15 DIYs to Dress Up Your Coffee Table for Christmas

Why does the coffee table seem so hard to decorate at Christmas when it’s so easy the rest of the year? In the Spring, it holds vases of lovely blooms. In the Summer, it displays all of your best metallic bits and baubles. In the Fall, it boasts a slew of brightly colored leaves. But at Christmas? You can’t very well put a full size tree on your coffee table. Wreaths are usually too bulky and there is no place to plug in lights. Time to think smaller, but that doesn’t mean we’re thinking any less grand. Take a look at these 15 DIYs that will have your coffee table looking her best for Christmas.

DIY patterned paper trees

Fair warning, you will see a lot of miniature trees in this post. But being Christmas, it’s totally acceptable. These minimal trees are printed out on thick paper and cut into triangles before being stuck together. They’re a great option for a coffee table where things are always moving around. (via Persia Lou)

DIY pinecone candle holder

Flickering candles have been a part of Christmas for who knows how long. Glue some pinecones from your backyard and a pretty votive holder to a piece of wood for a candle holder that you can display all Winter long. (via Ela Bella World)

DIY snow globes

If you have children in your home, you’ll definitely want to make these snow globes. The older ones can help you put them together while the younger ones will be drawn to them when they’re on your coffee table. (via Boulder Locavore)

DIY hazelnut balls

Looking for a modern yet frugal DIY for your Christmas coffee table? This project is for you. With your glue gun, a few styrofoam balls and some hazelnuts, you can create these natural looking balls to sit among your other coffee table pieces. (via Sustain My Craft Habit)

DIY Entertaining by The Sweetest Occasion

Who says flowers are out this Christmas? By making this gold glittery vase, any floral bunch you place in it will seem appropriate for Christmas. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

DIY ombre ruffle tree

How about a mini Christmas tree made from tissue paper? Especially in it’s ombre hue, it will bring a chic and feminine look to your coffee table, no matter what color you choose. (via A Sweet Afternoon)

DIY geo candle holder

This simple geometric candle holder is made from clay and paint. If you’re trying to achieve a simpler, more Scandinavian Christmas, this is the DIY you must make immediately. (via The Crafty Gentleman)

Christmas Coasters DIY

Not all decor must be frivolous. These coasters were made by gluing photos and glitter onto ceramic tiles. Not only will they bring some cheer to your coffee table, they will keep it safe from all your mugs of hot chocolate. (via Freutcake)

DIY christmas cloches

Cloches have been in style for some time so you probably have a little sit somewhere in your home. Turn them into Christmas village bubbles with bottlebrush trees and small buildings. Don’t forget the twinkly lights. (via A Beautiful Mess)

DIY tinsel trees

Whether you are a tinsel family or not, you’ll want to be one just for the sake of these trees. It’s as simple as glue, tinsel and paper cones and you can have these beauties on your coffee table in no time. (via A Bubbly Life)

DIY wooden letters

These little letter blocks are so festive and filled with opportunity. Not only can you create words for decorative purposes, those little blocks will serve for entertainment for guests and kids alike. (via Craft Passion)

DIY scented candle

Just imagine lighting a candle that you made yourself that smells of pine this Christmas. Fulfill that dream with this essential oil smelling candle. (via Farm Fresh Therapy)

DIY christmas crate

I simply love this DIY because of the opportunity it has for your space. Fill a crate with branches and pine cones and berries and light it up with candles in jars. You can use as large or small of a crate you’d like, fill it with whatever colors match the rest of your decor and even use fake candles for child safety. (via Tuteate)

DIY peace quote globe

The best part about this little trinket might be the fact that it displays the lyrics to a classic Christmas carol. Or it might be the fact that it’s an Anthropologie knock off. Either way, it belongs on your coffee table this Christmas. (via Creative Green Living)

DIY wooden ornanent trees

There are so many good things about these wooden trees. They bring such a lovely natural element to your coffee table with the wood frames while keeping the Christmas spirit in the hanging ornaments. (via Homey Oh My)