10 Ways to Style Your Very Own Vegetable Garden

I’m convinced that growing things is good for the soul. So when you’re considering what you plant and pour your love and effort into, you have to think about vegetable gardens. They provide a place to get your hands dirty and a reason to get outside more often, not to mention they produce fresh food that you will enjoy at the dinner table. Many times, people have a bad taste for vegetable gardens. They think of weeding a disorganized plot in the backyard as a chore from their childhood. But you can create a neat and tidy veggie garden that will help beautify your yard and be a place of relaxation. Take a look at these 10 ways to style your very own vegetable garden that will dispel your doubts and convince you to plant one this weekend.

Landscaped garden

In order to enjoy your garden, it’s important that it feels like a nice place. Use landscaping rocks around the edges and plant flowers in the corners. Basically, make it feel more like landscaping and less like a square of dirt. (via BHG)

Rock garden path

If your garden is large and you need to walk in between your rows of plants, don’t hesitate to install a path between your veggies. You can use stepping stones or gravel or even planks of wood to create a pathway that will keep you safely off the sprouts. (via Planet Natural)

Woven raised beds

Raised beds are often made from wood and while that’s probably the easiest method for adding raised beds to your yard, installing these woven beds are much prettier. You can make them yourself if you’re inclined! (via Gorgeous Shiny Things)

Stacked raised beds

Maybe you’re strapped for space in your tiny backyard. That’s okay. You can still have a tiny garden by thinking small and vertically. Just stack your squares and you can plant a tomato plant and herbs and flowers in your little corner. (via Remodeling Home Designs)

Water trough garden

You’ve seen them before. The galvanized troughs that have been turned into gardens. This idea is especially beneficial if your health or flexibility won’t allow you to kneel on the ground anymore. You just need a little stool to sit on and you can take pride in your garden too. (via Cynthia Weber Design)

Fenced in garden

Worried about animals or pets disturbing your vegetables? Put up a fence around your beds that will keep those leafy greens safe from so many pests. You can sleep safely knowing you don’t have to worry about those deer anymore. (via This Old House)

Branches garden trellis

Some vegetable plants needs a little extra support. Have your kids collect all the sticks they can find and you can build these pyramid trellises practically for free. They’ll look so lovely and rustic in your yard, too. (via Grit)

Vertical garden trellis

Vertical wire is another great option for a garden trellis. Attach sticks on either end to stake into the ground and put on the edge of whichever plants need a little help. If you have a privacy fence in your backyard, this idea will spruce up the space where your garden is. (via Dreaming Gardens)

Tunnel garden trellis

If your parents grew climbing beans, you probably had a bean tee-pee when you were a kid. Continue your fun by building a bean tunnel for your climbing beans that the whole family can enjoy. (via Wahsega Valley Farm)

Vertical garden boxes

Stacking boxes is a simple and practical way to provide a garden to anyone who has a space outdoors. Yes, even you apartment dwellers. If you have a balcony, just stack ’em and plant ’em. (via Man Made DIY)