a wall’s surface, instead of being flush with the wall. After they’re installed, you’ll have a gap between the door and the wall.

How Do You Waterproof A Sliding Bathroom Barn Door?

To protect your barn door from moisture, seal it with a weatherproof sealant. This will prevent moisture from causing mold and wood rot.

What Should I Install With A Sliding Bathroom Barn Door?

One issue with barn doors is how they have problems remaining closed. The doors are attached to a sliding rail, so they do their own thing. To correct this, you can install a lock and wall-mounted guide. This will prevent the door from opening while you’re using the bathroom.

What Is A Common Mistake When Installing A Sliding Bathroom Barn Door?

Do not install the sliding track before attaching your door hangers. Put your hangers on the barn door before attaching the wall track. The reason why you should do this is that you need a precise measurement from the bottom wheel to the bottom door. This will ensure the door track is installed at the correct height.

Barn Door For Bathroom Conclusion

With sliding bathroom barn doors, you’ll need to keep them clean. Due to their location, germs and moisture will accumulate on the surface and handles. The sliding rail the barn door is attached to can rust. However, a damp rag is all that’s required to keep the doors clean.

When installing a sliding barn door in your bathroom, safety is paramount. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that close to 300,000 people are injured by a door every year. You may not have known, but interior doors aren’t regulated by local, state, and federal laws. If you have a barn door that’s questionable, reach out to a local contractor and ask them if the barn door would pose a problem.