Kitchen Pocket Doors – A Must-Have For Small And Stylish Homes

Before you rush to get new doors for your home, stop for a moment to consider all the options. As common as swing doors may be, they’re not the most suitable choice for all types of spaces. There are definitely plenty of other options to take into consideration and pocket doors are a wonderful example. They are especially great for kitchens also they can suit a variety of other spaces as well.

Compact modern Kitchen Pocket Doors
Pocket doors are very appreciated in kitchens for their compact and minimalist appearance
Modern Kitchen Pocket Doors
Pocket doors stay tucked a lot of the time, especially in kitchens where they conceal the workspace
Pocket doors for kitchen - hide appliances
An idea is to dress up a plain pocket door so it matches the rest of the interior design

The pocket door sliding system is a peculiar one. Here’s how these doors work, in case you’re not familiar with the design: On opening, the rotary doors slide outward and then glide backwards into a lateral pocket. That’s where they get their name from. This system allows them to be space-efficient and to offer easy access to the space around them.

Wood Style Kitchen design with Pocket Doors
One of the advantages is that these doors offer full access to the cabinet without obstructing the space
Saving space in kitchen with pocket doors
In addition to being sleek and stylish, pocket doors are also very durable compared to other types
Pocket doors for small kitchen
You can play with materials, textures and colors and create a contrasting design for your kitchen

Because pocket doors are great space-savers, they’re ideal for small spaces. For example, use a pocket doors instead of a traditional one if you have a tiny bathroom or powder room which can simply not accommodate a full swinging door. Pocket doors are also great for walk-in closets and wardrobes, offering unobstructed access and use of the contents within. If you fit the door with a mirrored panel then you can truly make the most of it.

Contemporary brown kitchen design with pocket doors
You can even use pocket doors to conceal the entire prep space with the sink, oven and everything else
Black kitchen with pocket doors that help to hide appliances
Pocket doors are great for creating a non kitchen look with an emphasis on space
Kitchen design with pocket doors
Pocket doors allows you to take maximum advantage of every inch of space in a small kitchen

Pocket doors are most common in kitchen. In here they can be most efficient, especially if the kitchen is small. They offer advantages both in terms of appearance and functionality. Most often, kitchen pocket doors are used to conceal appliances or workspaces and storage areas. Use pocket doors to hide the washing machine, microwave, oven but also smaller appliances like toasters and coffee makers. You can keep them out of sight and yet easily accessible.

Pocket doors appliances hide
You can make the most of pocket doors by opting for open shelving as a storage option
How to hide appliances with pocket doors
Consider pocket doors if you have an open kitchen and you prefer a clean look throughout

Behind pocket doors you can also have pull-out drawers or shelves. In fact, consider this option for the pantry. You can have an organized and uncluttered space that also looks very stylish and you can easily make it look like a part of the decor. Pocket doors are also great if you want your kitchen to look more like an entertainment space rather than a prep area. By hiding all the appliances and other related elements, you create a cozy and inviting ambiance.

Stacked washing mashine with pocket doors
You can also use pocket doors to conceal the washer and dryer in the laundry area
Hide washing machines behind pocket doors
Keep in mind that multiple pocket doors can reduce the integrity of the wall

Like every other door type, pocket doors have both pros and cons. While they do look stylish, they don’t seal as tightly as conventional doors and they also don’t offer the same acoustic privacy. This makes them a less desirable choice for working and sleeping areas or for playrooms. In addition, tall pocket doors can be difficult to roll and hard to lock and this makes them challenging for smaller family members.