Clever Portable Desks Meant To Increase Comfort And Flexibility

Even though an actual regular desk is usually preferred, there are cases when a portable one is a much better choice. For example, let’s say you still have some work to finish after you get home and you also want to relax a bit. You can use your portable desk to get both these things done at the same time. Or perhaps you’re a busy person stuck in a waiting room or in a meeting. In cases like these you can always on your mobile desk and laptop to help you get things done.

Lappy portable desk

There are many different types of portable laptop desks to choose from. One of them is called Lappy and is a multifunctional desk in addition to also being lightweight and easy to carry. On one side the desk has grooves that help with the ventilation of your laptop. The other side is optimized to let you keep your tablet at an angle for a comfortable writing position.

portable standing desk folds down
portable standing desk folds down design

A rather different option is LEVIT8, a portable desk suitable or standing desks, counters or other casual situations. When flat, it’s no bigger than a magazine. It can easily be folded and it transforms into a chic desks for your laptop or notebook. It was designed to be water repellent and stain resistant.

Tablio portable desk

If you’re the type that prefers a more simple and classical design, check out Tablio, a mobile desk which you can take with you anywhere you go. It provides proper ventilation for your laptop and also adds a comfortable surface for your mouse to be used in a natural position. There are two versions of this desk available.

Portable lap desk wall hang

This is the Portable Lap Desk Installation No. 1 by Yois Design. It’s a compact and very simple-looking laptop desk which you can attach to a wall using a set of brackets. The desk can easily slide out in case you want to move around with it, maybe take it on the sofa. The groove at the top can be used as a sort of dock for the phone or tablet in this case.

Slate mobile desk

Another very simple product is the Slate Mobile Airdesk. It’s a very sleek accessories which is cut from a block of premium bamboo. It has perforations designed to help with ventilation for the laptop as well as a built-in heavy duty mouse pad. There’s also a sleek dock which you can use together with your phone or mini tablet.

Portable standing desk

Some mobile desks take things to another level by incorporating new functions. For example, check out the Readydesk. Although you can use it as a simple laptop desk, it’s actually big enough to hold two 27” monitors if required. In addition, its height can be adjusted so you feel comfortable using it.

Mobile desk workstation

Other designs are even more complex, like the ci desk for example. In fact, this is more than a simple desk. It’s actually a complete workstation. It looks like a compact cart on three wheels. It incorporates a series of shelves and drawers which let you store a lot of things and the top slides out so you can place your laptop on it. It even has a mouse pad. This is the perfect example to show much cool desks have changed in order to accommodate our needs.

Cardboard mobile standing desk

Let’s finish with a rather unusual piece called Refold. It represents a cardboard standing desk which is really easy to put together and very lightweight and easy to carry around, this making it a great portable solution. However, it’s not as compact as most other laptop desks, not even when it’s folded down to resemble a suitcase. Of course, you could just say that this is similar to a DIY desk but there are certain details that make it special.