Give Your Office A Clear And Chic Look With A Glass Top Desk

Glass tops, whether they’re part of a coffee table’s design or on a desk or dining table, always make that piece look interesting. A transparent glass top makes the base stand out more, even if it’s very simple in design. Glass tops also give the whole room a more transparent, clear and spacious look because they go almost unnoticed.

Glass top desk gold base

A small office or workspace could definitely use a desk with a glass top. This one, for example, has a very light and delicate design.{found on dwellingsbydevore}.

Interesting desk option curbed top glass

Although the desk is the main piece in this home office, it doesn’t have a big impact on the overall interior décor.

Glass top desk colorul rug

by studio ten25.

The area rug has an interesting and eye-catching design and. Thanks to the transparent glass top on this desk, it stands out even more instead of remaining hidden under the furniture.

Arched glass top desk

by Coles Hairston

This home office may be small but it feels spacious thanks to elements such as the windows, the mirrors and the glass top desk.

Tiny office glass top desk pink base

Bold neon colors need something to balance them out. In this case, the desk is transparent and has a simple and cheerful design.{found on europeanchicdesign}.

White desk for office

A very nice example of a contemporary home office interior featuring a simple and functional design. Even so, the décor is interesting thanks to the combinations of materials.

Midcentury desk

by Adam Steiner

The design of this room is very nicely balanced. The subtle lighting emphasizes the elegance of the wooden furniture and the glass walls and glass desk make the room feel more open.

Electic office design

Personalize your home office with your choice of artwork and accessories. Allow them to become focal points by choosing furniture with simple designs.

Minimalist desk red accent chair

by Cardenas+Kriz design studio

In a modern décor like this one, using color to your advantage is a great idea. The red chair is the single focal point while the white walls, floor and the desk with transparent top create the perfect background.

Green accent wall for office glass top desk

by Alykhan Velji Design

Wallpaper is also a way of personalizing a space such as a home office. But if you choose a bold design, keep the rest of the décor simple and transparent.