In The Search For The Perfect Desk – Get Inspired

As easy as it may be to buy the first desk you come across, that’s rarely a good idea. There are more types of desks than you’re aware of and each one has something special. You need to do your share of research before going shopping. This applies even when you’re opting for a custom-made or modern desk. You need to know what to ask for. There might be things that could be very useful and practical to you and you might not even be aware of their existence. Hopefully, you can find some inspiring in the following examples.

Metis Desk from Solid Wood from WeWood

The interesting thing about the Metis desk is the fact that it offers storage but also the way in which this storage can be accessed. The desk is compact and has a simple design. It’s made of solid wood and it has a secret storage compartment under its top. It also has some storage drawers. These spaces can be used in a variety of ways and more than one configuration is available. Use them to store anything from documents to pens and even your laptop.

Universo Cloud Desk

The Cloud desk is designed by Hertel & Klarhoefer. Its name is very suggestive for the features it offers but these aren’t immediately apparent. The special thing about this desk is the fact that it has a series of slits which can hold cloud-shaped white metal panels. These hold and store items such as notes, pictures, reminders and other things. It’s an interesting and artistic way of organizing a desk.

Compass Wall Desk

The Compass desk is designed by Studio Thomas Merlin. It’s small, compact and sleek which makes it a great option for small spaces. In addition to that, it also integrates some useful storage. two removable flaps offer access to a storage area. This compartment can be used for the storage of documents, tablets and office accessories, keeping the work surface clean, free of clutter and well organized. In addition to that, the desk also features a magnetic board on which to display notes, reminders and cards and also a USB port.

Tabloid desk design

This unusual desk is part of the Tabloid Tables series. It’s designed by Floris Hovers and Vij5. The main idea behind its design was to find a design that complements the material rather than being the defining characteristic. The desk has a steel construction covered with panels that are the size of tabloid newspapers. The design went ever further to include tabletops covered with NewspaperWood veneer, a recyclable material inveted by Mieke Meijer and developed together with Vij5.

tiptoe desk with custom legs
Colorful legs for tiptoe desk and tables

What’s cool about this desk is its customizable design. That can be done in a rather surprising manner. The desk has Tiptoe legs which come in a variety of different colors, including the classics like black, white, red, blue and yellow but also a series of fall colors such as forest green, blue, coral or brown. You can mix and match these however you want and even replace them with new ones whenever you want.

Victor Desk Hartodesign

Meet Victor, a stylish desk designed by Pierre-Francois Dubois. It’s small and simple, featuring a metal rod frame and a a wooden top with rounded edges. Two storage compartments under the top offer room for documents and office supplies which the work surface is clear and free or clutter. There’s another detail that stands out: a set of two thin panels that guard the front portion of the top, forming a protective rim that can prevent items from falling or help organize things.

Secretary desk Design

Hyppolite is a secretary desk designed by Florence Watine. It has three small storage drawers for documents and other office supplies and  X-shaped frame with a central piece you can use as a footrest. The desk is simple and has a modern design despite its role which is no longer very common. still, secretary desks remain elegant and beautiful even in a world ruled by computers.

Desk Honore White

Designer Pierre-Francois Dubois wanted the Honoré desk to be functional, practical as well as elegant, refined and discreet. The goal wasn’t to make the desk stand out although the design is beautiful enough to become a focal point for a lot of home offices. Guided by the desire to make the desk multifunctional, the designer made sure it could be used as a computer desk offering ways to hide and organize cables but also as a writing or reading desk, including a special feature that lets the user display documents, cards and other things.

Wall desk - secretary

The Gaston secretary desk is a perfect fit for small spaces. Being so small and compact, this wall-mounted desk can fit in tiny rooms and small nooks that wouldn’t otherwise be large enough for a regular desk. However, don’t be fooled by its small dimensions. Inside this compact form there’s plenty of storage for all the necessary things as well as a fold-down work surface big enough to hold a laptop and even a few other things.

Recycle old furniture and turn into a beautiful desk

Don’t you find this desk charming? It has a very special design that’s a little bit modern but also a little bit rustic. It’s this eclectic beauty that makes it stand out and also gives it a versatile look. Of course, there’s more to it than just that. The desk is both space-efficient and functional, featuring useful storage. It’s mainly a writing desk but this doesn’t stop it from being multifunctional.

Round black wall mounted desk

Speaking of compact, wall-mounted desks, here’s another interesting design. This time the desk has a round shape. You can fold down the top half to reveal some hidden storage shelves and compartments and the door becomes a work surface. You can position the desk anywhere you want, at any desired height.

Modern wood desk with drawers and storage

Storage or more exactly the lack of it can be a real problem for a lot of desks. If you’re the type that needs a bunch of storage for documents and other things than you’ll want a desk with some drawers and shelves. But managing to squeeze in all that storage and to also make the desk comfortable to sit can be a real challenge. This desk seems to have it all figured out, with the angled form and everything.

Modern Wall art above desk

There’s little to say about this desk except that its minimalism is inspiring and very refreshing. We really like the combination of wood and metal and thee fact that the frame is both sleek and sturdy. Further more, there’s also this subtle industrial flair that gives the desk a really elegant look. Add to that the lamp that’s a perfect fit for the desk and you’ll find perfect harmony.

Wood legs and glass top desk

Glass desks are pretty unusual. They’re also pretty special in terms of style since you can’t really put them in one category or another simply based on the material they’re made of. This design, for example, has a glass top which was chosen in order to emphasize the wooden base that has this really funky rustic-industrial look.

solid wood luxury desk with gold accents

Defined by symmetry and a continuous form, this desk inspired through its simplicity and geometric elegance. The top is supported by two side panels which loop inward to form two symmetrical storage compartments. You can use them to store and display things and you can even put some things on top, on those little shelves. The golden rim is a really nice touch.

Narrow old console table used like desk

You can either use this as a desk or a console table. Either way, it will look elegant and stylish thanks to its sculptural base. The top is really interesting because it’s formed of three thin and long panels. You can fold these over the central one, making the top thinner in order to save space.

White and brown desk color

In case you’re tired of having things fall off your desk, you should consider a design like this one. those curved and angled side panels are designed to catch those things and also to provide some storage space that’s not on your work surface. This way the desk surface remains clutter-free without requiring any sort of drawers or other space-consuming features.