Gardening Tips Pt I: DIY Raised Beds

Let’s talk about gardening. Do you keep a garden? It’s such a great way to be economical with your time and money, plus it encourages eating a healthier diet purely because of what food is available out your back door. Picture a nice neat garden in your backyard that requires little effort and produces lovely vegetables for your enjoyment. Raised beds are a great gardening method to help you reach that vision and save you an aching back. Take a look at these 10 DIY raised beds and decide which one would be best for you and your backyard.

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Some wood from the hardware store and some good dirt are a good place to start when surveying raised beds. You can make these beds any shape or size that will best fit your yard and with a little effort, you’ll be picking tomatoes and cucumbers in no time at all. (via Hammers and High Heels)

galvanized steelView in gallery

Looking for something a little fancier and modern? Galvanized steel is a great alternative to purely wood bed frames. They look polished and store-bought without much effort at all. Best of all, they’ll still grow your garden high. (via A La Mode Stuff)

Keyhole gardenView in gallery

For those of you who have wooded property, first, I envy you and second, use some of those fallen logs to your non-bonfire advantage. Just roll them into place and fill with dirt. Now wasn’t that easy? (via Phdinparenting)

wine boxesView in gallery

Urban dwellers, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. If you have any outdoor space at all, you can have a raised bed garden. Collect some wine boxes on your balcony for some mini garden space that will have just as much impact on your summer and fall produce as a full fledge raised bed. (via Instructables)

Water troughView in gallery

A water trough? That’s right. It’s big, it’s one piece and it will give you some serious gardening space to work with. You can also recruit the kids to help you paint it a pretty color. (via Gardenista)

herb boxesView in gallery

Are you more into growing herbs than veggies? Then these square planters are for you. They are just as easy to put together as raised beds but they’ll keep your herbs separate. Yay for no mint in the basil! (via Art and Appetite)

square palletsView in gallery

Stop, it’s pallet time. When it comes to gardening, sometimes you just gotta go up instead of out. Creating a pallet bed like this will enable you to have a vertical garden instead of a horizontal one. Now that’s some great use of space. (via eHow)

on legsView in gallery

Gardens with legs? Exactly. For the older folks who can’t easily get down and back up again, put your raised beds on legs. No more backaches, no more falling over while trying to get up, more fun and more food. It’s a win win for everyone. (via Instructables)

raised palletsView in gallery

While we’re talking about gardens on legs, check out this garden made from pallets! Go find your local pallet company and they’ll probably give you the ones they can’t use for free if you ask nicely. Free wood and free vegetables? The best combination ever. (via Make Something Mondays)

keyhole gardenView in gallery

This is called a keyhole garden and it’s probably the most brilliant idea in gardening history. In the center is your compost pile and the garden is planted around it to catch the nutrients that leak out. This system is used all over the world and you’ve got to admit, it’s an incredibly economical idea. (via Inspiration Green)