50 Pieces of Serveware You’ll Want For Your NYE Party

New Years Eve celebrations were probably invented just so we would be able to host another party directly after Christmas and leave up all our glittery decorations for a while. Because that’s what every good New Years Eve party should have. A whole lot of glittery decorations.

From the throw pillows on the sofa to the wreath on the door to the pieces you choose to set your table, this is the time to bust out all your gold and sparkly serveware. Are you thinking that you don’t have any gold pieces in your china cabinet to show off on New Years? Don’t worry. Here is a collection of 50 serveware pieces that will most definitely be New Years Eve appropriate.

For the Salad

Gilded feather bowl

This gilded feather bowl might be a little on the pricey side, but it’s perfect mix of silver and gold will match whatever metal you already have on your table. Just imagine it full of springy greens and deep red pomegranate deeds. (via Anthropologie)

Square ceramic bowl

Looking for something that will blend with your farmhouse table style? Here’s a sweet ceramic bowl that will hold all the pieces of your salad toppings so guests can dress their greens how they like them. (via Etsy)

Black matte bowl

Black always makes a statement, especially on the dinner table. Here’s a bowl that’s made of ceramic but it’s matte finish keeps it subtle and mysterious. Just the piece you want to add a bit of class to your table this year. (via Etsy)

Whitewashed teak bowl

This bowl is the perfect piece for the host who leans rustic but not full on log cabin. Especially when all your other pieces are gilded, this beauty will make a statement. (via Terrain)

Metal copper bowl

It doesn’t have to be gold to be appropriate for the New Years Eve table. This copper bowl is a great piece for your party because it will match the rest of the copper accents in your kitchen and become your table’s new centerpiece. (via Crate and Barrel)

Pink scalloped edge bowl

There isn’t a party that couldn’t do without a bit of blush somewhere in the decor. This vintage bowl is the perfect choice for a bachelorette pad where pink is part of the woodwork. (via Etsy)

Gold rimmed bowl

The artist lover in all of us has to appreciate this serving bowl. It’s wavy glass and gold rim make the perfect set up for any food you could possibly think to put inside. (via Uncommon Goods)

Wood bark lined bowl

Maybe you are the log cabin type and prefer the ultimate rustic to anything else. These wooden bowls with bark rims will pay homage to your love of nature. (via Anthropologie)

Italian whitewashed bowl

Sometimes simplicity says everything that needs to be said. If you’d rather keep the focus on the food, go for a simple white bowl that will do the job without grabbing the attention. (via Sur La Table)

Bronze footed bowl

Don’t you think that this bronze footed bowl is just so classic? It promises to match everything else on your table, no matter your style or taste. (via Anthropologie)

For the Main Course

Long gold platter

Isn’t this little gold tray the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen? It’s just the right size to easily pass your roasted potatoes or your freshly baked bread around the table. (via CB2)

Metallic dots platter

What would glitter look like if you viewed it under a microsope? Probably this dotty platter. It’s got the sparkle and shine that your roast chicken needs for New Years. (via Crate and Barrel)

Gilded edge platter

Don’t you just love this gilded edged platter? It boasts a classic style that will look chic and classy against all your other serveware and fine china. (via West Elm)

Geometric platter set

Don’t be afraid to go bold on your New Years Eve table. These geometric platters come in several different sizes so each part of your main course can have a platter to itself. (via CB2)

Let’s talk about this platter for a minute. It’s lace pattern adds a sense of delicacy to your table and gives just the right bit of oh la la to your roast. Just like the new year should be. (via Handmade Studio TN)

Gilded phrase cheese platter

So these are technically cheese boards instead of platters, but they could certainly be used to carry anything you choose! It’s just that cheese and crackers look extra lovely on them. (via Anthropologie)

Iron serving platter

Not only is this platter bold and black, it’s iron. That means no matter what you put on it, no matter how many times you drop it, it’s going to last through generations. (via Crate and Barrel)

Divided gold platter

There are certain people in this world who can’t bear to have the green beans touch the potatoes. If you’re one of those, invest in this gold platter that has a little section for each dish. (via CB2)

Acacia wedge platter

There is never anything wrong with a wood platter, ever. Even if your home is modern and sleek, the bit of rusticity that this platter will bring to your table is called for. (via Crate and Barrel)

Copper round platter

Copper has been the lucky color of the past year. Continue it’s reign by adding this round copper platter to your table. It will look great decorating your china cabinet too. (via CB2)

For the Drinks

Gilded pattern pitcher

If you thought you were the only one feeling love at first sight with this gold patterned pitcher, you aren’t alone. It definitely promises to hold even plain water in the classiest way possible. (via Lulu and Georgia)

Gold pitcher

Of course, if you love gold but aren’t crazy about busy patterns, you can always show off a plain gold pitcher like this. This particular one will be sitting pretty every day of the year. (via Anthropologie)

Spotted farmhouse pitcher

For the down home farmhouse, you’ll want to add a speckled pitcher like this one to the party. Not only will it be perfect for pouring lemonade till midnight, it will pour orange juice for breakfast. (via Food 52)

