DIY Pom Pom Rug

Small rugs are a great way to add color, texture, and comfort to a room. But they can be expensive and there aren’t always perfect options available. Though it isn’t usually thought of as an item you can make yourself, there is a very easy DIY rug method that only requires yarn and scissors.

diy yarn rug

To start this project, you’ll need to make a bunch of yarn pom poms. There are also pom poms you can buy from craft stores, but if you don’t want to use pre-made pom poms, you can make your own. Choose a color of yarn and wrap it around your fingers or a fork, then tie a strand around the middle so that all of the yarn is held in place, and then cut the ends of each loop of yarn.

diy pom pom rug

A more detailed explanation can be found here if you need any further explanation.The number of pom poms you need will depend on how large you want your rug to be. The rug shown is about the size of a doormat and uses 48 pom poms arranged in 6 rows of 8. But the same concept of this tutorial can be applied to a larger rug.

pom pom rug

Once you have your pom poms completed, arrange them in a pattern that you like based on their size and color. Cut pieces of yarn that measure the length and height of your rug and arrange them in a grid. Then tie each pom pom to its spot on the grid where each piece of yarn intersects. It works best if you start from the outside and work your way toward the middle.

diy rug

Once all of the pom poms are added, tie off any excess yarn and place the rug with the grid facing down toward the floor. That’s all there is to it – enjoy your new rug!

This project can be very easily customized to match your home decor with different colors and patterns. You can make a pom pom rug that is just one single color. You can make one with stripes. You can make one that’s sort of a checkerboard pattern. And you can change the size and type of yarn. The possibilities for this project are nearly endless!