Kitchen Shelves – Form And Function Perfectly Combined

I can’t really imagine a kitchen without open shelves or without some other kind of user-friendly storage system. Kitchen shelves are extraordinarily practical and suitable to absolutely all styles. With so many different types of shelves and design options, it’s only a matter of time before you find your own perfect fit. Still not convinced of how great kitchen shelving is? Check out the following examples that illustrate their many advantages and possible looks.

aran storage backsplsh

There are tons of good spots of your open kitchen shelves. For instance, you can install some just below the range hood. You can install a rod on the backsplash and then simply hang individual shelves.

arrex storage backsplash

Another possibility for the space between the range hood and the stove top is to have built-in shelves. They can be integrated into the wall and you can use them to store and organize things like spice jars, measuring cups and other accessories.

Arrex wood mixed kitchen built in shelves

Small wall niches such as this one are always welcome. They have an ideal size for small shelves on which to keep the most used spice jars or other things that you usually find yourself reaching for while cooking.

Hanging shelves for kitchen

The metal rod attaches to the backsplash can hold a lot more than shelves. You can also hang storage containers from it and even planters if you wish to grow your own herb garden.

Arrex wood island shelves

Kitchen island almost always include open shelves on the sides. They’re really practical and they can be used to store cooking books, dishes and all sorts of other things. One idea can be to turn this space into a coffee station.

Built in Kitchen shelves

Open kitchen shelving can be integrated into a wall unit in the form of a built-in vertical niche. This can become your own mini bookcase or the place where you keep all your spices, condiments and sauces.

White kitchen with built in shelves and chalkboard

This is another example of a vertical niche which in this case occupies the space between the built-in appliances and a set of closed off storage compartments. They offer diversity and they complete the look of this modern unit.

Above countertop open shelves

Sometimes it’s useful to also have some classical kitchen wall shelves that let you reach and access more easily the items that you need when cooking or prepping or on which you can display dishes, boxes and containers.

White and grey kitchen with built in shelves

Diversity is important in the kitchen. This is a space that needs lots of storage and of different types. Open shelves are needed for the things that you want to put on display or for the objects that you use most often while closed compartments are usually needed for everything else.

Stainless steel hanging paper towel

Keep things like kitchen towels and spice jars off the counter and put them all on a shelf or hang them from a rod. This way you can use the entire counter space for cooking and prepping.

Ceiling hangiing shelves

Ceiling-mounted shelves are a good idea for small kitchens or for the cases when you want to add storage to a specific part of the kitchen that’s already furnished with cabinets. An interesting idea is to have a hanging herb garden in the kitchen or to use the hanging shelves to store pots and pans.

Yellow storage shelves for kitchen

Shelves such as these ones work well for open kitchens. They offer you a way to visually separate the kitchen from the adjacent space without using a wall or a divider.

nolte kitchen corner mixed

It’s nice to also have a place in the kitchen where you can display some things that you love such as a small planter or a flower vase. It’s not all about storage, although open shelves can be really useful in that way too.

snaidero wood shleving

If you’re lacking a pantry, consider having a storage wall in your kitchen. It could be covered with open shelves or storage modules of different shapes and sizes.

Spagnol wood shelving

Easily built out of metal pipes and wooden boards, open shelves such as these ones can be added to any space that needs extra storage. They can attached directly to the wall or to existing furniture pieces.

Spagnol shelving detail

Building this sort of shelves requires few supplies and little DIY experience. You should always remember to measure the space correctly before you cut the pipes. Feel free to paint them for a customized look.

Stosa inset rectangle handles

Extra shelves can be added under the wall-mounted kitchen cabinetry. It can be something you add later on when you realize you need such a feature or from the start when the kitchen is furnished and accessorized.

Black kitchen design with shelves

Open shelving kitchen designs are peculiar in the sense that they put everything on display. Such a design is useful in kitchens that are well organized and have a special spot for everything.

Kitchen system for mugs and glasses storage

The open shelves in a kitchen are usually used for holding cups, glasses, bottles, spices, jars or utensils. They create a feeling of openness even if dark colored are used in the room.

Black Kitchen Shelves

Even though the shelves are black in this case, the kitchen doesn’t look particularly dark or gloomy. In fact, black is a stylish and elegant color that’s really appreciated in contemporary interior designs.

Metallic Shelves in Kitchen

Open shelves are perfect for displaying items but they can also be used for storage even when you have lots of small things that need to go in the same place. For that you can use boxes or baskets.

Industrial kitchen design with shelves

Play with contrasts and colors when populating a set of open shelves. Also, take into consideration the color of the wall behind them. For example, a dark-colored wall can have metallic shelves filled with light-colored items.

Solid marble shelves in kitchen

You can afford to sacrifice a little bit of counter space for a few extra shelves in the kitchen. The counter matches the backsplash and this makes the shelves blend in perfectly.

Boxed shelves in kitchen

For diversity, use a combination of open shelves and closed compartments or of shelves made of different materials and with different designs. Try a combination of metal, wood and glass.

Freestanding kitchen storage

In a kitchen, a set of open shelves can have many uses and can hold lots of different things, from planters to containers, books and decorative items. Consider all the things that you want to display before picking a design.

Kitchen shelves storage system

This is what appears to be an extension added to the bottom unit. It brings into picture four open shelves which occupy the wall space and add more storage to the space.