10 Styling Tips for Your Halloween Party Food Table

While some people prefer hitting the streets with their pumpkin shaped buckets in search of candy on Halloween, don’t dismiss the usefulness of hosting a party instead. Halloween parties can be a safe place for families to gather where you can control the level of fright and consumption of sugar. If you’re thinking about hosting a Halloween fete, you’ll undoubtedly have decorating plans for your front door and dining room centerpiece. But what about the food table? Don’t leave your mummified hot dogs and popcorn hands alone on an inky black tablecloth. Check out these 10 styling tips to make your food table a little more fun for Halloween.


You probably have a set of serving bowls that you always bring out for parties. But consider using black plastic cauldrons to hold your delicious goodies instead. It’s so simple and yet extremely festive. (via Catch My Party)


I wouldn’t be surprised if you had a few glass cloches around your home. For this Halloween party, stash your succulents and use them on the food table to display hands and pumpkins and crows. (via Amelia Lyon)


Did somebody say pumpkins? Don’t resign your orange gourds to decorating the front porch. Hoist your delicious Halloween dishes high by placing plates atop your pumpkins. It’s instant decor at an affordable price. (via Trendy Tree)


Candy is one of the stars of the whole Halloween holiday. Instead of placing ugly plastic bags of sweets on the food table, fill glass vases and jars for a prettier display. Pretend like it’s a candy bar for a wedding and get as many colors as possible. (via House of Smiths)


No doubt you have an apple based beverage all planned for your Halloween shindig. Buy or DIY a ghostly beverage dispenser for the occasion that you’ll be able to use the entire Fall season. (via Popsugar)


Nothing says spooky like flickering candlelight and moving shadows. Add some black tapers to your food table to shed some light on your party fare. (via The White Buffalo Styling Co)


Short on prep time for your party this year? Pick a color instead of a theme and gather up all the Autumn decor you own that matches. Trust me, it will look like you planned for days. (via Hostess With The Mostess)


You gotta love a set of marquee lights. You can create your own with cardboard, paint and Christmas lights or you can buy a couple letters to spell out the spooky message you want. (via Yellow Bliss Road)


Where you can add pumpkins, you should definitely add pumpkins. Save one from the carving contest to hallow out. Place a bowl inside and you have the most festive ice bucket you’ve ever seen. (via Martha Stewart)


Looking for a food table project that goes all out? Make the food table into a decoration itself! A coffin can be made out of wood or cardboard, spray painted black and laden with all your festive Halloween treats. It will be like your food table dressed up too. (via Halloween Forum)