25 Different Ways To Make Your Own Roman Shades From Scratch

Roman shades are a type of window covering that stands out from other more standard shades through the fact they have a smooth surface when they’re open.

They also stack up evenly and form these delicate folds which look lovely on most types of fabric. Surprisingly, there’s not a single type of design for all Roman shades but rather a multitude of them and the best part is that you can actually make your own Roman shades from scratch.

Fun and Easy DIY Projects to Create Your Own Roman Shades

1. Roman Shades for Your Kitchen

Roman shades

Roman shades are great for the kitchen because you usually want natural light in there but you don’t want them to leave the windows completely bare. You can hang these shades and open them so they cover half the window or less. To find out all the details of the project you can check out thediymommy.

2. DIY Roman Shades from Scratch

As previously mentioned, you can make your own Roman shades from scratch. It’s actually very easy. You need a few things such as fabric, fabric shears, drapery rings, a board for mounting, liner fabric, an iron, a staple gun, a dowel, and a sewing machine. This particular tutorial can be found on diydecormom.

3. Turn Your Old Mini Blinds Into Roman Shades

You can also actually turn your old mini blinds into Roman shades. You’ll only be using a few of the pieces, such as the mounting piece at the top and some of the individual types of blinds. To find out all you need to know about this transformation, check out honestlywtf.

4. Relaxed Roman Shades

As mentioned before, there are many different types of Roman shades. The differences are in the overall design as well as in the shape the shades take when only partially open. These are relaxed Roman shades. They form a smooth curve at the bottom and they look simple and casual. You can find out more about them on stagg-design.

5. DIY Faux Roman Shades

If you want the look of Roman shades without the functionality, you can make some faux ones. They’re a cute idea for the kitchen because you usually don’t need to put them up and down anyway, not that you could in this case. Check out thediyplaybook to find out how to make faux Roman shades.

6. Faux Roman Shades For Your Living Room

There’s also a nice tutorial on homestoriesatoz that you can check out if you want to make faux Roman shades. Since these will actually stay fixed, they’re pretty easy to put together. The most difficult part will be choosing the fabric for your new faux shades.

7. Reversible Roman Shades

These Roman shades featured on bowerpowerblog are reversible. What that basically means is that they’re made of two different types of fabric so that you can choose between them depending on your preferences. When you get bored of one type of fabric, just switch to the other.

8. Top Tips for Adding the Mounting Board and Cording to Your Roman Shades

We keep saying that making Roman shades is very easy and that’s true, even if the process may seem a bit complicated at first. Sure, there’s some sewing involved and you’ll have to add a mounting board and the cording so you can actually use the shades but it all makes perfect sense when you follow this tutorial offered at atcharlotteshouse.

9. DIY Roman Blackout Shades

What’s really cool about DIY Roman shades is that you can make them in any size and shape that you want which is great, especially if you don’t have standard windows. You can also make similar shades for your doors. Of course, you also have the advantage of picking whatever type of fabric you want for maximum customization. If you like this particular design, be sure to check out wecanmakeanything for details.

10. Use Permanent Fabric Tape Instead Of A Sewing Machine To Create Roman Shades

Don’t have a sewing machine? No worries, that’s entirely ok because you can still make beautiful Roman shades. There’s a lovely tutorial shared on craftsbyamanda which explains exactly how you can make some no-sew shades for your window. Spoiler: you’ll need permanent fabric tape for that.

11. Simple Roman Shades to Change the Appearance of a Room

Ever noticed how much the window treatments can change a room? Take these beautiful Roman shades featured on ohohdeco for example. Sure, the windows are small but just look how much cozier this entire space looks now. You can make that happen for your own home and it wouldn’t be that difficult.

12. Fake Roman Shades

Fake Roman shades are pretty cool too, and they’re a great idea if you’re not entirely sure that Roman shades would even suit the decor of your home in the first place. You can quickly hang some faux shades to get an idea of how they look like and leave them up there for a while until you make a final decision. Check out one-o for the instructions.

13. Natural Woven Shades

It’s also possible to transform other types of window shades into Roman shades if you like the look. A good example is a project that we found on francoisetmoi. It involves some natural woven shades, a saw, some rubber bands, and some cord. The problem here was that the original shades didn’t fit the window so they were cut down to size and adjusted.

14. Paint Your Own Design on Roman Shades

Customization is what DIY Roman shades are all about. You get to choose the proportions and dimensions as well as the design and of course the type of fabric that you want to use. Speaking of fabric, you can either go with a pattern that you find interesting or you can paint your own design. It’s a quirky idea that comes from allthingsthrifty.

