Hints For Choosing A Modern Computer Desk That Suits Your Style

How would you say a modern desk should look like? Let’s leave aside all the futuristic and high-tech designs and concept and think for a moment about the basics. A modern computer desk doesn’t really need a lot of accessories and little things. In fact, the simpler the better in most cases. But even so there are tons of different designs and variations to take into consideration. Maybe you can find the much-needed inspiration is one of the following examples.

Businessman managerial desk

If you prefer using more than one screen, then you’ll need a desk big enough to accommodate them all. You know what would also help with such a setup? A desk that slightly curves inward so you can be more comfortable while using it.

Modern white desk design

On the other hand, if a laptop is all you ever need or use, there’s really no point in wasting time with a large desk. A small one like this one should be just fine. It even has some storage space and a shelf on which to place a lamp or pencil holder.

Boy teenage room with wall mounted desk

Wall-mounted desks offer a unique advantage. They make the space look airy and open. With this in mind, it would be pretty easy to even add a small desk to a space such as the bedroom.

kids room with desk and shelves above

Here’s the same type of small computer desk, showcasing its versatility. This time the decor is a bit more playful. The bean bag chair seems like a nice idea if you don’t spend a lot of time at your desk.

Marble top desk design

Unless you want to dedicate an entire room to your desk, you can easily fit it in an empty corner of your living room or even on a hallway. Most modern desks are versatile and practical enough to suit a lot of different environments.

Small wood desk

Although the desk itself is very elegant and stylish, an important role in this decor is also played by the chic chair and that lovely table lamp that gives out soft and delicate light. This is a combo that would look particularly lovely in a bedroom.

Wooden top desk with spaces for accessories

Some modern computer desks come with hidden accessories, storage compartments and features. Some put them on display. In some cases, you can find models that offer a built-in cable management system.

Elegant desk with a sleek finish

It seems that we’re gradually returning to the classics. A lot of modern desks look more and more like classical tables. This one, for instance, has stylish tapered legs and three drawers that offer plenty of storage space for all the basic things.

Cool standing desk with privacy

There are various different styles to choose from when selecting a desk. For example, a lot of modern ones have rustic or industrial characteristics. Consider the style of the room and the type of ambiance you want to create.

Norman cramer wood desk

Wooden desks are often preferred in modern and contemporary environments because they add a lovely warm touch to a decor that’s often cold and minimalist. You can keep the decor simple by opting for an acrylic desk chair.

Vue Standing Black Desk

Consider a standing desk if you want to improve your posture or if you’re spending a lot of time working. You can get a high chair and rest from time to time and then get back on your feet.

L shaped modern desk with spaces for storage

Give your desk the desired form and size so it can be as practical as possible. For example, an L-shaped desk can prove to be the best option for a particular type of layout. Also, if you’re sharing the desk with someone else, that can be the defining characteristic of its design.

Modern base for desk in diff colors

An industrial desk can look pretty nice in a modern or contemporary environment. A nice combo is between a wooden top and a metal frame. It has a little bit everything.

Sound built in desk

A lot of modern desks are surprisingly more functional and well-accessorized than they let you know at first sight. Some have tops that lift up to reveal storage spaces for laptops and documents.

Unique desk design with hidden compartiments

In addition to that, a lot of designs also come with built-in cable management systems, special storage nooks and crevices for the usual accessories and pretty sculptural forms in general.

Wood desk with a midcentury look

When it comes to modern computer desks, there are no rules. If you feel like your home could use a wooden desk then go for it. If a rustic touch is what the decor needs to be extra inviting, that’s also a good idea.

Small desk with cool legs

One of the characteristics of a lot of modern desks and furniture in general is the sculptural design. In the case of a computer desk, such a look can manifest in the form of a base with an edgy look, sleek angles and interesting lines.

Luxury modern floating desk

Sculptural designs can also look something like this: a desk supported by a single leg on one side and a compact but still bulky storage compartment on the other. It looks a little bit like a contemporary kitchen island.

Minimalist moden desk for home

There are plenty of modern desks that are both small and stylish. This one is a pretty great example. It has a sleek and elegant frame and a thin wooden top that gives is a somewhat feminine appearance.