Bubble ombre pitcher

There’s just something about the colors in this pitcher that blend so well. From it’s golden top to it’s sea green base, it will be perfect for pouring drinks from this New Years Eve until next. (via World Market)

Antique silver pitcher

Some occasions just require you bring out the family silver. And if you haven’t got any family silver, fake some! Like buying an antique silver pitcher like this that you can pretend was your grandmothers. (via Pottery Barn)

Bright yellow pitcher

If you’re thinking that your party is going to be a little too gold and black, try adding a bright pop of color like this. A sunny pitcher will signal to everyone where the drinks are and keep you pouring happy all night. (via Etsy)

Shiny copper pitcher

For some people, copper will never go out of style. If you fall into that category, go ahead and buy yourself a copper pitcher like this for your Christmas present. You’ll enjoy bring it out for NYE and every dinner party after that. (via Crate and Barrel)

Gilded leather carafe

You can stop looking for your perfect pitcher. This carafe is a cross between rustic and chic with it’s gilded leather. It’s just the piece you’ll want on your bar cart this New Years. (via Anthropologie)

White lips pitcher

Nothing says Jonathan Adler like lips on odd things. This lips pitcher will not only become the table centerpiece for New Years Eve, it will become the centerpiece of your kitchen the rest of the year. (via Jonathan Adler)

Simple white pitcher

It’s simple, it’s sturdy, it’s very photogenic. This lovely pitcher will match you changing styles from year to year. Because white and geometric are never out of style. (via Food52)

For the Dessert

Ivory scalloped cake stand

When you make a cake that turns out gorgeously beautiful, you don’t want the cake stand to steal the show. This lovely stand is just the right amount of frills with a simple scalloped edge. (via World Market)

Forest wood cake stand

You probably couldn’t find a soul who would say they hate wooden cake stands. No matter what you put on this lovely stand, it will look amazing, even if your cooking skills are amateur. (via Anthropologie)

Gold crystal cake stand

Who could say no to a slice of cake off of this vintage crystal cake plate? It’s sparkle will hold it high above all your other delicious fare, literally and figuratively. (via Etsy)

Jadeite cake stand

Green is a great color, whether it’s in your color scheme or not. So don’t hesitate to add this jadeite stand to your kitchen for New Years Eve. It would look amazing holding a cake or candy or even cheese and crackers! (via Food52)

Wood cake cloche

If you want your unprofessional food to look professional, just put it under a glass dome. That’s exactly what this cake stand has going for it. (via Pier1 Imports)

Metallic lace cake stand

When lace is an option, go with lace. And when you can get it in metallic shades, there is no question about it. At least that’s what this cake stand is telling you. (via Anthropologie)

Pink crystal cake stand

To match your pink serving bowl and gold platter, you’ll want to get yourself one of these rosy cake stands. Pink will become part of your decorating scheme in a pinch. (via BHLDN)

Modern white cake stand

Maybe you’re looking to leave literally all the frills to the cake, and that’s okay. This white square stand is sleek and modern without being too flashy. (via CB2)

Marble wood cake stand

You have to get your heart invested when there is marble involved. This cake stand boasts the best of two worlds with it’s marble top and wooden bottom. (via Terrain)

Mercury glass cake stand

Collectors of mercury glass, listen up. You won’t be able to pass by this gorgeous cake stand with a mercury glass top. In fact, you’ll want to buy it early and use it for Christmas! (via Anthropologie)

For the Snacks

Brass mirrored tray

Since you’ll have guests staying long hours at your New Years Eve party, you want to be prepared for the midnight munchies. Just imagine using this lovely round tray to bring snacks to the coffee table while you play charades. (via Anthropologie)

Mint enamel tray

When there are kids at a party, you need to be sure that the things within reach of little fingers are indestructible. Here’s a tray that’s a cute color and definitely kid friendly. (via Terrain)

Orb copper tray

You probably already have a lot of copper on your bar cart so having a matching tray will put your coffee table in line. This simple and modern copper tray promises to serve your cocktails in style. (via Crate and Barrel)

Reclaimed wood tray

You could definitely DIY this rustic tray if you have the time! Or just buy it and have it delivered to your door to serve your finger foods on New Years Eve. (via Etsy)

Etched wood tray

Round or square, either of these trays will look stunning in your home. They definitely have that boho feel while the brass handles keep them up to date. (via Anthropologie)

Midcentury modern tray

Looking for a bright pop of color to add to your midcentury modern coffee table? Any one of these trays will support your style and serve it’s purpose. (via West Elm)

Marble copper tray

There’s just something about this simple marble tray that tugs at the heartstrings. It’s the perfect piece to sit alongside your glittery cocktail glasses. (via West Elm)

Stamped bronze tray

Bronze and patterned? You can’t get classier than that. With several sizes and shapes to choose from, you’ll want to collect all these trays for all your New Years Eve needs. (via West Elm)

Woven tray

There’s nothing wrong with going au natural after a meal on black and gold. A woven reed tray like this will be sturdy enough to hold your munchies and pretty enough to leave out all year round. (via Anthropologie)

Mirrored serving tray

If your snacks are good enough to eat, their good enough to look at twice. These reflective trays will bring all the sparkle and shine to your coffee table. (via West Elm)