55 Cool And Practical Home Décor Hacks You Should Try

Life hacks are cool and useful and they can be organized in multiple categories. A lot of them are referring to home décor, showing how you can make your home more practical and functional or how you can re-purpose things. We’ve put together 55 such examples. They’re all really simple so anyone can try them. They’re also fun and interesting. Pick the ones that interest you and give them a change. Who knows, maybe they’ll change your lifestyle for the better.

1. Have an entryway cabinet for keys

Wall cabinet for keys

At some point we all get tired of losing our keys and wasting time looking for them in our pockets and bags. It would all be so much simpler if there was a small cabinet specifically for that where keys can be stored safely. The entryway is the perfect place for it.{found on huntedinterior}.

2. Turn a ladder into a shoe rack

Ladder shoe rack

A ladder can make a perfect shoe rack in case you need one. Consider re-purposing an old ladder for which you no longer have any use. You can just put it in the desired spot, no transformation required.{found on apairandasparediy}.

3. Turn teapots into vases

gold teapot flower vase

Teapots are really cute, being so chubby and with lovely shapes. It’s their cuteness that allows them to also be used as vases or simply as decorations without any need for anything else.{found on littlemissmama}.

4. Turn an ironing board into a table

Old ironing board table

This actually work better if you can find a vintage ironing board that doesn’t have a padded surface. Of course, you could give your old ironing board a quick and simple makeover if you ever decide to reuse it as a table.{found on designsponge}.

5. Turn a wheelbarrow into a cooler

wheelbarrow summer cooler

This a perfect idea for outdoor parties and barbecues. A wheelbarrow can be filled with ice and it would make an awesome cooler. You can choose to paint it first if you want it to look pretty. However, its original worn look would do just fine especially if you enjoy a touch of rustic or industrial in your décor.

6. Turn a necklace into a tieback

Necklace tieback

You should definitely check your jewelry boxes for any old necklaces you no longer like. You can turn these into tiebacks for your curtains. It’s a very easy project and you can use the idea to add a glamorous touch to your home décor.

7. Hang your curtains with rope

Hanging curtain with rope

Jute rope is perfect for an interior décor if the intention is to give it a nautical touch. As a result, you can look for ways to use rope. For example, you can use it to hang your curtains or you can make rope tiebacks.{found on remodelista}.

8. Turn a duvet cover into a curtain

Duvet Cover into a curtain

Curtains can be pretty expensive and if all you want is a touch of color and texture for the room you should consider re-purposing a duvet cover. You can cut it in half and make curtains out of it.

9. Hang mirrors with rope

Hang mirror with rope for a nautical feel

You can also use rope to hang a mirror on the wall. Use this idea for the bathroom. You can give the space a chic and inexpensive makeover this way. Of course, the idea can also be applied to all sorts of other spaces and situations.

10. Hang curtains with Command hooks

Command hools curtain

These things can make your life a lot easier if, for example, you don’t want to drill holes in your wall so you can hang the curtains. Just stick these hooks in place and they’ll hold your curtains rods.

11. Paint the side of the door

Paint the side of the door with a bright color

Use this idea is you want to add a subtle touch of color to the room. Paint the side of the door using a vibrant color. You’ll only see it when the door is open and even then it won’t take over the décor. It’s a surprising and delightful idea.{found on radicalpossibility}.

12. Paint the sides of the drawers

Side of drawers paint

Another great way to add an unexpected touch of color to a space is by painting the sides of the drawers. You can do this for your dresser or the desk. You’ll only get to see the color for an instant when you open the drawers.

13. Paint the inside of a lampshade

Paint inside the lamp in gold

There are various options in this case. For example, you can choose to paint the inside of the lampshade using a color that contrasts with the exterior or one that stands out but you can also coat the interior with glitter.{found on smartgirlstyle}.

14. Turn simple blinds into Roman shades

DIY roman shades tutorial

Feeling like it’s time to replace your old plastic blinds with something a bit more chic and stylish? You can transform your old blinds into Roman shades. You’ll be reusing the top and some of the plastic pieces. Make sure you find a nice fabric.

15. Decorate doors with ceiling medallions

Ceiling medallions on doors

If you ever want to update some of the doors in your home, consider ceiling medallions. You can use these as elegant decorations and center them around the door knobs. After you apply them, paint them the same color as the doors.

16. Partially paint your walls

half painted wall

If you only paint the walls of a room partially and leave the top portion blank or the same color as the ceiling, this will make the room appear higher and more spacious. It’s a simple and neat trick you can use if your home has low ceilings.

17. Hang a mirror behind a lamp

Mirror behind lamp

This trick allows you to make the room seem bigger and brighter. You should try this in the bedroom or living room. Of course, the same idea can be used for spaces such as the bathroom or the entryway which are usually pretty small.

