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The Girls Room Decor – 10 Tips To Help You On The Way

Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess so you’d think it must be easy to decorate their room. Well, you’d be very wrong.

girls room decor

It’s not all pink and unicorns, especially when you’re trying to be practical. But with a little help and some clear ideas of what you’re trying to achieve you should be just fine.

What Key Items Does a Girl’s Room Decor Have?

While decorating a girl’s bedroom is a matter of personal taste, there are a few things that are almost mandatory for proper comfort and organization. We’ve put together a list of key items for your girl’s room decor, while taking into account the various needs that your daughter may have depending on her age. 

What Key Items Does a Girl’s Room Decor Have?

Night light

If your girl has trouble sleeping in the dark, invest in a night light that emits soft, soothing light to help them relax. It’s also useful for children who wake up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or get something to drink because it helps their eyes adjust to the darkness better.

Floor pillow

Any time you walk into your room and see a nice and comfortable floor chair, you’ll instantly feel better. In the event that you have visitors and don’t want them sitting on your child’s bed, a floor chair will be useful. It’s also possible to spend the entire day at home relaxing in a floor chair.

Make-up and skincare organizer

You can keep your girl’s dressing table and bedroom tidy to avoid becoming irritated by a cluttered environment. Use a makeup organizer to store all of their cosmetics so they won’t have to waste time digging through drawers for a lost item.

Their skin will appreciate you for correctly storing their skincare items. Skincare organizers help prevent dust from landing on their products, which can lead to breakouts when they touch their face.

LED mirror

Girls often love spending time looking in the mirror, especially when putting make-up on. An LED mirror is a great addition to a girl’s room decor because it offers a reflective and well-lit product that saves them a lot of bathroom trips.

String lights

Nothing sets the ambiance in the room quite like a proper set of string lights. Whether they’re placed on a headboard, hung around the edges of the ceiling, whether they emit warm white or colorful lights, you can’t really go wrong with string lights in a girl’s bedroom.

What Are Some Popular Colors for Girl’s Room Decor?

What Are Some Popular Colors for Girl’s Room Decor?

We’d like to start off this section by stating that each girl has her personal taste when it comes to colors, so pink might not be an option for everyone. However, we’d like to offer a few color suggestions that are known to work most of the time and will, hopefully, provide some inspiration for choosing a room color.


Because it’s cool, calming, and neutral, mint is a great hue to utilize in a variety of settings. This color breathes new life into any space, and it looks well with both light and dark walls, as well as dark wood or white furniture.


This popular color is quite adaptable, and you simply can’t go wrong with it. It works equally well with vibrant red and yellow tones as it does with subtle pastel hues.


Coral adds vigor and vitality to any area by fusing the vitality of orange with the delicate and feminine tint of pink. 


Yellow and its hues are an excellent choice for boys and girls alike. Yellow is vibrant and joyful, and it also helps your youngster stay focused while studying. 

Additionally, it is one of the most popular teenage bedroom color schemes.  Even more, you may blend yellow, which is a primary color, with practically any other color you can think of.


Green is a must-have color for a baby’s nursery. Green is both calming and energizing, so you’ll sleep well at night. A soothing shade of green is ideal for a baby’s room.

Walls and furniture should be painted in a range of green shades. You can infuse your daughter’s room with a soothing sense of nature by using green, gray, and brown together.

Using nature’s tones to soothe and soothe babies to sleep will be highly beneficial. Being in the presence of natural colours also makes us feel relaxed and happy because we are a part of nature.


Pink may be considered childish by some adolescent females. That is why you might use tones of purple rather than pink for teenage girls’ bedroom colors, such as lavender or lilac. Utilizing gray, white, and purple in conjunction with pink helps to keep the area natural and avoid being overbearing.

Tips for Decorating a Girl’s Bedroom

Integrate art

Tips for Decorating a Girl’s Bedroom

In comparison to more traditional living areas in your home, decorating a girl’s room can be a lot of fun if you use art. Even better, you don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate a girl’s walls with beautiful artwork.

Is your daughter a fan of any particular illustration or artist? Purchase an additional copy of a book featuring her favorite artwork and carefully cut out pages with an Exacto knife. They can be matted and framed for quick artwork.

