The Best Way To Organize Cords

By definition organizing means that you take some elements and order them by categories. In this case we are organizing cords. I think you have a problem with all your technology cords organization because they all look alike and you don’t know how to make a difference between them.

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You will start by gathering all the cords in the house. The cords from your phones, from your play station, from every little item till your headsets. After you bring them into one place you will now have to fold them, one by one, so that it will use little space when you store them and most essentially they will not be confused with another part. The boxes come very handy in your apartment or house, because it makes your life much easier. You need just one hour to make this work, and after that you will, start organizing different types of item in your house.

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After you’ve done that you will now need the space (in this case some boxes) where you will deposit your items. You will take some few shoe boxes and make some separations inside the box. You will cut some cardboard pieces to make the dividers. When you finish with that you will make it look beautiful using pretty scrapbook paper. In the end you will name every space created in your box for every different item that you want to fit in them. For example: camera, phone chargers, play station, etc.{found on iheartorganizing}.