Cool Coffee Mugs To Cuddle Up With When It’s Chilly Outside

Feeling chilly yet? Winter is coming so brace yourselves and prepare your hot chocolate and warm tea. The experience wouldn’t be complete without some cool coffee mugs in the picture. Few things can be more enjoyable and cozy than having a warm drink in your favorite mug when it’s cold outside. Everyone has a favorite mug that somehow makes everything taste better. Speaking of which, isn’t it time to add some new designs to your collection? Home is where your favorite mug is so let’s see if we can find something to your liking.

Halloween specials

Halloween Cat and Pumpkin Mugs

It’s usually around Halloween star we start to get chilly and to remember how cozy it is to have something warm in your hands. So let’s start with a few Halloween-themed mugs like the ones we found on Crateandbarrel. These cats may be black but they’ll only bring you good luck. And look how cute those pumpkins are!

Googly eyed coffee mug

Do you usually like to have a cookie with your coffee or tea? If that’s the case then you should definitely get one of these cookie monster mugs. They look funny with their googly eyes and funky faces and they’re loved by both kids and adults. {found on etsy}.

Skeleton Coffee Mug Stack

The key feature of these cool mugs we found on Farfetch is the fact that they’re stackable and when they’re stacked in sets of four they form a complete skeleton. They’re perfect for Halloween although they wouldn’t look so out of place the rest of the time either if you enjoy the theme.

Pumpkin spice coffee mug

Make your guests and, most importantly, yourself feel right at home this Halloween with these pumpkin spice mugs. Everyone knows pumpkin spice makes everything taste better. It has become an unwritten rule and for some that’s what Halloween is all about. {found on etsy}.

Christmas mugs

Skating Reindeer Mugs

As soon as Halloween is over we have to start getting ready for Christmas. Don’t miss any more time and renew your mug collection with some cute ones with themed designs. We found this lovely pair on Crateandbarrel. The skating reindeers look quite graceful.

Knuckle duster mug

Knuckle duster mug

These mugs are not exactly meant to make your guests feel very welcomed but they definitely have their charm. They’re handmade from quality porcelain and they have knuckle-shaped handles. Now that’s the perfect way to enjoy a strong cup of coffee. {found on thabto}

Mood mugs

Mood mugs

Always make sure your mug matches your mood. This set of five mugs is personalized with quirky facial expressions. In the morning, the sleepy mug would be just right and you can then swap it for the happy one. This is also a fun way to make each of your guests feel special. {found on thabto}.

Unicorn mug

Rainbow Unicorn Mug Coffee

Sculpted by hand out of stoneware, the Elwood mug looks really cute with its round shape and gilded horn. This rainbow unicorn is just the thing you need when you’re feeling need and need a pick-me-up. With his lovely blue eyes and rainbow colors, Elwood will bring magic into your life.

Face mugs

Warm or Cool Face Mugs

Mugs like these ones are perfect for those moments when you want to have some milk and cookies or to enjoy some biscuits with your tea. These face mugs are pretty cheerful although they do look a bit hungry. They come in a variety of friendly and fun colors and there’s also a white version in case you prefer the plain look.

Lego mugs

Lego brick coffee mug

You don’t have to be a kid to like Lego and to enjoy playing with the bricks. So how cool would it be to build your favorite coffee mug out of Legos? You can actually do that thanks to the Build-On Brick mug. The actual mug form can’t be taken apart or modified but you can built on it by adding Lego blocks. Think of all the possibilities. You could make your coffee mug look like a robot or you could put wheels on it.

Floating mug

floating coffee mug

This is a pretty neat trick. It’s a mug with a built-in coaster attached to the handle and the way they are designed makes it look as if the mug is floating in mid air. The extra large handle makes for a very comfortable and firm grip and the design as a whole is really chic and sophisticated. {found on amazon}.

For photography lovers

Nikon lens mug

Imagine everyone’s surprise when you’ll start sipping coffee out of your camera lens. There are actually two versions of this mug. One is the Extra Tall Lens with a base that unscrews and doubles as a cup. The other one is the Original Lens Mug which zooms. That’s actually for real. Just twist the rings on the outside to zoom. The mug even has a manual/auto focus switch.


Pokemon-themed mug

This would be the perfect gift for someone who likes to play Pokemon Go. It’s a mug shaped like a Poke ball, made of ceramic and with a colorful and fun look. Just remember: don’t throw it at any pokemons because it will break. Just stick with your smartphone app for that. {found on thinkgeek}.

Inspired by Breaking Bad

Breaking bad - Chemistry Beaker Mug

If you’ve seen Breaking Bad you probably loved it because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t? That you’ll probably also love this mug which was inspired by the series. It’s made of borosilicate glass just like the lab bottles and this makes it lightweight and durable. It would make a really cool gift although you could just as well get this for yourself. {found on amazon}.

