12 Tips for a Golden New Years Eve Party

If you thought that the Christmas glamour was as shiny as you could get, think again. New Years Eve is the time to pull out all the stops and go as glittery as Gatsby will allow. I’m not just talking about champagne. No, when you have people coming to your home for a New Years bash, you want to put your best foot forward. In other words, go gold. It’s the most chic and sparkly color that you can never go wrong! Check out these 12 tips for a golden New Years Eve party and give them a celebration they will never forget.

Gold balloons

Start with the classic party decoration, balloons. Yes, even some groupings of golden balloons can make a big difference to your home’s atmosphere. It’s an easy fix to empty corners and ugly countertops. (via Delightfull)

Gold streamers and tinsel

Have a food table at your shindig? Obviously it will get a lot attention during the night so you want to make it as gilded as possible. Hang golden tinsel and streamers behind it to create a fairyland like look that will make all your food look amazing. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

Golden cotton candy

While we’re working on your golden food table, why not make some golden food as well? Gilded cotton candy will be the highlight of the table but you can put gold icing on your cupcakes and gold sprinkles across your appetizers and find a pack of that edible gold foil too. (via Cooking Books)

New Years Eve Party Bar

Since everyone will be floating away on the bubbles at your party, help them go in style by adding some gold leaf to your champagne glasses. It’s a simple DIY that will go a long way. (via Design Sponge)

Gold drink stirrers

Don’t forget the bar cart! Make some sparkly gold star stirrers like these so guests can mix their drinks in style. It’ll go perfectly with that gold shaker you’ve got styling your cart already. (via Confetti Pop)

Golden quote banner

Banners here, banners there, banners banners everywhere. I’m especially fond of this sparkly gold banner because using a phrase to hang on the wall is so different than the usual triangles. And perfect to fill an empty wall space for New Years Eve. (via Idle Hands Awake)

Gold table linens

Let’s think about table linens for a second. This beautiful sequin tablecloth is definitely a must if you can afford it. But if not, don’t be afraid to take some gold paint and glam up your table linens yourself. (via Ruffled)

Gold cake toppers

Why not glam up your food too? While you’re decorating with tinsel and sequins, it will be easy to keep some back to dress up your cake. (via Ruffled)

Gold confetti eggs

Eggs filled with confetti, called cascarones, originated in Mexico and are supposed bring a person good luck when you break one over their head. I can’t think of a better occasion than New Years Eve to have a couple gold confetti filled eggs on hand. (via Oh Happy Day)

Gold cake stand

Adding gold glamour to your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Try covering a serving piece of the handles of some serving utensils in gold glitter. No one will know you didn’t just buy it like that. (via Sugar and Cloth)

Gold disco balls

Let’s get the party really rocking with some gold disco balls! Hang them from your chandelier or your pergola out side and dance the night away under glittery lights. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

Golden photo booth

Of course you can’t let your guests leave without stopping at your golden photo booth. Because at the end of the night, the people you spent time with is the most important part of the party. (via Oh Happy Day)

Here at the end of 2015, I wish you good health, much laughter and a home full of family and friends.

May your New Year be as golden as your New Years Eve party!