18. Turn a shallow nook into a shoe closet

closet storage under curtains

A lot of homes have those shallow alcoves on hallways or behind doors. These spaces can’t really be used in a lot of practical ways. There are, however, solutions for making the most of them. For example, you can turn such a shallow nook into a closet for your shoes. Hide it with a curtain.

19. Replace the legs on an old sofa

Replace sofa legs

You can easily update the look of an old sofa by installing new legs or by painting the existing ones. It’s amazing how important these little details are for the overall ambiance and décor of a space.

20. Decorate with nail head trim

Nailhead trim for headboard

This is a strategy you can use for a lot of furniture pieces including coffee tables, chairs, sofas, headboards and cabinets. Add some nail head trim to the edges to highlight a shape or to make an accent piece stand out.

21. Decorate with marble contact paper

Marble contact paper night stand

Marble contact paper or wallpaper is very versatile and great if you want to add some interest to a furniture piece such as a small side table or a shelf. Consider using this idea for your next makeover. You can use marble contact on a lot of things, even large pieces such as the kitchen island.

22. Decorate with pennies

Decorate a flower vase with pennies

Who would have thought pennies could be so valuable? They’re actually more versatile than you think, assuming you’re not planning to use them as currency. You can use pennies to decorate accessories such as vases but you can also them for more elaborate projects such as a penny counter.

23. Use the window as a headboard

Window headboard

Beds are not usually placed in front of windows but this doesn’t mean you can’t try it. In fact, this provides you with the interesting opportunity of using the window as a headboard. The curtains will add a nice touch if they exist.

24. Refill your old sofa cushions

Refil sofa cushions

Sofas and couches tend to look shaggy after a while. The once full and fluffy seat and back cushions just don’t look as good as they once did. You can easily fix that. See if the cushions have zippers. Open them up and add some more filling until you’re happy with the result.

25. Decorate your headboard

Decorate your headboard

An easy fix for a headboard that looks plain and boring is to just drape a piece of fabric on it. It can be a throw blanket or a scarf or it can be a specially selected piece of fabric. If you want, you can also update the look of a headboard with paint, with nail head trim or with washi tape.

26. Fill a dead space with a slim bookcase

Dead space bookcase

Use this idea if you have any slim dead spaces in your home. You might find these on hallways or in corners. Don’t let such a space go to waste. You can fill it with a tall and narrow bookcase. Another solution can be a potted plant or a lamp. If it’s a nook inside the wall, open shelves can also work.

27. Paint the bathroom floor

Paint the bathroom floor

There’s not a lot of room for customization in the bathroom, especially if it’s small. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t add a touch of color to a bland décor by painting the floor for example. Do this whenever you want to change the mood.

28. Tie your shower curtains with bows

Shower curtain with bows

When it comes to shower curtains, there’s not a lot you can do to customize them. Of course, you can pick curtains with an interesting print or a bold color but there’s also another option: to hang the curtains with cute little bows.

29. Make a pom-pom rug

DIY pom pom rug

DIY projects let you customize your home in a lot of ways. A pom-pom rug is a pretty simple project. You can use the rug to decorate the bathroom or the entryway. If you have the time and patience for it, you can even make a large pom-pom rug for the living room or for the bedroom.

30. Hide your cords with a tiny fence

Tiny fence cords

This idea is so cute you can’t possibly resist it. Let’s say you have cords and wires running along the bottom of the walls in your home. They don’t really look pretty, being so exposed. You can hide them behind a cute little picket fence which you can make yourself out of some wood boards.

31. Hide your cords in a box


A different possibility is to store and organize cords in a box. This way you can hide them from plain sight and you can also keep them clean and untangled. Consider this idea if you have lots of messy cords behind your desk.{found on simplette}.

32. Hide the router in a book

Hide the rooter in a book

Where do you keep your router? It’s probably somewhere on a desk or on a shelf. Routers are not usually designed to look pretty or elegant but there are ways to conceal them if you want. For example, hide your router in a hollowed-out book.

33. Decorate your screen door

Decorate your screen door

You can give some character and charm to your screen door by decorating it with embroidery floss. There are lots of interesting patterns and designs you can try. Think of a theme or something that you think would match your home décor.{found on popytalk}.

34. Make your own light fixture


Although there are ways to create elaborate chandeliers and stylish pendant lamps, we’ll just focus on something simpler for the moment. The project goes like this: you hang a light bulb with some nice-looking cord from a wall-mounted shelf bracket. That’s about it.

35. Paint the backsplash

Paint the backsplash

One way of adding some color to the kitchen and at the same time updating the interior décor involves some paint and an existing backsplash. Basically you just paint this surface, creating any design and pattern you want.{found on myblessedlife}.

36. Create a chute for trash

Secret trash

Another nice and practical idea for the kitchen is to create a chute that lets you put things directly into the trash bin from the counter, without opening any cabinet doors. This is useful if you’re used to chopping things on your counter.

