11 DIY Yarn Crafts That Add Charm To The House

I never realized it but yarn is extremely versatile. It’s a great thing to use for DIY projects. You can use it to make decorative items and ornaments, to give a makeover to one of your home’s accessories or to simply personalize some items. There are lots of interesting projects that you can do using yarn. Here are some of them:

DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles.

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One of the things you can create using yarn is a beautiful vase for your floral arrangements. To make the vase you’ll only need a glass bottle, yarn and glue. Start at the top of the bottle and apply some glue just under the edge. Place the yarn into the glue and then start wrapping. Keep applying glue and yarn until you reach the bottom. Snip the end and your vase is done.{found on weddingchicks}.

Unique party table decor.

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A similar technique can be used if you want to give your cutlery a more original look. It’s a very simple process. Apply a little bit of glue and then just wrap the yarn. You can use one color or multiple colors and you can create your own design. It’s not exactly practical, especially when you’ll have to wash everything, but it’s a nice idea for a special occasion.

Yarn wrapped letters.

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Monograms and initials are simple and chic ways of decorating your home. Today we’re going to show you how to make yarn-wrapped letters. You’ll need block letters, yarn and scissors. Begin wrapping the letter with yarn. You can start horizontally at first and then continue. It can also be helpful to start with the more difficult area. When you’re wrapping, make sure that the criss-cross sections are on the back side. Tie the yarn on the back and snip off the extra.{found on letbirdsflyblog}.

Yarn lampshade.

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If you want, you can also use yarn to give your home accessories a makeover. For example, you could start with a lampshade. You should have yarn, a glue gun and scissors. Start at the top and start wrapping. You can use more than one color and you can create all sorts of designs and patterns. Try to maintain a clean look. When you reach the bottom, cut off the excess yarn and make sure there’s enough glue to keep it in place.{found on filthymuggle}.

Ombre triangle.

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If you use your imagination, you’ll see that you can come up with numerous projects using simple household items. For example, you can make an inspiration board or something similar using nothing but cloth hangers and yarn. Wrap the hangers with yarn. Use a little bit of glue to keep the ends in place. Attach them one to anther using yarn as well and then hang the one at the top on the wall. Use clothespins to add photos, cards, etc.{found on leonalance}.

Yarn Wrapped Storage Tin.

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It’s great to be organized and to have a clean and neat workspace. But, in order for that to be possible, you need lots of storage spaces and containers. Those that either have to sit on the desk or in plain view should also look nice. So here’s how you can use yarn to make a tin beautiful. You’ll need an old tin, yarn, glue and scissors. Put some glue on the exterior of the tin and start wrapping the yarn at the bottom. Wrap it tightly and change colors if you want. When you reach the top, tuck the end of the yarn underneath the wrap.{found on mega}.

DIY yarn-wrapped canvas.

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If you prefer a project that’s a little more substantial, maybe you should take a look at this one. It’s a yarn-wrapped canvas, a nice decorative element for your home’s décor. It can actually be considered a piece of art. To make one you only need a canvas, yarn and scissors. Use multiple colors and create personalized designs and patterns. Start and finish with a knot for each color.{found on seejaneblog}.

Yarn wrapped wreath.

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As we’ve already mentioned, wreaths are wonderful decorations for the house and they can be made out of almost anything. Now we’re going to show how to make a yarn wreath. You’ll need a straw wreath with plastic wrapping on it. Then you’ll have to start wrapping yarn around the wreath. You can use one or several colors. Then make a few felt flowers to decorate the wreath with. Glue them on and you’re done.{found on site}.

Yarn lighting sphere.

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Believe it or not, this exquisite pendant lamp is something that you can make by yourself. For the project you’ll need a medium-sized beach ball, a bowl, Vaseline, yarn, glue, corn starch, water, newspaper and spray paint or adhesive. Mix the glue, the water and the cornstarch and then coat the yarn in the glue mixture. Start wrapping the yarn around the ball. It can be a random pattern. Then put it aside for 24 hours. Poke some holes in the ball and remove it through the opening at the bottom. Add a coat of spray paint and your project is complete.

Love yarn letters.

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This is a project similar to one we’ve already presented you but it’s been adapted to suit a theme. These love letters can be a nice gesture for Valentine’s Day or simply a romantic decoration for the house. You’ll need several shades of color for your yarn. Use glue to keep it in place and start at the top. Continue until the whole in wrapped in yarn and keep the knots on the back.{found on sisters blog}.

Nail and yarn wall art.

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It’s not easy to make a space feel like home but you can try to make it feel welcoming and cozy with the help of decorations and accessories. This “home sweet home” project would be a perfect choice. It’s a beautiful example of string art. To make something similar you’ll need lots of yarn and string. You can use a different color for each letter or a single color for all of them if you want to maintain an cohesive look.{found on jenloveskev}.