How To Refresh Your Winter Home Office

Now that it’s winter, we are all wanting to spend less time in the cold and more time in our homes. Your home office can often lack personality and color. Under normal home office settings, the colors you would always find are silver, black, grays and white which mainly make up the colors of the home office electronics. These colors can actually be boring, especially during the winter. There are several ways through which you can refresh your winter home office, apart from the use of bright and motivating colors. The ideas listed below are winners in the winter period.

home office view
Home office idea – let in more natural light

Use of Winter-Friendly Fabrics and Textiles:

These are mostly utilized in the throw pillows, window treatments and office furniture like chairs. You can even use bright and textured fabrics as coverings for your walls during the winter. Using singular contrasting shades work better in this case. Don’t go for overbearing colors so that you don’t jeopardize your chances of refreshing and at the same time, enjoying your winter home office. You can also combine colors for the cushion fabric. Opting for a combination of a bold color and a subtle color makes a great difference.

winter home office
Winter home office – bring in colorful textiles

Refreshing your Traditional Home Office:

Since your traditional home office has little to do with color transformation, there are lots of other ways through which you can refresh your traditional home office. Adding a fireplace is very important in keeping the space warm and inviting. You can also go a step further to re-polish the wood and add a couple of fresh flower pots in a conspicuous corner.

traditional home office
Traditional home office ideas- rich colors and finishes
winter office shared
Use neutral tones for a welcoming office for two

Add Fresh Flowers and Plants:

Researches have shown that plants and flowers have a unique way of adding color splashes to your home office. Since they come in various sizes, styles and colors, there will always be plants and flowers to you’re your needs. Since the winter is usually boring, having plants and flowers in the interiors help to enliven every space in the home, including your office. There are even air-purifying plants that are both functional and visually appealing. A hanging basket of flowers by the window of your home office or a pot of flower on your desk might just do the trick.

flowers home office
Add color to your home office with plants

These are just a few of the ideas that will help you to refresh your winter home office for more productivity. You can also diversify by going for organization files folders with pretty colors. You can always get these from the local home office supply stores. Go ahead and have fun in your winter home office.

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