10 Serving Bowls Just Waiting For Summer Salads

Warmer temperatures call for drastic measures, like pulling out the grill and heading to the Farmers’ Market for fresh produce. Because summertime means salad straight from the garden, tenderly grilled hamburgers and friends to share it all with. Whatever you do though, please don’t serve those chopped leafy greens in the salad spinner or worse… a stainless steel mixing bowl. Take a look at these 10 serving bowls that will help your salad compliment those juicy burgers.

patterned serving bowlView in gallery

Patterns are a must for any summertime soiree and when you’ve got a green salad dotted with yellow cheddar and red tomatoes, the salad bowl seems like the perfect place to put a little extra color. These bowls are beautifully mismatched to compliment whatever goes on your salad. (via Anthropologie)

country serving bowlView in gallery

Does your kitchen have more of a country feel to it? Here’s a serving bowl that says country and vintage and classic and… well perfect for anything from salad to pasta. (via Food 52)

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Wood is great for showing off all that fresh produce, plus it’s easy to clean and makes a great decoration wherever you put it. This wooden salad bowl is dipped for a beautiful modern contrast. (via Etsy)

octopus serving bowlView in gallery

Octopi anyone? While you’re grilling up fish filets and cracking the crab, serve your side salad in this tentacle-covered bowl. (via Waiting on Martha)

hobnail serving bowlView in gallery

Sometimes you just want a bowl that’s simple enough to turn the focus on the main event: the salad. Such a pretty glass bowl like this one is sure to make anything you put in it look delectable. (via West Elm)

rowboat serving bowlView in gallery

Row row row your boat, straight towards that summer salad. Serving up those greens in a bowl like this will certainly make your guests crack a smile. (via Uncommon Goods)

basket serving bowlView in gallery

No, that is not a cotton catch-all. That’s a ceramic serving bowl. And it’s so pretty, you’ll want to use it for fruit and popcorn and everything beyond salad. (via Etsy)

tondo bowlView in gallery

Remember when I said wood was good? Here’s another beautiful salad bowl to prove it. I would bet that this one gets displayed on your dining room table year round. (via Crate and Barrel)

yellow serving bowlView in gallery

When the sun is shining, it’s hard not to put yellow into every room you own. You can give in to this dotty yellow salad bowl though. I mean, just look how it shows off those greens! (via Pure Home)

beach serving bowlView in gallery

Seaside anyone? These fun friends will be more than happy to hold your salads for you. Plus they’ll keep you company while you wash dishes afterwards. (via West Elm)