DIY Hessian Planter Bags

Hessian (or burlap) sacks are useful for storing odds and ends, but I’m fond of using them to dress up planters. Whether you prefer a farmhouse style or an arts & crafts bungalow vibe, these hessian planter bags will look adorable as anything.

DIY Hessian Planter Bags
DIY Hessian Planter Bags Supplies


Materials, for a 6″ bag:

  • Hessian (burlap) fabric
  • Straight-edge ruler, pen, and sharp fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine and associated equipment
DIY Hessian Planter Bags Craft

Cut these pieces from the hessian fabric. (For the circle, it may help to draw a circle with a compass on a piece of paper, then use it as a template.)

  • 19¼” x 8″ rectangle – two pieces
  • 6¼” diameter circle – two pieces

For this project, I’m stacking the two matching pieces in each set and using each set like one bulky piece. I like to layer hessian because it’s so thin and open-woven, but feel free to use single sheets if you prefer.

DIY Hessian Planter Bags Cut

A quick tip for cutting hessian: Mark your measurements, and then carefully – very carefully – cut along a single thread that runs parallel to the cut.

See how each side has one unbroken thread running along the edge? Simple to do, prevents fraying, and guarantees straight lines. If you’ve ever seen those “How To Cut Burlap” pins pop up on Pinterest, this is the trick!

DIY Hessian Planter Bags Pin
DIY Hessian Planter Bags Edges

The first part to sew is the cylindrical body of the planter bag. Pin the edges into place – you want all four of the short edges to line up exactly. Sew a straight stitch, leaving a ¼” seam allowance, and then go back over the very edge with a zig-zag stitch to prevent the fabric from fraying.

With the cylinder sewn, open it up and stand it upright. Lay the circular base at the top of the cylinder, pin the edges around the perimeter of the base so that they all line up, and sew the base into place in the exact same way as before (straight stitch with a ¼” seam allowance, zig-zag on the very edge).

DIY Hessian Planter Bags Plants
DIY Hessian Planter Bags Succulents

Roll down the top an inch or two, and you’ve got a hessian planter bag!

DIY Hessian Planter Bags for Home

Use your bags as a decorative accent for a centerpiece bouquet, or add some succulents for a rustic modern edge – whatever the purpose, these hessian planter bags will add handmade charm.