Try Out Some of These Home Decorating Ideas for a Fresh Look

The itch to redecorate can hit at any time: The need to freshen up a space with new home decor ideas and make it feel different, special or more organized often pops up when things have been the same for a long time. Maybe tastes have changed and the room’s decor is no longer so appealing. Changing things up is also a fun thing to do. Adding a new element like a light fixture, rug, accessories or even furniture bring liveliness to a room and make it more enjoyable to spend time there. Not sure what’s new and what decor ideas might work best? Take a look at these home decor ideas to see what might spark some ideas.

Add Edgy Lighting

A little decor edginess livens up a contemporary space.View in gallery
A little decor edginess livens up a contemporary space.

The days of strict style rules are long gone, so mixing decor types is perfectly acceptable. In fact, rooms that stick to a script can get a little predictable and border on boring. This contemporary space already has some mixed elements like the two type of chairs and an overall soft feeling. Installing edgy lighting above the dining area adds unexpected flair. The industrial capsule pendants add a metallic element and are just offbeat enough.

Make Decorative Walls Dramatic

Opulent looking wall panels are very dramatic.View in gallery
Opulent looking wall panels are very dramatic.

This very glam living room has a clearly defined Art Deco style that would be obvious even without the bright turquoise wall panels. Incorporating colorful wall accents emphasizes any decor style and can be done at many different price levels. If opulent custom panels are not an option, many new wallcoverings are available that can achieve the same thing. In fact, renters can also do this with new temporary removable peel-and-stick wall coverings. Art Deco not your thing? New wallcovering panels are available to complement whatever style you prefer, making it a versatile home decorating idea.

Amp Up the Lights

Using chandeliers in unexpected locations is eye-catching.View in gallery
Using chandeliers in unexpected locations is eye-catching.

Chandeliers are standard fare for over-the-table lighting, but by installing one in the middle of the living room it will make it turn heads. A sprawling fixture with multiple arms and globes focuses attention on the center of the room and upward. This tactic works well here because the ceiling is high and all of the furniture has a low profile. A space with clean lines and large expanses of walls or windows are ideal for making a chandelier the centerpiece. This is one of the home decorating ideas that can make a really big impact in a space.

Try Slipcover Style

Slipcovers don't have to be stodgy.View in gallery
Slipcovers don’t have to be stodgy.

Slipcovers are one of the home decorating ideas that sometimes get a bad rap, but they can be very stylish and make it much more affordable to get a achieve a big change. This sofa and chair ensemble are originally made in a slipcover style, but they show how fresh they can look. Choosing a textile that has a pattern and some texture draws attention away from the fact that the pieces have slipcovers. Fabric that is neutral with texture helps slipcovers work in almost any color palette.

Spotlight a Floor Lamp

Floor lamps are an often-overlooked element.View in gallery
Floor lamps are an often-overlooked element.

This space already has so much going for it like a neutral gray sofa, graphic accent pillows and a large gallery wall. Adding a floor lamp that lights up a spot at the end of the sofa adds another dimension and illustrates how important different types of lighting are. The room feels tall and there’s plenty of light, but the lamp adds much-needed warmth and brings in a cozy feeling. Floor lamps are a versatile home decorating idea that focuses attention on a spot and make a large space feel less cavernous.

Go Graphic

Graphic accents add personality to a room.View in gallery
Graphic accents add personality to a room.

This is another space that is already comfortable, organized and pleasant. Sometimes, a room just needs some personality to make it feel special and memorable. By adding a graphic to the coffee table it adds an unexpected element and makes the table seem like it was repurposed. Adding graphic phrases and words to a room make guests stop and think, plus, repurposed pieces always have a backstory so they can be a conversation piece. A little DIY project with an old beat-up piece of furniture can give it new life and ad interest to a room at the same time.

Add Modern Shelving — Anywhere

Modern shelving literally works anywhere.View in gallery
Modern shelving literally works anywhere.

Adding modern shelving to other styles of decor is among the more radical home decorating ideas. Clearly, this room is decorated in opulent style, with its grand lighting, spectacular table and embellished decor. The shelving unit, however, is decidedly minimalist in nature. It has plenty of cubbies and the lack of doors, hardware or a consistent layout emphasize an eclectic feeling. This kind of shelving would be a fresh addition to any style of decor, especially in all white, which introduces a clean slate to showcase whatever is displayed on the shelves.

Incorporate Weathered Leather

Quality weathered leather has plenty of personality.View in gallery
Quality weathered leather has plenty of personality.

A classic armchair upholstered in leather is always a good home decorating idea, and when it features weathered leather, it adds warmth and a comfortable vibe. The imperfections in natural leather are part of the beauty of the material and aged versions make the chair feel like a long-time favorite. When choosing leather furniture, opt for real leather which offers decades of use and steer clear of bonded leather, which can deteriorate within just a year or two.

Create a Sitting Area

Seating areas are cozy and functional.View in gallery
Seating areas are cozy and functional.

If the room doesn’t already have one, create a sitting area for reading and relaxing. If space is available, a chair and ottoman are a classic choice, but if not, an armchair and small occasional table will do. Having a defined seating space adds function and gives a room a totally new look. Moreover, this really can add to the enjoyment of a space.

Go for Baroque

Baroque style is ideal for the bedroom.View in gallery
Baroque style is ideal for the bedroom.

The bedroom is a prime space for fans of the baroque style. Because it’s a private retreat, it can be as opulent and embellished as your heart desires, even if the rest of the house is not. To transform a bedroom, start with a glamorously decorated headboard because it has the most impact.  Next, try adding a gilded nightstand with plenty of flourishes. Follow up with a wallcovering that adds even more texture to the room. Even if it’s not possible to redo the entire space, adding layers of baroque elements over time means that the room is constantly being updated.

Use Mirrors as Art

Home decor with pink accents for toddlerView in gallery
Mirrors can be used as dramatic wall accents.

The first reaction to home decorating ideas for a wall might be art, but in a soothing space with a muted palette, something a little more understated is a good option. Here, dual mirrors with beveled edges resembling a frame serve as wall accents. They’re ideal because they reflect all the other elements in the room as well as the accent wall on the other side. Mirrors work in many places because they can liven up a wall without introducing additional colors — perfect for monochromatic color schemes too.

Pamper Your Princess

A princess-themed bedroom is easy to do.View in gallery
A princess-themed bedroom is easy to do.

Children like to have a new space just as much as adults do. Moreover, lots of children would jump at the chance to have a regal bedroom, but all new fancy furnishings are not always in the cards. It’s not too hard to create a space that feels like a bedroom tailor-made for a princess. Transform a day bed by adding a draped curtain topped with a crown shape, with or without a light. Hang art and embellishments that feature crowns in the room and keep the colors soft.

Have some ideas now? With enough planning and creativity, it’s possible to redecorate without breaking the bank. Many home decor ideas can be recreated at different price levels depending on what the end goal is.  Try it out and see what a difference some of these ideas can make.