Make Your Workplace More Appealing with These Office Furniture Ideas

Let’s face it: Some weeks it feels like more time is spent at work than anywhere else. Whether you’re working from a dedicated office space in your home or running a small business, the style and feel of the office can have a big impact on mood and even on productivity! Maybe the selection is not as expansive as what is available in home decor, but office furniture types have really changed over the years to reflect a range of styles. If it’s time to set up a new office or change-up an existing one, look for something that’s not just comfortable and efficient but that also offers more style than the average cubicle. Take a look at these furniture ideas for the office:

Adjustable desks allow for sitting or standing.View in gallery
Adjustable desks allow for sitting or standing.

As office workers try to combat the negative effects of sitting for long periods, standing desks have become increasingly popular. This modern white desk can accommodate both standing and sitting with its adjustable telescoping legs. In addition, the chair goes up high enough to sit at the taller desk as well. Having pieces that adjust mean that its easy to switch from standing to sitting and that a separate unit for standing up is not required.

Cubicle-style workstations don't have to be fully enclosed.View in gallery
Cubicle-style workstations don’t have to be fully enclosed.

A more cubicle-like setting doesn’t have to be generic and boring. Creating a space that offers some privacy but is not entirely cubed in offers more opportunities to add stylish elements. Here, an office space combines a number of great office furniture ideas. The sleek desk has a modern style and is open underneath, while the low barrier offers some privacy without feeling confined. To the side, the space is bounded by stylish low wooden shelving, which adds to the more open feeling. A tall chair with a more comfortable design also elevates the look.

Multiple finishes make basic furniture more stylish.View in gallery
Multiple finishes make basic furniture more stylish.

If the space requires a more traditional office layout, opt for a coordinated set that offers mixed materials. Having different finishes helps the office seem a little less cookie-cutter or like it came out of a box from the office supply store. Moreover, a desk that has an extension offers more space to spread out papers and the matching credenza area on the back adds even more staging space for projects when needed.

Well-styled shelving makes a very big difference.View in gallery
Well-styled shelving makes a very big difference.

Unique wall shelving units can add a completely different vibe to an office space. Artfully arranged with books, storage containers and some plants, the shelving makes the room feel more relaxed and upscale than a row of filing cabinets or a blank wall would. In this type of setting, visitors will feel more at ease and the person working there can be more focused and productive

A glass desk is a chic office furniture idea.View in gallery
A glass desk is a chic office furniture idea.

If it fits with your work style, there’s nothing chicer than a glass desk. The glass opens up the area and makes it seem larger, allowing light to filter through the whole room. It also helps put the focus on the base of the desk, which here is a modern, slightly industrial configuration. Theoretically, a glass desk tends to help the user keep it tidy in order to maintain the appearance. In the end, a glass desk also conveys more than just an effortless sense of style: They channel a vibe of confidence and self-assurance and that’s a good thing in any setting!

Industrial style is fitting for a high-tech environment.View in gallery
Industrial style is fitting for a high-tech environment.

Industrial style is another great option for distinctive office furniture ideas. A rugged looking set that includes a desk, shelving and a portable cart is ideal for an office that has a technical focus.  The metal pieces with large, decorative perforations are a solid base for decorating the room to be more high tech.  The modern, shiny stool is a good example of how including an artful seat or chair can elevate the basic design of the other furniture.

Subtle visual dividers are ideal for open plan workspaces.View in gallery
Subtle visual dividers are ideal for open plan workspaces.

If the office has an open floor plan without strictly defined workspaces, there’s still plenty of room for stylish furnishings.  A large conference-sized table can accommodate multiple workstations with the computer monitors installed back-to-back. This arrangement leaves plenty of workspace in front of the monitor and is ideal for a largely digital workplace. Unobtrusive but still effective, slatted wooden dividers between the two sides of the table offer a visual and emotional screen, but still allow for communication when necessary.

Seating space is necessary for employees as well as visitors.View in gallery
Seating space is necessary for employees as well as visitors.

Whether it’s in an individual office or an open space, a workplace needs a seating area for visitors and employees to sit for meetings or discussions. Whenever possible, a sofa is a great choice because it forms a connection and helps engage the people who sit there more than two chairs would do. A coffee table is helpful for serving beverages or setting out materials. A fabulous mid-century style is professional yet comfortable and versatile.

Open meeting areas should be welcoming.View in gallery
Open meeting areas should be welcoming.

Where there’s a large waiting room or super spacious meeting area an arrangement that incorporates both chairs and a massive sectional creates a very cohesive space for a meeting. Even if there are just a few people involved in the session, the setting is very welcoming and comfortable — not to mention very attractive. Mixing the colors of upholstery adds more flair than if the pieces were all covered in a typical “office neutral” textile.

A flexible workstation can also serve as a small conference table.View in gallery
A flexible workstation can also serve as a small conference table.

If a conference table is more your style but space is tight, a desk that is open on two sides and can seat four people is a good alternative. The style is modern and clean, but most importantly, it can also serve as a regular desk as well as a meeting spot. While this is a workable option for smaller spaces, it also fits well into any office that needs flexible workspaces.

A wide variety of conference table styles is available.View in gallery
A wide variety of conference table styles is available.

For those workplaces that have the space for a separate meeting space, conference tables now come in a full range of styles, not just the standard office options. This table is a bit narrower and features super modern legs underneath that angle out from the center, making it more user-friendly by eliminating the dreaded table leg that gets in the way of a seat. Speaking of the seats, these are all stylish and high-backed, which is far more comfortable than many other styles. And, don’t overlook the lighting above the conference table. While the standard fluorescents provide adequate light, incorporating stylish fixtures that emit a warmer or more directed light will make a big difference in the mood of the room.

Fitting out a new office or just getting some new furnishings for an existing space — even if it’s a dedicated home office — is the ideal time to amp up the style factor. Don’t settle for big-box-store boring pieces. Choose something a little different that makes the office more comfortable and welcoming. Employees and customers will really appreciate the great environment.