The Best of 2016 – A Roundup Of Our Favourite Design Ideas

2016 for us was a busy and year full of events and lots of wonderful projects. We’ve seen some really great architectural wonders and we covered a bunch of inspiring DIY projects. It’s hard to pick favorites when there so many articles to choose from but obviously a few of them got stuck in our minds so let’s have a second look at them and remember what made them memorable in the first place.

Office meeting rooms with funky-fresh designs

Dropbox HQ interview meeting room

You’re probably getting ready to start your much-needed vacation just about now but you’ll be back in the office before you know it and it would sure be nice to look forward to that moment. It’s easy when your office is a cozy and friendly environment where you can feel comfortable and where you can have fun working. If that’s not the case yet perhaps you can find some inspiration for the future in our article about office meeting rooms. It puts together some of the most interesting and inspiring company offices with a focus on their meeting room layouts and decors.

Great tips for decorating a small living room

Decorating a small living room

In case you didn’t get a chance to have a look at our tips regarding small living rooms and all the interesting and space-efficient ways in which you can decorate them, perhaps you could do that now. Having a small living room isn’t the end of the world and as long as you know to make the most of it you can turn it into the most welcoming room of the house. There’s always a solution for every interior design problem so instead of being unhappy about the situation you could finally do something about it. Perhaps this could be your new year resolution.

Paint colors with a moody vibe

Painting colors to create a good Mood

We’re always insisting that bright colors are ideal for creating open and spacious decors but sometimes we just need a room to be cozy and intimate and whites or pastels don’t really help with that. If you like that rainy day feel and you want to translate it into the interior design of your home office, bedroom or living room, check out our tips regarding paint colors with moody vibes.

How to rock it with corner furniture

Corner Fireplace Design

Every home has dead corners. We’re in a constant struggle to use the space most efficiently but somehow corner just seem to make these efforts useless. You probably have some dead and empty corners in your home too but maybe you could do something about that. As it happens, this was the subject of one of our articles featured this year. We explored the world of corner furniture and all the fun and efficient ways in which you can use it to fill up those awkward spaces. You just have to find the solution that best fits your home.

Stay organized with wooden crates

Stay organized with wooden crates

You may have some of these piled up already, waiting to be used for storage. But instead of that we have a better idea. Our article about repurposed wooden crates shows you how to stay organized and to transform these things into practical and beautiful furniture and accessories. There’s a lot you can do with an empty crate. Turn it into an ottoman, a console table, a magazine holder or use several together to make a unique shelving unit or a complex organizing system.

Modern desks for every style

Walnut modern desk

This year we also covered some interesting and inspiring modern desk designs that gave us some pretty nice ideas of how our new desks should look like. Like we always say, it’s important to feel comfortable at the workplace and this applies to home offices too. The desk has to suit your needs and to complement the space. It’s easier to find what you need from a list of examples so go ahead and browse. You never know what you might find.

Lots of inspiring kitchen designs and ideas

Black kitchen with an industrial style

Planning a kitchen remodel is one of the most complex projects one can take on so we made sure to offer you lots of great ideas and designs to choose from. Every example has something special and worth stealing and this doesn’t really make things easier but once you narrow it down to your favorite options the new kitchen starts to take shape.

Cool home décor hacks you should try

Fill the fireplace with logs

The home décor hacks are among our most favorite concepts and this year we covered quite a few of them. We actually tried some of these projects and they turned out great. You can make your own pom-pom rug or customize your cabinets and doors as well as try some of our other inspiring projects and make your home more functional and more enjoyable.

Fresh ways to organize your vegetable garden

Style Your Very Own Vegetable Garden

Obviously, it’s a bit too cold now to grow a vegetable garden outdoors but maybe you can try this in the spring next year or have an indoor veggie garden. A while ago we looked at some interesting ways in which you can style and organize such a garden and they ranged from simple to complex and from small to pretty big. The best way to figure out which style suits your garden best is by browsing the examples.

The new EuroCucina smart kitchen technologies and designs

EuroCucina smart kitchen technologies and designs

This year we also got to look at some amazing new kitchen designs featured at EuroCucina in Milan. Here we found some exciting designs and lots of interesting ideas that might become a part of all modern kitchens in the future. If you’re interesting in all things new you should definitely have a look at these new products.

DIY wall planters for a green décor

DIY wall planters for a green décor

Another one of our favorite articles this year was the one about DIY wall planters. Here we got to cover a lot of really easy to do designs and lots of stylish ways in which indoor planters can be displayed in a home. Hopefully they can also be your own source of inspiration for your next home project. It’s about time you added some green to your décor.

