15 Green living room design ideas

A fresh living room is exactly what any home needs. The living room is usually the largest area of the house and the space where we receive guests and spend time together during the day. A simple and great way of creating a fresh interior design is by using the color green. Let’s take a look at some tips that can teach us how to use the color green in the living room.

Soothing pastel walls complemented by green accent cushions

If your living room is directly connected to the kitchen, then green is a great color because it can create the visual separation between these two spaces. Also, in this case you should use a more neutral tone in the kitchen for a simple décor. This way the living room will be like a pop of color. Still, don’t exaggerate.

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You can mix different shades of green and also play with textures
A lovely mix of green, blue and yellow shades into a soothing décor
Ochre is also a very interesting color and a nice accent shade
The combination of green and red gives this room a traditional feel
A similar combo, this time featuring pink and bright ochre
The green walls give this living room a fresh touch

You could use a softer tone of green for the walls or you can leave them white and use green for the furniture and the decorations. Accent chairs, lamps, pendants or colorful decorative pillows are great ways of bringing some color into the room. Green living room designs will also be fashionable and fresh.

The green shade of the armchair is also found in the painting
A very chic and bright interior décor with small green touches
A cheerful living room featuring yellow accents and green touches
The white and green combination is always refreshing, especially with beige accents
Here green is the main accent color complemented by blue and orange elements

There are lots of different greens out there and one of them is lime green. This would also have to be one of my favorite colors. It’s so vibrant and fresh but it’s also a strong color so try not to exaggerate. If you want to create a modern feel for your green living room then you should focus on the furniture. Also, try big decorations in bright colors, in this case green.

A rather neutral living room décor featuring bursts of green
A very airy and fresh décor with well-placed green accents
Another nice combination of accent colors featuring green as the star

Of course, a green living room design doesn’t have to be exclusive. You can also create beautiful color contrasts by combining tones such as orange, beige, brown, yellow and include them for example in the decorative pillows, drapes, walls, etc.{1,2 and 3 from here,and rest from bhg}