15. A Floral Set of Roman Shades

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Sunny Side Design shares these complete instructions for adding Roman shades to a bedroom. We love the choice of the pretty floral pattern, which looks great in any room in our home. With the built-in desk in this bedroom, this style of shades works perfectly and is a much better alternative to curtains. Roman shades are a really expensive option to buy in a store, so you’ll save hundreds of dollars by following this DIY project for your next home makeover.

16. Flat Roman Shades

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Made 2 Style shows us how to create these simple DIY Roman shades that are perfect for a first-time project. These are one of the most basic styles of Roman shades available but would look great in a bathroom or guest bedroom. We think the bold color of these Roman shades makes a great contrast to the plain white walls in any room. You can fold up the fabric of the shades to give them a more structured look, so they’ll look great when they are either up or down.

17. A More Formal Set of Roman Shades

Roman shades are perfect for any type of homeView in gallery

Roman shades are perfect for any type of home and will look great in formal and informal settings. If you are looking for something a little smarter than some of the more colorful options on our list today, consider these DIY Roman shades from Dwelling Cents. This complete project comes in at under $50, so you’ll still make a great saving on custom-made Roman shades. The fabric can be customized to your room’s décor, and you’ll find this to be a much better option than mini blinds for any room in your home.

18. A Neutral Set of Roman Shades

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While bold and colorful Roman shades can be fun in children’s bedrooms or a guest bedroom, sometimes you need a more neutral or professional look for your home office. Cherry Street Cottage shares these simple yet stylish Roman shades, which won’t alter the look and feel of a room too much once they are added into the space. A neutral color paired with a flat shade design offers you a practical solution for any room in your home. We always recommend opting for the right material and color so that light can still enter your room and you don’t feel like the room is too dark and dingy.

19. Greek Key Roman Shades

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Selena Gomes Tattoo shows us how to make these unique DIY Roman shades, which offer a sophisticated pattern and design. Inspired by classic Greek designs, these would look great in any bedroom. We love that the addition of the pattern around the edge of the shades is quite subtle, so it doesn’t detract too much from the overall style of the room. Of course, you could opt for a brighter color and the same pattern, but we think this lighter shade will add a classy touch to any room this year.

20. Beachy Faux Roman Shades

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If you want a simpler project, opt for faux Roman shades this year. Hamilton Beach shares this bright and fun project that would look great in any room. It will make the perfect finishing touch for your kitchen window, and by choosing a modern and fun pattern, you can create a nice feature for your room. Making a faux Roman shade isn’t too challenging, and you’ll just need to be able to sew straight lines. You’ll complete a room perfectly with this design, and it helps to fill up awkward, empty spaces.

21. Easy DIY Roman Shade

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Sincerely, Marie Designs offers us this simple and easy DIY Roman shade project. If there’s a window in your house that’s been empty for a long time, this is the ideal project to sort out this issue. While it can be challenging to find the perfect material for your project, once you’ve found the right shade and pattern for your Roman shades, you’ll be ready to get started. The instructions in this DIY project are extremely easy to follow, and even beginners will find this an enjoyable project to complete this year.

22. Bright and Colorful Roman Shades

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Add a really bright and bold touch to any room in your home with these fun patterned Roman shades from The Gathered Home. The tiger print on these shades is probably the most unique pattern we’ve featured today, but it will be a great feature to display in any kitchen. Even if you are a beginner sewer, you’ll find the instructions on this project super easy to follow, and it’s a very accessible option for first-time crafters.

23. Easy No Sew Roman Shade

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Just because you don’t sew, you shouldn’t let that put you off creating Roman shades for your home. Instead of sewing, you’ll use Elmer’s craft bond for this project from Mom 4 Real, which is designed specifically for use with fabric and leather. On top of that, you’ll also need fabric glue, fabric scissors, and an iron. Once you’ve selected the pattern and material for your shades, you’ll be ready to get started. Make sure your fabric is at least two inches wider than your window and double the length.

24. Doubling Up With Shades and Curtains

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When you add Roman shades to your window, you can also still add curtains to your room. The technique used for these Roman shades is very simple, and they are very light to put on any window. This project does involve quite a bit of sewing, so you’ll want to brush up on your sewing techniques before starting. Check out A Butterfly House for the full tutorial and to get started.

25. Banded Roman Shades

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These no-sew Roman shades from Heart and Holm offer a very fashionable and modern design, and the banded shades offer more structure than other Roman shades. These still offer a reasonably basic design, and by choosing a pretty fabric for the project, you’ll transform your kitchen or bathroom. Choose a bold band color, and you’ll brighten up any room in your home with this simple addition.


Regardless of which room in your home you need to add Roman blinds to, you’ll find the perfect solution in our list of projects today. All of these DIY Roman shades will completely transform any space and are reasonably simple to create. If you don’t fancy sewing, opt for one of the no-sew patterns, which will save you even more time and hassle when updating your home décor this year.