Deck Out Your Home With These 50 Halloween Decor Accessories

When it comes to planning and decorating for holidays, many ideas default to the DIY. Not that that is a bad thing at all, but some people actually have a decorating budget that will accommodate some good holiday home decor purchases. Those are the people that have throw pillows for all the holidays, from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day. And of course, Halloween. Maybe you’re one of those people, proud of your throw pillow collection, or maybe you’re just looking for a little Halloween decor perk for your bookcase. Either way, there is lots of merchandise that can decorate your home for Halloween and beyond. Here are 50 Halloween home decor buys to get your home ready for a spooky holiday.

Living Room

Painted pumpkin pillow

While we’re talking about throw pillows, how pretty is this painted pumpkin? It’s a great way to bring a touch of color to your living room sofa this season without going overboard with orange. (via Pottery Barn)

Black brass globe

No, it isn’t chalkboard. That’s a DIY for another day. But a plain black globe is a chic way to bring black to any bookcase or shelf styling for Halloween. (via CB2)

Black ombre vase

Just check out that black ombre vase! It almost looks like it was made for Halloween decor and it will happily bring an ominous look to your mantle while providing a spot for your bare Fall sticks. (via CB2)

Black cat art print

You know me, anything cats and I’m there. This black cat print is such a subtle nod to Halloween superstition that you won’t mind leaving it hanging in your gallery wall year round. (via Urban Outfitters)

Matte black pumpkins

It just isn’t Halloween without pumpkins. If you’re not into the orange gourds though, opt for these matte black beauties. They’re so modern and chic that they’ll fit in no matter what style your going for. (via Pottery Barn)

Black dyed amethyst

It’s black but it’s also sparkly. This dyed amethyst would make a great bookend on your bookshelf or even just add a bit of glamour to your mantle. You can’t help but wonder if it might have special powers… (via Urban Outfitters)

Black rattan tray

Let’s not leave out your coffee table. A black rattan tray like this one will hold your pumpkin smelling candle and mini gourds or corral your kid’s Halloween candy or act as a serving tray for your Halloween shindig. So many possibilities. (via CB2)

Beware bat banner

Isn’t this bat banner just the cutest? Hang it above your couch to give your walls a whole new look or use it for your Halloween party photo booth. (via Pottery Barn)

Orange pottery vase

I couldn’t resist adding another vase. Because it’s terra cotta and orange and would look amazing holding some leafy sticks in Fall colors. And pine boughs when you’re done with Fall. (via CB2)

Woven wall hanging

It’s not every day that you find a woven wall hanging in Halloween colors. So snatch this baby up and give your walls some real spooky style in a soft stylish way. (via Anthropologie)


Black cat dish towel

Every holiday should have a good dish towel to bring some fun to your kitchen. Set your kitchen apart and go for cat prints this Halloween instead of pumpkins. (via West Elm)

Wood ax cheese plate

This could quite possibly be voted the best cheese plate ever. The ax shaped cheese knife might put a little quiver into your guests’ hearts as they cut into the cheddar. (via Modcloth)

Wire display bowls

Metallic is a must for any kitchen decor so when you can get bowls in gold and copper, essentially yellow and orange, it’s a great day for your kitchen. They’ll look so classy full of all your Halloween goodies. (via CB2)

Haunted house drink dispenser

When you’re hosting the Halloween party, it’s important your serveware is holiday appropriate. This haunted house drink dispenser will be on par with your other Halloween food table decor. (via Crate and Barrel)

Skull salt and pepper

Keep the party going strong with these skull salt and pepper shakers. Not only are they useful, they’ll bring some scare to your kitchen counters. (via Modcloth)

Faux raven decor

Kitchens are notorious for spots too high to decorate. That’s where these feathered friends come in. They’ll give your kitchen some real Hitchcock vibes peering down from the tops of your cabinets and your fridge. (via Pottery Barn)

Brewing cocktail shaker

Looking for that perfect Halloween cocktail shaker? Look no further. This black beauty will make you look like some cocktail master as you mix up all kinds of devilish brews for your guests. (via Modcloth)

Black serving tray

It’s sleek. It’s black. It’s made of metal. It’s just what you want to display your appetizers on your kitchen island for Halloween this year. (via H&M)

Halloween printed mugs

While you might start the evening with Fall flavored cocktails, you’ll probably end it with warm cider. Serving it in these mugs will show that you’re the most prepared hostess ever. (via Crate and Barrel)

Vampire fangs bottle opener

For your guests who would just prefer a nice cold beer, or maybe a root beer, this vampire bottle opener is a must. It will definitely give your bar cart a pop as well. (via Fab)

Dining Room

Black chalkboard runner

While we’re on the hospitality thought train, let’s look around your dining room. No doubt, you probably need a tablecloth or runner for Halloween and this chalkboard one is a grand idea. Let your kids cover it in pumpkins and skeletons for the occasion. (via Anthropologie)

Acorn vase filler

Sometimes you just need some filler to make your centerpiece display seem complete. Acorns are a great option and if you don’t have access to them, this collection will fill the void. (via Pottery Barn)

Black taper candleholder

Every Halloween bash needs candlelight. This black candle holder with sharp edge and clean lines is a great addition to your dining room table or your credenza. (via CB2)

