11 Cool Tablet Stands For The Modern Cook

Now that it’s so easy to find anything you need on the internet, hard copy books have become useless. They’re not as practical and easy to use as browsing on the internet is so things like cookbooks are mostly collectible items. Now iPads and tables have replaced them. O instead of buying a cookbook you can now buy a stand for your tablet. Here are some models to choose from.

Ipad stand wood

Shaped like a rustic cutting board, this iPad stand combines the old with the new in a very simple and charming way.Available for 44$.

Modern ipad stand

If you prefer something a little more special, you could opt for a personalized stand such as this one. It’s also shaped like a cutting board but it’s less rustic.Available for 19$.

Modern ipad stand1

For those that prefer simpler and more modern designs, we found this stand. It’s made of wood, it’s handmade and it has a minimalist design.Available for 36$.

Wood dock

This one is also very simple. It’s a handmade item, a reclaimed cedar butcher block and it’s very easy to use. Also, it takes little space in the kitchen.Available for 43$.

Stand kichen for ipad

There are also more elaborate designs as well. This stand, for example, is made of wood and it’s adjustable. It supports portrait and landscape viewing modes on 4 different angles.Found on site.

Xflex ipad stand

This is the XFLEX, a very versatile iPad stand. It has a flexible arm and a weighted base which keep the tablet secure and also easy to position at a perfect angle.Found on site.

Steelie mobile holder

Now let’s talk a little about Steelie. It’s an innovative system which allows you to hold your tablet but also your phone and to position it how you like. It has a ball-and-socket design and it can be easily adjusted.Found on kickstarter.

2 stand

This stand is also interesting. It’s basically a collection of two slim stands which are positioned on either side of the iPad and it has magnets embedded within the wood which connect the two stands into one.Available for 27$.

Cutitng stand

This is a versatile and very simple tablet stand. It’s shaped like a block of wood with two canals in which to place the tablet. Also, if you turn it upside down you can actually use it as a cutting board.Found on site.

Kitchen ipad stand

This is also a tablet stand and cutting board all in one. It provides a nice display for the tablet and, if you turn it over, you can use as a cheese platter or serving place. It’s also wide enough to be used as a cutting board.Available for 45$.

Prept stepboard

This is Prep Step, a tablet stand with a very simple design. It has an opaque white base and a wood feature. It’s easy to use but it’s not adjustable.Available for 30$.