15 Tips For An Efficient Environment For Working From Home

When you work from home there are advantages and disadvantages. It’s great because you get to wake up later since you don’t have to go to an office and it’s also nice to be able to take a break whenever you want and to also take care of some other things while working. But it can also be difficult because you’re not as productive as you would be in an office. But there are things that you can do to make sure you’re efficient and comfortable at the same time. Here are some tips that can help with that.

1. Get rid of all the distractions.

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It’s very difficult to focus on what you have to work on when you have a TV in the room or other things that can easily distract you. So get rid of all those things and create a professional work environment. This means no TV, no movies on the computer and no games. Remember that, even though you’re working from home, you’re still on the clock.

2. Have a comfortable chair.

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Whether you’re working from home or in an office, it’s important to feel comfortable. It’s why investing in a nice chair is always a good move. The chair needs to be comfortable, to offer you freedom of movement and to be adjustable in case you want to change your position.

3. Be organized.

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When your desk is full of items and when your work space is messy, it gets difficult to concentrate. It’s why you should make sure you keep everything organized. Create compartment, shelves and containers for all the things that need to be stored and get rid of all the things that don’t belong there. Try to separate what’s personal from what’s work-related.

4. Set a schedule.

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At first you might be tempted to be happy about the fact that you don’t have a fixed schedule and you get to wake up whenever you want. But, in fact, having a clear schedule is very helpful. It allows you to better concentrate and focus on what you have to do. So try to set up an alarm in the morning and to have as a goal finishing all your work until a certain time.

5. Get the cables and wires out of the way.

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Even if your desk is clean and tidy, if there are cables and wires sticking out everywhere, the view is not pleasant and the room will still seem messy. So try to find or to create a cable organizing system to get rid of all the clutter. Store everything in a drawer and arrange your chargers nicely.

6. Get some privacy.

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If you’re working from home and you’re living with your family or with friends, then you should make sure the door is closed before you start your daily schedule. This way there will be no distractions coming towards your and you’ll be able to better concentrate, maybe to listen to some music while working, etc.

7. Choose your location carefully.

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Before you get to set up your work area, think of where you feel most comfortable and where you think you would be most productive. Working from the bedroom can be nice because it’s relaxing and cozy but in the living room it would feel a little more formal. Of course, if you could have a separate home office then everything would be perfect.

8. Have good lighting.

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Lighting is very important when you’re working. If it’s not enough then you’ll have to put in more effort and you would feel uncomfortable but if it’s too bright then it’s not ok either. So get some shades on the window and a lamp on the desk.

9. Use artwork.

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Try to personalize your work space and to use artwork to make it feel more dynamic. This way you will be visually stimulated and this usually helps your creativity. Also, it will make your work space look beautiful. But it’s best to use simple designs that will only give you something to look at and not something to daydream about.

10. Organize your office supplies.

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you don’t need office supplies. It’s important to have all the things you need in stick so make sure that you replace the things you run out of. Organize all the supplied in a drawer in a cabinet.

11. Focus on the priorities.

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Each morning, try to organize everything you have to do that day according to importance. Start with the most important tasks and only after you have dealt with those take the time to focus on something less important. Also, don’t leave a task for the next day thinking that it’s simple anyway because it can become a bad habit.

12. Get dressed in the morning.

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It might sound silly, but even when you work from home you should take the time to get dressed in the morning. When you take a shower and get ready for work, your mind becomes aware of the important and sets you in a professional mood. It’s nice to sit in your pajamas all day but it’s not productive.

13. Take lunch breaks.

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If you were working in an office then you would have a lunch break every day. So what not have one when you work from home as well. By setting this schedule you become less inclined to take additional breaks and you get to focus more on your work. Also, the break will give your brain time to relax and this increases productivity.

14. Start your day with a pleasant activity.

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When you have to wake up every morning, to get dressed and to start working, it begins to feel like burden. IT’S why it’s important to start your day by doing something fun, something that you like. For me it’s watching an episode from one of my favorite shows. It could also be having coffee with your partner or with a friend.

15. Add some freshness to your desk.

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Even if you don’t necessarily like plants, you have to admit that they add cheer to a room and they make it feel more alive. So having a small plant on your desk can be a great idea. It’s not big enough to filter the air but it makes the atmosphere feel fresh.

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