Modern Desk Designs For Functional And Enjoyable Office Spaces

The most important element in an office is the desk. This applies to pretty much any office space, whether it’s part of a cozy home or a large company headquarters. The desk is something personal, it’s basically where all the work gets done. So it has to include a series of specific elements meant to increase efficiency and productivity which, in a modern environment, can be quite innovative and ingenious. We’ll be exploring a few interesting design ideas worthy of being appreciated on a modern desk.

15 Modern office desk ideas

Metis Compact Wood Desk

Metis wood deskView in gallery

The Metis is the type of desk you’d expect to see in a modern and elegant work environment. It’s compact and made of solid oak and it’s designed to offer simple and practical storage solutions for anything from paper clips and documents to cables and electronic devices. Use it as a computer desk and take advantage of its functional design which lets you neatly hide all the cables and wires, keeping the work surface clean and organized.

Yves desk with leather surface

Black american walnut Yves deskView in gallery

Of course, not everything can be done using a computer. Some things still require the good old-fashioned pen and paper. That’s what writing desks like Yves are made for. This one has a simple, elegant and vintage design with an inlaid leather writing surface. Its design also incorporates two drawers and a covered cable hole for those times when electronic devices are needed.

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Sleek Tom Desk

Tom Writing Desk from PoradaView in gallery

Writing desk from Porada detailsView in gallery

Tom is also a writing desk but its design is quite far from the classical one. The desk is made of ash wood and has a metal base with a brushed brass finish. The top features a flap which can be opened to reveal a mirrored interior. Two main drawers and two smaller ones offer plenty of storage for things like papers, pens and everything else needed.

Clean Slate Desk

The office from modify furnitureView in gallery

Modify DeskView in gallery

The desks from the office collection were designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. Designs such as the Clean Slate Desk allow you to keep your work surface clean and organized using Invisibins (storage containers which are embedded into the work surface without taking up valuable space). The desk has elegant slender legs and is made of eco-friendly bamboo. The storage bins have powder-coated steel lids but can also be customized to match everything else.

Eye-catching geometry

Moderne wood DeskView in gallery

This is one of the gorgeous furniture pieces presented at Design Miami/2015. It’s a chic and elegant desk with an interesting and eye-catching geometry that plays with sleek angles and smooth lines meant to give it a sophisticated allure. The desk would look exquisite in any office settings, be it a home office or a company space.

Scriptor Executive Desk by Giorgetti

Scriptor Desk legView in gallery

Scriptor Executive DeskView in gallery

Another desk with a very interesting geometry and a striking design is the Scriptor. Designer Leon Krier and manufacturer Giorgetti created this series of executive writing desks for modern spaces that need a touch of luxury and elegance. The desks are available in a combination of maple wood and leather, ebony Macassar and leather or in all wood. The cylindrical element has five drawers with a base made of extruded aluminum with a satin finish.

Writing desk for the people

My small writing deskkView in gallery

With My Small Writing Desk you don’t ever have to worry about things falling down or sitting too close to the edge The desk has a special storage area that wraps around its sides and back. It may be small but this doesn’t make it any less practical than a large computer desk. The high curved shell allow the user to simply push items to the side, clearing the work surface and not having to worry about a thing.

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Beautiful and stylish for kids

white rubens mdf deskView in gallery

rubens mdf deskView in gallery

Even though the Rubens desk was designed for kids, it’s such a beautiful and stylish piece of furniture that it’s hard to resist it even as an adult. This is a desk designed by Jean-Francois Bellemere, made of durable wood, which features a very simple but also very versatile construction.

The desk is available with an optional mountain and car track addition for the top which lets one have fun and which makes this a chic piece of furniture for the kids.

Around.U desk

Around u deskView in gallery

Given how simple and elegant the design of the Around.U desk is, it’s easy to imagine this beautiful piece of furniture in a variety of spaces including a home office, living room or even a bedroom. This is a modern writing desk designed by Cristiana Macedo for Two Six, one which is meant to look timeless and classic.

Its simple and clean lines give it elegance. Even though the design is so graphical and open, this doesn’t take away any of the desk’s functionality. The design may be simple but it still offers plenty of storage in the form of open compartments or closed drawers with eye-catching yellow interiors.

Branca desk

Modern writing desk wtig drawers NOGAView in gallery

Another design that has a simple and timeless look is that of the Noga desk manufactured by Branca. This sleek writing desk is made of wood and has a very chic and elegant construction which makes it very versatile and able to look exquisite in a variety of settings and contexts. You can get it in either oak wood or walnut, both versions featuring a natural finish.

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Standing desk

Ikea standing desk DIYView in gallery

Obviously, there are plenty of stylish designer desks to choose from but this doesn’t mean you can’t choose to make your own. In fact, such a project can be very simple, offering lots of room for customization.

You could use two small bookshelves from Ikea and use them as supports for the desk. Place a wood board on top and this could be it. You can choose make to make a standing desk which will allow you to work while standing in case you enjoy the idea.

Modern Standing Desk 01

Artifox standing deskView in gallery

Artifox standing desk legsView in gallery

Artifox standing desk - chalkView in gallery

Actually, if you like the idea of working while standing, you should also check out Standing Desk 01 by Artifox. It’s a solid walnut piece with lots of features meant to increase its functionality and to let you turn your workspace into a more enjoyable area.

The design of the desk is height-adjustable and includes special grooves for hiding and storing all the cables in order to keep a clean and organized work surface. Moreover, it can also include a writing board.

All in one Edge Desk System

Portable desk designed to be portable diff waysView in gallery

Portable desk designed to be portableView in gallery


Portability has become an important aspect for a lot of people with a modern lifestyle. When you’re constantly on the go or when you have to switch offices often, it can be handy to have a portable desk which you can take with you everywhere you go.

Such a concept is offered by the Edge Desk System, an all-in-one desk which can be easily folded flat and transported to the desired location. It has a kneeling seat which was designed to improve posture and to reduce neck, back and shoulder pain.

Origami desk

Origami desk with wood top and metalic baseView in gallery

It’s easy to see where the inspiration for the Origami Victory Wood desk came from. Designed by Darko Mesek for Fireart, this is actually a very simple table. It has a sculptural base formed of two origami-inspired steel elements and it can also be used as a desk. Although it doesn’t offer any storage options, the table would make a stylish addition to a home office. It comes in a variety of colors and with different textures.

Buros desk

Rectangular multi layer desk smallView in gallery

Rectangular multi layer deskView in gallery

Each desk deals with the user’s storage and functional needs in its own way. The Buros desk, for example, has a multi-layer structure which allows the user to pull out the inner section in order to obtain more work space whenever needed. The desk was designed by Valerie Windeck for Malherbe Edition and it’s meant to be space-saving, simple, modern and practical.