37. Camouflage your switch plates

Camouflage Switchplates

If you want to get a seamless look for your walls, then switch plates and outlets don’t really help. You can camouflage or conceal them by making them match their surroundings. For example, if you decide to wallpaper the wall, you can decorate these with wallpaper as well.

38. Spray paint a door mat

Spray paint doormat

A lot of door mats are just plain and simple and don’t really stand out in any way. You can change that with a little bit of spray paint. You can use stencils or tape to create interesting designs and geometric patterns. It would also be interesting to use strong contrasting colors.{found on parkhouselove}.

39. Make picture frames out of tape

Picture frames with tape

If you’re aiming at a casual look for your home, then perhaps classic picture frames wouldn’t look right. You can try a very interesting alternative: picture frames made of washi tape. Basically you just attach the pictures to the wall and you frame them with tape.

40. Decorate a wall with tape

decorate wall with tape

Washi tape is actually more versatile than that. You can also use it to decorate a wall. In fact, painter’s tape can be used in a similar way. In any case, come up with a design or a pattern for the entire wall or make small individual decorations in key places.

41. Decorate hangers with tape

Decorate hangers with tape

Tape can also be used in a variety of other ways. For example, use tape to decorate your hangers. This can also be a way to organize them by using different colors of tape for different types of clothes. You could create your own color-coded system.

42. Use contact paper to pre-arrange photos

Contact paper to pre arrange photos

Use removable contact paper to picture how your photo frames would look like on a wall. This way you can pre-arrange them and come up with the best layout for the whole collection. Do this before drilling holes in the wall.{found on madincrafts}.

43. Cover a mat with fabric

Rubber mat cover with fabric

Consider this makeover for your old rubber mat. The idea is really simple actually. You take some fabric and you glue it onto the mat. You could also staple it in place if you want. Pick any type of fabric you want. Spray adhesive works bet for such a project.{found on iammommahearmeroar}.

44. Poke holes in a dark lampshade

Dark lampshade

If you have a lamp with a dark shade you can’t see through, then you can poke holes in it and create an interesting design. It will become visible at night, when you turn on the lamp. The result will be whimsical.

45. Attach soda pop tabs to hangers

Soda pop hanger

You can save space in your closet and maximize its storage capacity with soda pop tabs. Attach these to your hangers and you’ll be able to hang a second hanger from it. This idea is clever and pretty great for small spaces.

46. Spray paint your hangers

Spray paint hangers

Another project related to hangers involves some spray paint. Use it to beautify your old hangers and to make them look chic. You could give them a stylish gold touch or you can use different paint colors to create your own system that helps you organize your clothes.

47. Fill your fireplace with logs

Fill fireplace with logs

Assuming you have a nonfunctional fireplace, you can use this strategy if you want to make it look beautiful or to find some use for it. Take some wood logs and stack them inside the fireplace. Cut them so they all have the same length.

48. Fill your fireplace with candles

fill fireplace with candles

If you don’t like the log idea, another option is to fill the fireplace with candles. This will allow you create an interesting and romantic display. In addition, you’ll be putting the fireplace to good use. Only do this with a nonworking fireplace.

49. Hang your artwork with cables

hang artwork with cables

Consider this idea if you’re looking for a new and ingenious way to display the artwork in your home. By hanging it with cables you’ll add a subtle industrial twist to the décor. This strategy is good if you’re renting the place and you can’t poke holes in the walls.

50. Make your own fabric wallpaper

make any fabric an wallpaper

Not happy with the wallpaper options available on the market? Perhaps you should try making your own wallpaper. You can do that using some fabric that you like and a mixture of water and cornstarch. The mixture will let you adhere the fabric to the wall without making the process irreversible.

51. Draw on light bulbs

Paint the bulb lights

Use a sharpie to draw something on a light bulb. Then, when it lights up, it will create a nice shadow that mimics your drawing. You can turn this idea into a fun project for the kids. Of course, adults can have fun too so feel free to explore your artistic side.

52. Turn paint rollers into stencils

Paint rollers to create cool walls

You can use a paint roller to create a wallpaper effect. You’ll have to attach some fabric strips to it or anything else that lets you obtain the design you want. Then just it as usual. You’ll be able to create an interesting design on the wall without using a stencil.

53. Fake the look of hardwood

Hardwood fake look

Hardwood floors definitely look beautiful and elegant. But they can be quite expensive and, more than that, they’re not suitable for all spaces. But if you like the look, you can fake it using peel-and-stick wood panels.{found on julieblanner}.

54. Use potted plants in the garden

Pot in a pot

If you want to be able to easily switch out the plants in your garden with the coming of a new season, a nice idea is to actually put the plants in pots and then to plant them like that. Of course, you can let the pots be visible if you want.{found on floridafriendlyplants}.

55. Use plants that repel mosquitoes


Another great idea for the garden is to use plants that repel mosquitoes. This way you won’t need to use artificial substances and you’ll get to enjoy mosquito-free nights. This natural alternative to bug spray offers plenty of options as there are numerous such plants.