The perfect good morning mugs

Morning orange pumpkin mug

A perfect morning starts with a great cup of coffee. Enjoy it in a mug that really puts you in a good mood. We found a few really good options, one of which is this orange one that’s just begging for a delicious pumpkin spice latte. You can get it in a variety of other colors as well. Just head over to Etsy and customize your choice.

Good Morning sunshine coffee mug

Start your day on a positive note, with a cup of coffee or tea that actually wishes you a good morning and pays you a compliment at the same time. When’s the last time anyone greeted you with a “Good morning, sunshine”? Now every day can start like that.

Good morning beautiful

For couples, we found this lovely pair of mugs that adds a romantic touch to everyday life. They’d make great wedding or anniversary gifts. They have simple and elegant designs made using 365 printing techniques that ensure the designs don’t peel or wash away. {found on fancy}.

Like a boss coffee mug

Start your morning like a boss. A positive attitude goes a long way and this mug can put you on the right track. It has a simple and versatile design which can interact with a variety of decors and settings and it would make a cool gift for someone who enjoys their morning coffee or the occasional cup of tea.

Cool mugs for couples

From My Heart To Yours His & Hers Coffee Mug Set

Love is in the little things like the way a couple enjoys a few moments together every morning or the way they remember each other during the day. A set of mugs is not a lot but it’s one of those things that really make two people feel like a couple. We found a bunch of cool designs on Fancy so here are some of them.

Catch my love couple mugs

With the Catch My Love mug set you can remind your loved one that they have your heart and you can do it in a fun and charming way. The mugs have cute designs with stick figures and simple and contrasting colors. There’s always a good time to offer something like this as a gift.

Couple white coffee mugs

Similarly, the Say I Love You set has a fun and cute design split on two different mugs. They complement each other and together they form a beautiful set which you can appreciate and enjoy together with your loved one or even when you’re apart.

Stole her heart mug

This mug set is actually for married couples and that makes them a bit less versatile. They’re a bit cheesy but also fun and charming, like every relationship. Buy these for yourselves as a couple or offer them as a gift to couples about to get married. {found on fancy}

Mr Mustache and Mrs Lips Couple Mugs

Sometimes there’s no need for long love messages. You can understand each other with a simple look. Just like that, these Mr and Mrs mugs send the message through symbols. It’s a lovely matching pair for married couples.


Tweet coffee mug

Can’t stay away from your social networks not even when you’re enjoying your morning coffee? Well, why would you, anyway? In fact, if you’re a Twitter fan you might even like to sip your delicious coffee out of a themed mug with a funky hashtag handle and a cute blue bird printed on the front. {found on thegadgetflow}.

Molecule mug

Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug

Did you know that the caffeine molecules (C8H10N4O2) have a polygonal structure? The Caffeine Molecule Coffee Mug actually display this quite accurately, with atoms identifiable by their size and with single or double covalent bonds between them, just as it should be.

Wired mug

Wired Coffee Mug

Coffee gives us power and energy and the Wired Coffee Mug depicts that with a funny and actually quite stylish design. The mug has a ceramic structure and is mostly white, with the exception of the handle which comes in bright colors and is shaped like a jack. It’s also made of silicone.

Robocup mug

Robocup Coffee Mug

You don’t necessarily have to be a Robocop fan to appreciate the interesting design of this mug, suggestively named Robocup. The theme actually made it easy for the mug to look great and to be practical at the same time.

Inspired by nature

Inspired by nature coffee mug

People rarely enjoy the cold seasons. But even if we don’t really like the temperature, we still enjoy the views and we often dream about quite places in the mountains from where we can admire the peaks covered in snow. The Mountains Coffee Mug brings some of that charm to you.

Wooden coffee mug

You’d also enjoy sipping coffee or tea out of a mug that looks like this. Inspired by nature, the mug has a sculptural brown exterior while its interior is painted turquoise like the clear sky on a beautiful day. Be careful to hand-wash it to avoid damage. {found on etsy}.

Whale mugs

whale mug handmade

You don’t have to be Captain Ahab to want these whales for yourself. How can anyone resist them when they’re so cute? They’re inspired by the blue whale and they pay tribute to the largest mammal on Earth in a fun and cute manner. {found on etsy}.

Bat mugs

The bat mug

Batman would probably be all over these mugs. Actually, they’d also be perfect for Halloween, given how popular Dracula is and everything. In any case, the Bat Mug is simple and fun, featuring two handles shaped like bat wings. {found on amazon}.

Pac-Man mug

Pac-Man Heat Change Mug

How cool is this mug? Not only that it has a funky Pac-Man inspired design but it actually transforms when you put something hot in it. That’s when the game actually begins. This timeless and classical video game has inspired a lot of others as well as tons of products like this mug and they all bring a little bit of nostalgia in our lives.

