Invigorating Ways To Decorate With Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green is a very fresh and invigorating color and these attributes apply to pretty much all the different nuances derived from it. This is a color well-suited for the kitchen for a variety of reasons, the most important one of all being that it simply makes sense and it looks good. Naturally, there are many different design strategies which can revolve around green kitchen cabinets, counters, walls, etc. The cool part is that green looks nice when paired which pretty much any other color, especially those commonly found in nature.

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Use green in combination with warm woods for a look inspired directly from nature. For instance, the fronts of the cabinets can be green while the rest of their bodies has a wooden finish, just like you see in this stylish and welcoming kitchen.

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A lighter shade of green can be better-suited for a beach-style kitchen. Mint green cabinets or cabinet fronts can be paired with wooden or white countertops and a subway tile backsplash for a retro-chic look.{found on bensoninteriors}.

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In the case of an open floor plan where the kitchen and living or dining room are directly connected, there has to be a pleasant and seamless transition between them and that’s where the kitchen island comes into play. A green island which matches the kitchen cabinets can be paired with a green ceiling or accent wall in the kitchen or with other matching design elements such as the curtains or the area rug.

French style kitchen with green cabinetsView in gallery

It’s also important to find the right shade of green, the one which goes best with the style that you have in mind. Bright and bold colors usually go well with more modern or contemporary decors while muted and more neutral nuances are better-suited for traditional or retro decors.

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Consider a light and fresh tone of green for the kitchen cabinets if the room is small or closed off in some way. This can help to make it seem more open and more spacious. White could be the base color used on the walls and ceiling and you can add neutrals on other elements.{found on studiomarler}.

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An all-green kitchen can be an interesting idea. However, if the nuance is too bright or too strong it can become tiresome for the eyes. The strategy can go well with an open plan where the kitchen shares the floor space with the dining room.{found on wellborn}.

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If you concentrate all the green on one side of the kitchen by creating a large wall unit for example, even if there’s a lot of green in there it won’t seem overwhelming. Of course, in this case it would be best to keep the rest of the kitchen simple and neutral. Black and white are your best options.

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Although from certain points of view it can be easier to just make all the furniture in the kitchen in the same color or with the same finish, aesthetically speaking it’s more refreshing and eye-pleasing to mix and match two or more options. For instance, this kitchen has white cabinetry but the island is green and that’s pretty cool.

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We should also mention the fact that it’s possible to play with two or more nuances of the same color to create exquisite decors and combinations. Check out this funky kitchen which has dark green cabinets and bright green countertops.

High gloss kitchen design with modern island in white and green cabinetsView in gallery

In this particular case the entire kitchen block is green with black accents. The island, however, is white with a light wood base, the same combination that defines the walls and flooring of the open plan volume. This ensures a really nice transition between the areas.

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Of course, it’s also possible to use green in combination with another strong color when decorating the kitchen. For example, a combination between green and red nuances was used here. It has its charm yet still other combos may have worked out even better.

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A fun and at the same time stylish option is to use different nuances of the same color to make each section or feature of the kitchen stand out in its own way. In here, a very beautiful shade of green was used for the open shelving modules and a lighter tone for the island. They look exquisite in combination with the warm gray cabinetry and the marble countertops.

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One way of ensuring a smooth transition between functions on an open plan is to use the same color in the decor of adjacent spaces. It can be the primary color in one area and the accent color in the other.

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This type of washed look can be quite charming in certain settings. Be careful however not to overdo it because too much of a color or finish can overwhelm a space. Take some time to consider the big picture and the way each element interacts with its surroundings when they’re all put together.

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Green kitchen cabinets at the bottom and white ones at the top…what a chic combination, especially when mixed with all those accent pieces. We really like the bright red accents in this kitchen and the way everything is in perfect sync. Those wooden compartments at the top are a really cool feature too and the stainless steel appliances don’t look out of place either.

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Use the same color but with subtle nuance differences on the lower and upper cabinets in the kitchen if you want to maintain a cohesive decor throughout without making it look too simple or boring.

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In some cases the island the center piece of the kitchen so you can focus on that instead of the wall cabinets. This all-green island looks exquisite and can be successfully paired with neutral-colored cabinets but also with other more vibrant colors and color combinations.

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Black and white are the primary colors used in this kitchen but green is just as important. In fact, it’s what makes it all come together in a harmonious and eye-pleasing manner. The accent lighting helps to create focal points and to highlight certain elements of the decor in a subtle and at the same time interesting manner.