Art is pervasive. You can frame a wonderful piece of wrapping paper, a stunning textile, or greeting cards to create fast artwork for a girl’s wall. Create a collage of her favorite photographs or create a unique wall hanging using embroidery.

Keep their age in mind

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Young females may be drawn to licensed characters (especially fairy tale or Disney characters). Other popular themes among many young ladies are animals and fairies.

Teenage girls may wish to avoid decorating with specific themes, believing them to be overly immature. For girls in upper elementary school, emphasize color and thematic elements such as castles, flowers, or gardens. 

Decorating for adolescent girls? Consider a more traditional decorating style that incorporates vibrant colors and motifs. For instance, a traditional teen girl’s bedroom may incorporate country farmhouse décor to create a cozy cottage atmosphere. 

Teens who are fashionable may prefer bold geometric patterns in brilliant colors to define their personal space.

Allow her to be creative

Allow her to be creative

There are a plethora of décor alternatives available to females of all ages. Whatever your daughter’s interests are, you should be able to discover decor that will satisfy both of you. 

Just keep in mind that you should incorporate your daughter’s input into the decorating process. A girl’s bedroom should be, first and foremost, a reflection of her personality, so always ask for her input. 

A Bunch of Girl’s Bedroom Decor Ideas

Decorate with pastels.

Girls bedroom room decor with pastels

Girls are cute and peaceful so their rooms should reflect that. Use pastel colors for the walls and ceiling. Even if you add a few brighter accents, the ambiance will still be serene and charming.

Include lots of storage.

Include lots of storage.

Even when they’re little, girls have a lot of stuff. Make sure there’s plenty of room to store everything so include lots of shelves, drawers and hidden compartments. Girls are also usually organized so they’ll appreciate this.

A cozy hanging chair.

girls bedroom room can include a hanging chair

Make the room feel cozy with a swing chair. Maybe you can fit one in a corner, by the window, so your little princess can relax and cozy up while admiring the views.

Touches of pink.

Touches of pink.

Even if pink is not the main color, you want the room to look girly so you’ll need to include a few pink accents. They can come in the form of a breezy canopy for the bed, a cute area rug or a lovely chandelier.

Ceiling décor.

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Don’t ignore the ceiling. It too is part of the room’s décor. Instead of painting the walls a cheery color you can choose to make the ceiling stand out with some bold stripes or something equally simple to achieve.

A cute little tent.

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Girls like tents too. In fact, they love to cuddle up inside with their toys and play or take a nap. You can make a cute little tent yourself. It’s not hard at all. Just build the frame and cover it with fabric.

Give a girl some privacy.

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When they’re little, kids love to hide and when they grow up they start to appreciate that privacy for other reasons too. You can put up curtains to frame the bed or make a private window nook for your little girl to enjoy.

A clean and fresh room.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Try to keep the room as clean and simple as possible. You can limit the furniture to the basics such as the bed and a dresser and make the room feel cozy even without all the extra elements.

Cute wall art.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Don’t forget to decorate the walls. We really like these “laugh” and “love” framed accents and how they match the mirror above the bed. They’re simple but they stand out.

Long curtains.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Curtains give a room a feminine look, especially if they feature a color such as coral or some kind of pastel. Put up long curtains on the windows and you can even install ceiling curtains for the bed.

A fresh aqua theme.

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Pink is not the only color that could make a girl’s bedroom look lovely. Something totally different like aqua or turquoise could look really cool as well. You can combine a few shades of blue with white to create a bright and clean décor and add a few soft pastels as well for a bit of warmth. {image from jacinteriors}.

Play with patterns.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Bright and cheerful colors can definitely to make the room look lovely but patterns can have a similar effect as well. You can introduce a few interesting prints and patterns into the décor through things like artwork on the walls, a rug, accent furniture and of course the bedding and pillows too.{found on legacycdm}.

Soft colors.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

When decorating a girl’s bedroom a great idea can also be to limit the color palette to a few soft pastels and neutral tones like beige and grey. White is also a great main color as well. This sort of colors can give the room a relaxing and bohemian look.{image from provantidesigns}.

