Fancy And Inventive DIY Decorations for a Merry Christmas

I don’t know about you but we’re very anxious to start decorating for Christmas. This year we’re trying something DIY-inspired. We found all these great project ideas and we’re going to try most of them. The décor will surely be charming and full of character in a cute and cuddly way. Have a look at our suggestions and maybe you’ll find something that you too would like to try this Christmas.

DIY Edible Snow Globe

Snow globes aren’t as trendy as they used to be and this actually makes them that much more adorable. To make a snow globe ornament, you can try several different strategies. For example, use a cup or a vase and fill it halfway with sugar. Then add a small gingerbread house and some sugar-coated candy to make an edible decoration. {found on brit}.

Reindeer pinatas for Christmas

Pinatas are always fun and for Christmas you could make some pinatas shaped like reindeer. There’s a nice tutorial about this on Asubtlerevelry. The materials needed include a donkey pinata or one with a similar shape, crepe paper, tissue paper, a hot glue gun, fringe scissors, cardboard and a pom pom for the nose.

Pom poms christmas Tree

Pom poms of various different sizes and made from various materials can be put together to make an unconventional and very cute Christmas tree decoration. You could make it look a lot like the one on Sugarandcloth. For that you’ll need a glue gun, a metal tomato cage, paper pom poms and other similar things such as balloons.

Wooden christmas tree decorations

Whether you choose a real Christmas tree, a faux one or something entirely different as a focal point for this Christmas’s décor, that’s up to you although we do have a few suggestions regarding the ornaments. You should definitely check out Sayyes to see how to make custom ornaments out of wooden balls. You’ll be needing masking tape, acrylic paint in several different colors, a paintbrush, a drill, mini screw eyes and ribbon.

Alternative for Christmas Tree

We definitely love real Christmas trees. They have that awesome smell that makes the whole house smell like Christmas. However, it takes up a bunch of space that some of us just don’t have. If you’re in this situation then you could look for alternatives, like this space-saving version made of copper pipes and green fringe. It’s a simple project and you can find its description on Brit.

Christmas tree cactus

Have you ever decorated a Christmas cactus? Sure, it sounds like an odd thing to do but it can be a fun alternative when there’s not enough space for an actual Christmas tree or if you simply want to try something different for a change. It can either be a real cactus or a faux one and you can decorate it with pom pom trim and felt balls. It’s all described in more detail on Sugarandcloth.

Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

Bottle brush trees are quite trendy right now. You’ve probably seen a bunch of colorful ones and you thought they look really cute. But could you do something similar if you wanted? Well, since it’s all pretty simple, I’d say that the answer should be yes. All you’d need is the trees, some bleach, rubber gloves and fabric dye in the desired colors. You should probably also get a bucket for this project. {found on abeautifulmess}.

bottle brush Christmas trees colorful

After you’ve dyed your bottle brush Christmas trees it’s time to put them on display. You could use them to make a pretty table décor. Check out the suggestions offered on Cocokelley. You could display the trees on the table and put some fake snow around them, maybe even add a garland.

DIY sequin letter design for Christmas

Speaking of garlands, we found this glamorous design for a DIY sequin letter design on Abeautifulmess and it could be worth a try if you like the sparkle. To make the garland you’re going to need some cardboard, a hot glue gun, metallic cord trim and stretch sequin gold trim. We’ll be honest: this will take a while so find a movie to watch while you work.

Giant Snowflake DIY

If you want something to display on your wall, perhaps that something could be a snowflake marquee ornament like the one featured on Abeautifulmess. Something like this can be crafted using battery-operated LED lights, a snowflake template, a drill, duct tape and a wood board. You’ll probably also need a jigsaw to cut the wood unless you can improvise in some other way.

Gold Leaf Holiday Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sure, it’s fun to try new things and to replace your old and outdated Christmas ornaments with new ones. Still, what if you’re attached to your old ornaments? You could keep them and still give them a new look this Christmas. Try the gold leaf project featured on DIYs. For ornaments as glamorous as those ones you need a gold leaf kit, some ornaments, assorted paintbrushes and foam brushes, acrylic craft paint and a plastic cup.

Mini wreath for Christmas Tree

There are plenty of cute and interesting ornaments you could make. One of them is this mini wreath that we found on DIYs. To make it you need a tiny pine garland, 3’’ metal rings, string, jump rings and charms. Wrap the garland around a metal hoop and then attach a jump ring and hang a charm with some string.

