16 DIY Wall Planters Teach You How To Greenify Your Home

Indoor planters and gardens are an excellent method that allows us to add some green to our homes. Planters can be displayed in a lot of different ways. The big ones usually occupy the floor while the small ones offer more freedom. Wall planters are space-efficient, allowing us to free up floor space and to decorate the walls, creating interesting and eye-catching focal points.

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We’ll start with something small: a pocket wall planter for succulents and tiny plants. To make them look as lovely as shown on Knowhowshedoesit you’ll need galvanized steel chicken wire, 28 gauge steel galvanized wire, metal snip pliers, liner for the interior and some succulents. Start by cutting a 10” by 10” square of chicken wire and bend three of the corners inside and fasten them together with steel wire. Fill the pocket with liner and then just plant the succulents inside.

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It’s easier to buy planters instead of making them and just find a way to hang them on a wall. A nice idea for a wall hanging system for planters is described on Lanaredstudio. It’s made of steel mesh and can be attached to a wall or used as a room divider. It can be decorated and customized in a lot of different ways. The suggestion offered here is to keep the design minimal and only add a touch of color either with paint or colored cord.

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If you want a wall hanging system that’s simple and versatile, check out the design featured on hellolidy. You can make one just as beautiful out of wire mesh. You’ll also need some spray paint so you can give it a nice color, some wall anchors, open eye hooks and containers for the plants. Secure the wire mesh to the wall with hooks and then just hang a few planters at different heights.

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The hanging herb garden design featured on Marysmaking is a little bit different from the two described so far. This one is made of wood and was created as an accessory for the kitchen. The idea is wonderful, since always having fresh herbs to cook with is definitely great. You can make something similar out of a pallet. The project would be simple and would only require a few modifications. You’ll have to make pockets but these can be easily crafted out of wire and liner or plywood or cardboard.

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Industrial designs are usually very easy to do at home. For example, you can build something out of PVC pipes. It could look like the hanging planter we found on Craftbits. The supplies required include PVC piping, metallic copper spray paint, large nails, elbow fittings, crosses, a valve, a hammer and small plants or seeds as well as some soil. Cut the pipe into pieces and start assembling the whole thing. When you’re happy with the shape, spray paint the pipes, add the valve and the plants.

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The trellis planter wall can be adapted and customized in a lot of ways. You could even use the idea to decorate an entire building or the facade of your home. But let’s focus on the basics for now. First of all, measure the wall you want to use for this project. Divide the width in three sections. Then cut thin boards into pieces so you can make the diamond pattern. Use tape and temporary nails to secure the lattice to the wall and then add the finishing nails. Then find a way to hang the pots. The leather straps featured on Vintagerevivals are a stylish option.

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Want something a bit more solid? Then perhaps you’ll like the idea of concrete planters which you can display on the wall. The modular planters featured on Apieceofrainbow are perfect. They’re all shaped like equilateral triangles and this allows them to be rearranged in a variety of ways. To make similar concrete planters you’ll need concrete mix, cardboard for the molds, a template, glue and tape. Make the cardboard molds and pour concrete in them. Let it harden and then remove the molds. Sand the planters and paint the edges if you want.

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A similar project was featured on 17apart. The vertical succulent garden shown here is pretty easy to make as well. In this particular case, the top of an Ikea Lack table was used but you can use any wood board you can find. You’ll also need paint, chain and a sonotube. The sonotube is basically just a large cardboard tube used to make concrete columns. Cut a few small sections of the tube and arrange them on the board. Don’t forget the wire mesh backing. Check out the full tutorial for more detailed information.

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Not everyone wants to fill their home with plants. In some cases, a single wall planter is enough. The design idea offered on Themerrythought allows you to beautifully display as many planters as you want, each in its own beautiful shell. The materials needed for a single planter include three pieces of birch plywood, wood glue, a saw, a drill, nails and a hammer. Cut a 30 degree angle on one end of each board, measure the piece and then do the same thing for the other end. Cut three of these boards and use them to make a triangular frame. In one of them, cut a hole at the center big enough for a pot to fit in without falling through.

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Another lovely option is to make pocket wall planters out of air dry clay. Here’s what you’ll need for this crafty project: air dry clay (any color you want), a rolling pin, canvas, an x-acto knife, a ceramic pin tool, sandpaper, paint, tissue paper and a small sponge. First make a template in the shape you want the planter to have (a piece for the back and one for the front. Roll out two balls of clay and cut out the template shapes. Make score marks along the edges that will meet, attach a coil to the scored area and add a little water to the clay. Score the top of the coil too. Cut a piece of paper to cover the exposed clay inside and attach the two pieces together. Smooth the edges and let the clay dry. Then paint it. {found on designlovefest}.

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The hexagon-shaped wall planters described on Lovecreatecelebrate look really chic and ideal for modern decors. If you want to build them for your own home, you’ll need plywood, wood boards, glass jars, wood stain, wood glue, a nail gun, putty, a saw, a drill and backing to hang the planters. Make the boxes big enough to comfortably hold a glass jar inside. The dimensions can be adapted according to the type of jar you want to use.

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When working with succulents you have more freedom than with other plants. They’re easy to work with and to maintain. You can even put them in letter-shaped planters like the ones on Houseandfig. The project requires letter frames which you can either build yourself or buy. Once you have the frame, take some moss and soak it with water. Then focus on the succulents, carefully separating them into small pieces. Fill the frame with moss and then stick each succulent in, gently pushing the roots in the opening you’ve made.

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Air plants are even easier to work with than succulents. You could even use them to make air plant string art as shown on Brit. Here are the materials you’ll need: a wooden board, colored string, small nails, a hammer, scissors and air plants. Draw a design on the board and mark where the nails will go. Then hammer the nails into the board. Starting in a corner, tie the string to one nail and start wrapping it to make a pattern. Then just stick the plants through the string.

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For small plants or herbs, you can build a wall planter similar to the one on Rogueengineer. The project requires a drill, a saw, cedar boards, screws and nails. The design is simple. You need a large board for the back side, three for the fronts of the pockets and six small triangles for their sides. Secure all the pieces together and then you’ll be able to add soil and plants inside. You can use liner inside the pockets to protect the wood.

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Classical pots can be displayed in a lot of beautiful ways as well. A good example of a stylish vertical planter can be found on Shanty-2-chic. Each pot sits on a different level and they each have their own spot. You can easily build such a hanging system out of some wood boards. You can stain or paint them to give the planter the look you want. Each front panel could have a different color for example.

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Then there’s also the option of using a pallet. Given the incredible versatility of wood pallets, it’s no wonder they’re excellent for such projects too. You can find a detailed tutorial on Secondchancetodream. The supplies needed include a pallet, paint, clamps, pots, soil, herbs and screws.