White and wood colors for desk

This desk and chair duo looks really chic. The white and wood combo is fresh and suits modern decors really well. They complement each one and in this case the colorblocking design also highlights the work surface and the storage shelves as individual features.

Small desk with two compartiments for storage

Here’s another stylish combination. The desk has a matching chair and the two side boxes match the chair’s upholstery. Moreover, the clean lines and angles of the desk are complemented by the curved frame of the chair and its tapered legs.

Wall desk with tall shelves

This is a pretty ingenious design. The desk is disguised as a large shelf part of a wall unit so when not needed as a work surface it can be used as a table or display area for vases and other things.

Boys room desk furniture

A nice thing about some modern computer desks is that they’re space-efficient. In this case, for example, the desk can be used as an extension of the small cabinet unit or can be wrapped around it like a shell, saving floor space in the process.

Behind bed desk design

When space is a concern, designs get ingenious. Actually that’s not the only reason why this bed and desk combo is a great idea. The desk is an extension of the headboard and that works out well, keeping the two functions separate and yet connected.

Black wire desk with a curved top

One of the defining characteristics for a certain type of modern furniture is the use of organic and fluid lines and shapes. A desk similar to this one has just the right amount of femininity to counterbalance the sleek metal frame.

Curved desk top

The same type of desk when used in combination with a curvaceous chair like this one can look pretty great. Both the chair and the desk have sleek metal frames and eclectic designs and the colors match nicely too.

Mid century desk with storage drawers

If storage is a priority, then consider a desk similar to this one. With so many hidden compartments and drawers you can easily keep your desk surface clean and tidy while everything is organized under the surface.

Victor desk table with a small wall for privacy

Desks are usually placed against the wall but that’s not always the case, especially in modern homes. That’s when a design like this one can come in very handy. This desk hasa sleek and stylish black border at the back and this accent detail matches the frame.

Bunk beds with desk under

A loft bed with a desk underneath is a pretty interesting idea. This combination is often seen in kids’ or teen’s rooms. It’s a great way to save floor space when the room is small. By raising the bed off the floor you make room underneath for something else and a workstation is a perfect fit.

Wall unit with built in desk

Another interesting way of combining two distinct functions can be seen here. The desk extends out of the wall unit and this seems like a pretty interesting option for the living room or any other space where you think you might be able to incorporate such a design.

White and gray desk

Designs like this one have become the icon of classical modern desks. The surface is compact, clean and simple and there’s enough storage underneath for things like a laptop, iPad, some documents and other personal things.

Corner desk and shelves above

A desk for two can fit nicely in the corner of the room. To prove this, check out this simple and modern design. The desks are placed perpendicularly to each other and they each have some storage shelves under the work surface. A small rolling cabinet is nicely tucked in the middle.

Multifunctional Table design

For home offices, larger desks are often better. Since you have a whole room at your disposal, even if may be small, you can afford to make the desk the focal point of the decor. So perhaps a design like this one would be a nice match for your home.

Tiny table used like desk

There are, of course, cases, when a tiny desk is required. A desk that can comfortably fit in the corner would be just right for someone who only occasionally uses their laptop. You could make the desk a part of your reading corner and use it as a side table when you’re not working.

Mid century dark wood desk

Writing desks seem to be trendy again. Their classical designs are being reinvented and applied to modern furniture pieces. A modern writing desk would fit nicely in a more formal and elegant decor.

Teenage desk area in bedroom

If you’re pretty serious about creating your own work station at home, then maybe you’d like to also add some separate storage units. A desk can be attached to a storage tower and the space above it can be filled with some geometric shelves.

Room with pegboard desk system - standing desk

A really ingenious and interesting idea is to have a desk or an entire workstation which you can fold flat when not needed. That would surely save you some valuable space. Maybe a set made of plywood could offer this option. Or consider this: a temporary desk made of recycled cardboard. There are tons of fun ideas when you let your imagination run wild.

White modern desk with pops of orange

In any case, regardless of the type of desk you choose for your modern home or office, keep in mind that accessories are also important. Always make sure you have plenty of light when you’re working. A desk lamp in this case would be the perfect accent piece.

Modern and stylish desk with a cool task lighting

When selecting a desk, pay attention to the material, finish, color, style and form and don’t neglect the little details. After all, those are the things that decide whether or not you’ll feel comfortable when using the desk.