Black dinnerware set

Just imagine your guests sitting down to a black place setting. Not only is it incredibly festive, it will make any food you place on it Instagram worthy. (via West Elm)

Black matte flatware

Don’t forget your flatware. This set will be modern enough to grace your table year round, no matter what holiday it is. So it’s basically an investment. (via West Elm)

Gourd condiment set

Many people serve up hot dogs roasted over a bonfire for Halloween. Set out these cute pumpkins to hold all the necessary condiments for your delicious fare. (via Pottery Barn)

Skull planters

You really can’t argue with a couple of skull planters. They would make a spooky centerpiece for your dining room table, filled with succulents or even candles. (via Etsy)

Black woven placemats

Not into the chalkboard runner? Use black woven placemats instead that promise to match with any centerpiece your dining room table displays. (via H&M)

Raven drinking glasses

You’ll want to be sure you have an Autumn flavored punch or cocktail to serve up in these Halloween glasses. They’ll match perfectly with all your black table decor. (via West Elm)

Embroidered pumpkin napkins

An orange pumpkin will make a final touch to your Halloween table decor. But make it the embroidered kind on napkins instead of the real thing. (via Pottery Barn)


Linen orange duvet

Whether you love orange or you’re more about the softer pink, this linen duvet can help spruce up your bedroom for Halloween. It’s reversible so if you find the orange too bright, just put it on the bottom side. (via Urban Outfitters)

Haunted house pillow

How about this haunted house pillow? It’s simple lines and two tone colors will keep thing muted and relaxing in your bedroom while bringing some Halloween flair. (via Pottery Barn)

Black velvet pillow

Pair with this black velvet throw pillow and you have a major bed styling win. And because black goes with everything, I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up sticking with the velvet pillows year round. (via West Elm)

Moon dream catcher

If you believe in superstitions, placing a dream catcher in your bedroom to filter out all the unnerving Halloween bits and only let in the good dreams is probably a good idea. Or hang it to just add a crescent moon to your bedroom decor. (via Urban Outfitters)

Crescent moon mirror

Along those same lines, a mirror is a practical piece to have in your bedroom so this moon shaped mirror is a must. You can add it to your bedroom gallery wall or hang it by your closet door. Either way it will be beautiful. (via Urban Outfitters)

Wire black towels basket storage

How about a black wire crate for storage? From shoes to magazines to extra throw blankets, they’ll get a Halloween makeover in this crate. (via Lulu and Georgia)

Harvest throw blanket

Did somebody say throw blanket? You won’t be able to resist the harvest gold of this pretty throw. Fold it at the bottom of your bed to bring a pop of color or throw it over your favorite reading chair. (via Anthropologie)

Moon art print

One requirement for all bedroom purchases is that they add to the relaxing environment. A moon print will be a great Halloween piece while keeping colors and feelings low key. (via Urban Outfitters)

Skeleton hand jewelry stand

Isn’t this jewelry holder fun? Switch out your branches or swans or cactuses of your other holder for this skeletal hand this Halloween. It will bring a whole new feel to your dresser. (via Modcloth)

Midnight moon tapestry

Got a bare wall in your bedroom? Go all out for Halloween with this wall tapestry. It’s black and it pictures the moon and wolves and makes you feel all shivery inside. (via Urban Outfitters)

Front Porch

Outdoor bones set

This skeletal guy would be a great way to spook up any front porch. You could hang it on your door as pictured or have him reclining on your porch rocker for Halloween. (via Pottery Barn)

Cast iron raven

Are you expecting a large crowd of people for the holiday? Use this cast iron crow to hold your door open so guests know to come right in. (via Terrain)

Black lantern cluster

Lanterns have been in style for a while so if you don’t have them yet, now is the time. A set of black lanterns can shed some light on your porch while making it look very Legend of Sleepy Hallow. (via Crate and Barrel)

Black seat cushion

If there was ever an occasion to change up your outdoor cushions, this is it. Give your chairs and porch swing a bit of Halloween class with these black seat cushions. (via H&M)

Mini pumpkin wreath

You can’t have a holiday post without an appropriate wreath. Those mini pumpkins are real dried pumpinos so no one can accuse you of inauthenticity. (via Terrain)

Pumpkin string lights

Maybe you’re looking to make your front porch a welcoming place for guests to eat candy and sip cider. These happy pumpkin string lights will cast a friendly orange Halloween glow on the festivities out there. (via Pottery Barn)

Something wicked sign

Something wicked, huh? Greet guests and Trick or Treaters alike with this sign on your front door. It will certainly set the tone for the evening. (via Etsy)

Wool plaid blanket

Plaid throws are basically irresistible so when you find one in Halloween shades, don’t even try. Use it to decorate your front porch swing and invite guests for a cozy sit. (via Terrain)

Black tapered candle

These black tapers are just a good idea to have around the house, especially for Halloween parties. Place them on your patio table or up the front porch steps. (via H&M)

Black lit pumpkins

These lit pumpkins are the perfect addition to your grown up Halloween porch decor. In fact, they’ll be wonderful sitting out there from September through Thanksgiving! (via Pottery Barn)