Octopus mug

Octupus coffee mug

You don’t actually get to fully grasp the uniqueness of this mug until you take a few sips out of your drink and tentacles start to become visible. It’s an octopus that emerges as you drink and which is completely revealed when you’re done. {found on amazon}.

Glass cup

Glass cup coffee mug

Inspired by the classical disposable coffee cups we’re all used with, the JOCO cups are made of glass and this means they can be washes and reused as many times as you want. They come with splash-proof silicone lids and thermal silicone sleeves.

Stacked mugs

Fred and Friends Stacked Ceramic 12-Ounce Mug

These aren’t three coffee cups stacked one on top of the other. It’s a single large mug that just looks like a set of three. The design is definitely intriguing and funny and you can really prank some people with it. The mug even has three separate handles, one for each cup that makes up its design. {found on amazon}.

Geometric mugs

Wave coffee mug

Geometric designs are really popular in modern and contemporary decors so a mug like the Wave would fit right in if you have a minimalist home interior. The mug is ideal whether you like to enjoy your coffee at home or on the go. It’s made of double walled porcelain, soft on the outside and polished on the inside.

Custom color mug

Don’t you have it when you have to always tell people how you want your coffee? With My Cuppa that won’t be necessary because the mug will have color chips inside that show exactly how you take your coffee or tea. Once the color matches the chip you know your drink is exactly the way you like it.

Ceramic mugs

Handmade ceramic cup

In the case of handmade cups and mugs and pretty anything else that’s handmade, every product is unique and different than the others These vintage mugs are no exception. Each one has unique particularities but they’re all equally beautiful and stylish.

For pet lovers

Pets lovers coffee mug

As an owner of a fluffy white cat I can honestly say this is the most beautiful and cutest mug ever. Just kidding… It may not be the best mug on the planet but it’s definitely very pretty and adorable. The Doyolla mug is white and shaped like a cat, with black whiskers and cute little ears.

Ninja mug

Ninja Mug

In case you’re feeling inspired by all those anime series you like to watch we found this great Ninja mug that you’ll probably enjoy. It’s black and comes with a matching coaster and a sword spoon. It also has a cover that completes its look.

Inspired by Star Wars

Star Wars Mug

Drink your coffee or tea out of a stormtrooper’s skull and it will taste like heaven. We’re just kidding…it’s not a skull but a mug shaped like a stormtrooper’s helmet. It has a removable lid and it’s perfect for both coffee and tea. {found on amazon}.

Hulk mug

Hulk coffee mug

Nobody would ever dare to make you angry when you have a coffee mug that looks like this. This is the Don’t Make Me Angry ceramic mug inspired by the Hulk. It can hold up to 12 oz of liquid and it’s pretty comfortable to use as long as you don’t punch anyone with it.

Sport-themed mugs

KOVOT Executive Tabletop Golf Mug

The Kovot tabletop golf mug gives you something to do at the office during those moments when you’re too bored to work or you’re simply waiting for inspiration to strike. The set includes a mug, a golf club-shaped pen and a mini golf ball.

Glove coffee mug

For baseball fans, The Mug With a Glove would be a pretty neat accessory. This could become your new favorite mug. It’s perfect for coffee, tea, hot cocoa and other things and it’s dishwasher-safe so you don’t have to worry about damaging it in any way.

The mug with a hop

The Mug With a Hoop lets you play with your food because it’s actually made to be fun this way. It has a basketball hoop attached to the top of the handle so you can play slam dunk with your marshmallows.

The Soccer Mug With A Goal

The Soccer Mug is designed in a similar way but it has a goal net instead of a basketball hoop. Have fun with your crackers and marshmallows and always enjoy your favorite drinks and snacks.

The Mug With A Goalpost

If you’re not the soccer type then maybe you prefer football. In that case, you should check out The Mug With a Goalpost. It’s just as fun as all the other sport-themed mugs we showed you here.

Heart-shaped mugs

Heart-shaped mugs

Add the Granvela coffee mugs to your list of gifts for couples because it’s pretty perfect for that. It’s a set of two coffee mugs that complete other and together form a pair of hearts. They even have heart-shaped handles and they’re white so there’s none of that cliché red going on.

Traveler mug

Traveler mug

The Traveler Mug is pretty great and not just for those who like to travel a lot. In fact, it’s not the type of mug that keeps your drink hot all day long. It’s basically a simple mason jar wrapped in leather. Whenever you want to enjoy your coffee on the go, just put on the lid.

Mr. P Lick mug

Mr. P Lick mug

You know those annoying drips of coffee you get on the cup or mug? Well now you don’t have to worry about them or constantly wipe them with your napkin. This is the Mr. P Lick mug which has a funny character that can’t wait to catch those drips.

Doll head mug

Doll head mug

We can’t really decide whether this Doll head mug is whimsical or creepy. Would you like to sip your coffee out of a doll head? That’s up to you to decide. The mug is made of porcelain with a black pigment, with a glazed interior and a matte exterior.