A vibrant décor.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Speaking of color palettes, this combination of bold and bright nuances definitely stands out. They go really well with all the different geometric shapes and patterns as well as the different textures used throughout the room. The bold colors are concentrated mostly on the play area, allowing the sleeping area to be a bit more toned down and relaxing.{image from hollubhomes}.

Simple and sophisticated.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

When it comes to bedrooms of all kinds it’s actually the neutral colors that are most popular. That’s because they’re the most versatile and can be very soothing. You can use shades like white, ivory and beige to create a beautiful girl’s bedroom that will look chic and sophisticated for years to come.{image from laurenevansinteriors}.

A canopy bed.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Canopy beds are very popular in girls’ bedrooms because they look very stylish and sophisticated. Some have solid wood frames and others like this one are very sleek and slender. The frame alone look quite interesting even without curtains.{found on feeneybryant}.

A cozy window nook.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

This is such a lovely idea not just for a girl’s bedroom but any home in general. Creating a cozy window nook is very easy and works even better when the window is close to the corner of the room. You can fit a comfy armchair in the corner with a reading lamp next to it and that would be enough.{image from laurafoxinteriordesign}.

Bold wallpaper.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

We sometimes tend to forget that wallpaper is an option when decorating the walls of a room. Wallpaper comes in lots and lots of different styles with all sorts of interesting patterns. Try something colorful and bold for your little girl’s bedroom to give it a cheerful look. {image from modclair}.

Light wood accents.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

You might be wondering what type of floor would suit a girl’s bedroom best. One nice option is to have a light wood floor peeking from beneath an area rug, just enough to add some warmth to the room without being too plain and simple. You can also add more wood accents elsewhere in the room.{ found on chango}.

Magenta details.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

If you’re not a fan of the soft pink and other colors that seem just a bit too girly, how about magenta instead? It’s bold and can look really cool in combination with white and other neutrals. Use it to create focal points throughout the room. {image from kbwinteriors}.

Cute furniture ideas for teenage room

Andre Sleigh Bed

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

All these nice design ideas won’t really work unless you can find the right furniture pieces and decorations. Luckily, there’s plenty of options. The Andre sleight bed for example is really nice because it’s simple but also has all sorts of details that give it character. It has a traditional aesthetic and is made of solid rubberwood with a neutral white finish.

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Schmid Twin Low Loft Bed

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Another interesting idea is to have a loft bed as a way to save some space and make the most of a small room. The Schmid loft bed has a fun design, with a slide and a chalkboard built into the frame. It also leaves an open space underneath that can be used for storage or play.

Shyann Staircase Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

The Shyann bunk bed is very space-efficient as well. It allows two beds the space of one and it has a very convenient and practical design. It features a trundle at the bottom which adds space for another mattress in case friends want to sleepover. There’s also a staircase on the side with a guardrail and built-in shelves.

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Schoonmaker Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

There are also more playful designs like that of the Schoonmaker bunk bed. It’s shaped like a little house, with a cute gable roof, windows and everything. It features a white and magenta color combination and it basically turns the bedroom into a playroom during the day.

Monarch Hill Wren Bed

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

For the simpler and less playful bedroom decors, something like this could actually work out perfectly. The Monarch Hill Wren bed has a simple and versatile design that would look cool in girl’s bedroom but also in a guest room for instance. The frame is made of steel and comes in three finish options: white, black and gold.

Adamek Panel Bed

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

The Adamek bed would fit perfectly in a girl’s bedroom decorated with pink and pastel accents. The light pink version would blend in nicely and the hot pink and purple versions would stand out and could look cool in a more vibrant décor.

Offerman Panel Configurable Bedroom Set

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

If you’re looking for a bed that looks a bit more sophisticated but still delicate and fit for a lovely girl’s bedroom, consider a design a bit more traditional or retro. The Offerman bed is a great option. It’s part of a bedroom set that features elegant details like decorative panels, trims and stylish hardware and it’s perfect for a little princess.

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Tsavag Twin Canopy Configurable Bedroom Set

Another cool centerpiece for a little princess bedroom would be the Tsavag canopy bed. It features a stylish metal frame with an intricate decorative design and a beautiful canopy that’s reminiscent of an antique carriage. It’s a perfect Cinderella bed, so delicate and sophisticated. The rest of the collection shares a similar aesthetic.