Backyard playhouses for kids that know how to have fun

Backyard playhouses for kids that know how to have fun

It’s never too early or too late to plan building a playhouse for the kids. You can place it in the backyard and the kids can help along the way. Even though it’s pretty cold outside right now in most areas, you can definitely have fun picture your future project. A while ago we published an article about 15 pimped-out playhouses that had everything from slides to furniture and even an upper floor or a hammock. Who wouldn’t be happy with something like this?

Amazing micro houses with intriguing designs

micro houses with intriguing designs

As it turns out, you don’t need a lot of space to be happy or to live comfortably. We found this out when we came across a bunch of really amazing tiny houses which offered some unexpected design options and which had interiors didn’t really look as tiny or as uncomfortable as one might think. Designs like these ones really make us think about what really matters in life.

Landscaping tips for increased curb appeal

Landscaping tips for increased curb appeal

Just like the front door can say a lot about a home, the garden or yard can play an important role in determining its character and style. One way to boost the curb appeal or a house is by planting flowering plants and turning the yard into a multicolored playground or by using greenery to highlight certain aspects of the site and the house itself. We’ve gathered a bunch of inspiring landscaping ideas in our article regarding the subject.

Organizing tips for a clean and clutter-free desk

Organizing tips for a clean and clutter-free desk

A messy desk is something everyone can relate to. A while ago we managed to put together a list of great accessories that can make this problem disappear. The article focuses around cable organizers and shows a bunch of great options that can help keep the mess under control and make the work space more enjoyable and functional.

Kids’ rooms with sophisticated character

rooms with sophisticated character

We didn’t neglect the little ones either this year. In addition to the playhouse designs we also featured a series of wonderful room design ideas centered around simple, chic and elegant products and concepts. They’re kids’ rooms but they have a lot of grown up flair while remaining friendly, cheerful and childish in nature. Consider these ideas for your next makeover.

DIY wooden chair makeover

DIY wooden chair makeover

Remember those old wooden dining chairs that used to be so common a while back? Some of us still use them. They’re in good shape but they obviously don’t look that great. We showed everyone how to deal with that problem by giving the chairs a makeover. Follow the tutorial and the chairs will look better than new in no time. It’s just one of the many great DIYs we’ve covered this year.

Living room accent pieces that complete the décor

Green living room armchairs

For those living room that look nice but somehow don’t feel complete, we made a list of ideas that can solve this problem. The living room accents featured here include things like wall decorations, area rugs, accent furniture and plenty of ideas regarding the overall décor, the colors used and the way in which materials and texture work together.

How to decorate with brown

Shades of brown with a divider

Brown is not exactly a very popular color in interior décor even though we unconsciously use it in lots of forms. Our article teaches our readers how to distinguish between various shades of brown and suggests some interesting and inspiring ways in which they can be added to an existing décor. As it turns out, brown is a warm and elegant color which can adapt to all existing styles.

DIY driftwood art projects

DIY driftwood art projects

If you’re as passionate about driftwood art as we are than you might have already tried some of the DIY projects included in this article. We love the fact that each piece of driftwood is unique and has a special story and the projects featured here take advantage of that. Each piece of driftwood art showcases its uniqueness in a wonderful authentic way and they all offer plenty of room for customization.

Wonderful installations at the 2016 London Design Festival

The Smile Tent

The 2016 London Design Festival welcomed everyone with a giant smile designed by Alison Brooks. The installation, made entirely of tulipwood, was a great attraction for the city during the festival period and visitors from all over the world were able to enter it and use the platforms and viewing decks from which to admire the surroundings.

Stylish accessories for a fancy Halloween

Stylish accessories for a fancy Halloween

When Halloween came we were prepared with a bunch of great projects, tips and ideas. Some of them were included in this list of Halloween décor accessories which included things like faux pumpkins, bat garlands, skull planters, beautiful napkins, wall ornaments and stylish décor accents.

Christmas coffee table centerpieces

Christmas coffee table centerpieces

At the end of the year, we became excited about the holidays and among all the Christmas-themed articles we featured this series of wonderful coffee table DIY projects which include a variety of stylish and easy-to-do ornaments and accessories. They all have a festive vibe and it might not be too late to try some of them.

Great ways to beautify your home

Great ways to beautify your home

It’s never too late to make your home more beautiful and more enjoyable. There are lots of ways in which you can do that and the ideas we included here range from selective color palettes to eye-catching furniture and suitable accent lighting. Let this be your inspiration for your next major makeover or for the things you’d like to add to your existing home décor.