How To Use IKEA Products To Build Shoe Storage Systems

Let’s talk about shoes. We’re not interesting in how big your shoe collection is. What we want is to offer you a few simple and practical storage options, all based on IKEA products. You’ll find some interesting and ingenious ideas, instructions on how to recreate the project at home and some inspiration you can use when coming up with your own idea.

IKEA lack TV unit Turned into Shoe Storage

This simple shoe storage unit is made from an IKEA Lack TV unit. First, the legs were removed or, if you’re only now assembling the unit, the legs are left aside. You can use a saw to cut the unit into halves if you want two smaller units instead of a long one. Then mount them to the wall with brackets.{found on ikeahackers}.

IKEA Raskog cart Into Shoe Rack

The IKEA Raskog cart is very versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a storage unit for shoes. This is a really good idea for small spaces. The cart has castors so it’s also easy to move it around as needed.

IKEA Antonius frames into shoe rack

Ikeahackers offers a lot of interesting ideas in this sense. For example, it suggests using two Antonius frames and some old wooden planks to make a practical and space-efficient shoe rack for the entrance. You can spray paint the frame and stain or paint the planks as well.

Entryway IKEA White Trones

The same source also shows how six Spontan magazine racks can be transformed into a space saving shoe rack that can be hidden behind a door. The main idea is to attach the magazine racks to the wall with screws and to make them fit in the space you have available.

Stripa shoe rack from IKEA

Another interesting idea is offered by Instructables where the idea suggested is to use two IKEA Stripa shelves and some screws and plugs to build a very simple-looking show storage system. The first step is to cut two shelves to about 2/3 their initial depth. Each rack is made of two shelves. The bottom one is left intact and mounted on the wall and the top one is smaller and mounted upside down above the first one.

Lack shelves for shoe storage

When space is limited, not even a small unit can fit. In cases like this you have to be creative. A very creative idea is to use Lack shelves in black and white to create a really interesting display area for shoes. Arrange them like in the picture.

Grundtal rail entryway shoe rack

Sometimes the most practical solution is also the simplest. Did it ever cross your mind to use a Grundtal rail and some S hooks to store your shoes. Probably not so we’re showing how that idea would turn out.

Besta ikea unit shoe rack

The Besta unit is also very versatile and practical. You can use it as a shoe rack and even put a soft cushion on top to use it as a bench. The combination of functions is perfect for the entrance area.

Hemnes shoe cabinet

You don’t necessarily have to improvise, to repurpose things or to consider this a DIY project. You can just simply get a shoe cabinet and use it for its intended purpose. The Hemnes cabinet is a really great option.

IKEA Trones Shoe Rack

The Trones cabinets are very versatile and can be used in a lot of interesting ways. For example, use them to create a shoe cabinet with a built-in look. You need three such boxes and some wood slats. The idea is to make a wooden frame for the shoe rack which you mount on the wall.{found on chi-lan}.

Black ikea trones shoe rack

This project is quite similar. The Trones shoe boxes are wrapped in oak and this gives them a more elegant look while also diminishing the impact of their plastic structure. {found on ikeahackers}

Entryway IKEA White Trones

Multiple Trones cabinets can be used to create a large wall unit. The final result will be a minimalist and chic unit that would suit a modern or contemporary interior. You can alternate colors for a more eye-catching look.