Easy 10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Garden For Spring

Spring is here, even if the temperatures in your backyard aren’t agreeing! It’s time to think about landscaping and cleaning up the garden once again. From weeding to re-mulching, it may not be the most fun part of the warm weather season but it’s essential. So, let’s take a peek at some easy ways to spruce up your garden for spring!

1. Clean it up!

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Pull out any dead plants, flowers or new weeds that have popped up overnight. Grab fallen leaves, branches or any other debris left over from the winter. It’s a quick and easy pick-me-up the whole family can help out with! This means the ponds too!

2. Sprinkle, Sprinkle.

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After your clean up, start with a quick sprinkle of feed for the soil. This is a great way to get the ground ready for growth. And go ahead and give the lawn a good feed and seed as well.

3. First, the veggies.

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Before any flowers are planted, pick your veggies. If you’re looking forward to trying your hand at growing some delicious tomatoes or even some cucumbers, early spring is the time to do so!

4. The Already Grown.

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Go to your nearest nursery and buy some annuals. Then get to planting! This will give your garden a nice pop of color and springtime style. It’ll be a great lift for the entire landscape after your clean up session.

5. Think about trees and bushes.

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At the same time you’re planting those colorful annual florals, think about whether or not you want to plant new trees or bushes since early spring is the optimal time to do so.

6. Accessorize a bit!

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Think about adding some pretty statues, fountains or colorful garden flags to the scene. This is definitely an easy way to spruce and style.

7. Check your pots.

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Another great way to spruce up the garden is to check any pots for cracks or a feeling that you need something a little more stylish. Or, for plants that are getting too big for their plot, re-pot them and keep them alive!{found on curiouspebble}.

8.Think about furniture.

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Soon you’ll be able to have cookouts and host dinner parties right outside, in the garden! So, why not think about buying some snazzy outdoor furniture or at least sprucing up what you’ve already got!{found on warrengrovegarden}.

9. Check older plants.

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Make sure you doctor up any older plants. Prune what needs to be trimmed and check for any winter damage, such as frosting.

10. Mulch it.

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A great way to give your garden (and landscape) a major pick me up is to re-mulch. It creates a solid, beautiful foundation for a great springtime start!