Scandinavian Christmas Tree

If you want to try something a bit more rustic, check out the wooden ornaments featured on Ideas.Sewandso. To make something similar you’ll need a thick wooden branch, some embroidery yarn in different colors, a sewing needle, thread or ribbon, a saw and a drill. Cut the branch into slices. Drill holes in each one along a sketched design and then thread yarn through them. Hang them with ribbon or thread.

Blue Stockings for Christmas

If you have a fireplace mantel, you could hang some stockings to create that rustic charming ambiance that makes Christmas a favorite holiday. Can’t find a design that you like? Customize your own canvas stockings and make them look unique. You’ll need dye, cookie cutters and candle wax. The result is described on Brit.

Hexagon Advent Calendar

Do you like advent calendars? We think they’re cute and fun and we especially like the ones that have funky modern designs. There’s this geometric one that we found on Ohhappyday. To make one just like it you’ll need a template, a printer, glossy photo paper, 24 mini hexagon boxes, scissors, wood sticker paper, double-sided tape and treats.

HoneyComb Chrismtmas Tree

When you’re living in a small apartment, there’s hardly enough room or the basics and seasonal or occasional things such as a Christmas tree just don’t fit. But don’t be sad because you can still welcome the spirit of Christmas into your home just in a different manner. One of the suggested ideas is to make a honeycomb tree like the one on Studiodiy. All you need is a wall or some other surface on which to display it.

Oversized Christmas Garland

On the other hand, if you’re living in a large loft apartment or a house with more than one level, then you have plenty of room for a Christmas and a bunch of other great decorations like this oversized garland which you can use to decorate the staircase with. You can make the garland yourself out of colored paper. Check out Thehousethatlarsbuilt for more inspiration.

Wooden Christmas Tree

Of course, there’s also the option to put the Christmas tree outside. If you already have one growing in your yard or garden you could just decorate that but otherwise you’ll have to improvise. How about this wooden tree featured on Oneartsymama? It’s pretty easy to make and you can paint it and decorate it however you want.

Origami Christmas Tree Decorations

Obviously, you could just get a small tree or even a branch if you want to save space but still get to enjoy that unique aroma of Christmas. If you make it look festive that can turn out to be a wonderful idea. You could make some paper decorations like these lovely stars and bows featured on Hungryheart. Actually, you can use these in lots of other ways too.

Mini Trees DIY

We’re aware that bottlebrush trees are hot and trendy right now and we found an interesting idea related to that on Sayyes. These are miniature Christmas trees made out of wood slices and evergreen trimmings. Drill a hole in each wood slice, big enough for the branch to fit in. Then glue the two together. You can now decorate these mini trees, use them as decorations or as gift toppers.

Christmas Lights In Bottle

Since we mentioned them, let’s have a look at another DIY project that uses battery-operated string lights. This time they’re used to make lovely lanterns. If you like the idea, you could make something similar out of some glass bottles and LED string lights. You’ll also need a drill, a dremel and a diamond hole saw. Find out what to do with them from the tutorial on eHow.

Marque Christmas Tree

Marquee signs have this dramatic and theatrical look that always makes them stand out. You can use that to your advantage to make an eye-catching decoration. It could be something similar like a Christmas tree and you could follow the tutorial on Thesweetestoccasion to make it look like and pretty.

Noel Santa Hat

We also found another lovely way to decorate your walls or fireplace mantel. You could use wooden or cardboard letters and a wreath to create this Noel decoration that’s featured on Craftpassion. Feel free to paint the letters or to decorate them however you want. The same goes for the wreath which could wear a cute Santa hat.

Decorate the Chairs for Christmas Party-Dinner

In case you’re planning a Christmas dinner with your loved ones, you should also think of decorating the dining room. A centerpiece for the table is in order and you could also decorate the chairs. Use wide ribbon and holiday sprigs to make some simple but very elegant ornaments just like the ones one Creativeinchicago.

Crate Christmas Tree - Alternative

As you know, there are lots of alternatives you can try if you don’t want to put up a Christmas tree this year. Some are quite abstract and outside the box. We found this quirky idea that suggests using wine crates to make a Christmas tree. Basically you need six boxes which you can use as shelves. It’s all described on Itsprettynice.

Merry Christmas!