Corner Kitchen Table Delights For A Quaint Motif

Corner kitchen table concepts heighten your home life experience. If your kitchen has a free corner, the small space is an opportunity to add nuance and charm to your cooking environment. A corner table helps you take advantage of unused space.  

Homeowners like the idea of tapping into their unused spaces. Interior design trends accelerated in the past two years due to pandemic lockdowns. “The pandemic taught people the importance of not having all these open spaces,” said Los Angeles designer Timothy Corrigan. 

Kitchen Corner Table Ideas For 2022

Here are the latest examples of corner kitchen tables chosen by our team of home design experts.

Elegant Alcove

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

This solution works great for kitchens that have this type of difficult layout, with a nook somehow separate from the main area. Transform this portion into a seating nook. Add a small, round table and a U-shaped bench.

L Shaped Sectional

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

A corner bench dining table shaped like an L is an efficient way to fit a few people in a kitchen corner. Small and round tables are excellent for tiny corners but if you have the space, dedicate one corner as your dining area. A rectangular, solid wood table can feature an L-shaped sectional on one side and regular chairs on the other.

Island Alcove

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

The corner doesn’t have to be flanked by walls or windows. Attach a dining set to your island to take advantage of your kitchen’s center space.

It can also be an arrangement that looks like this. The kitchen island has a built-in extension with comfy bench seating, perfect for accommodating a round table at the center.

Kitchen Diner Booth 

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

The corner bench dining table in this example resembles an old fashioned diner booth. When placed in the corner, a square table might be awkward because of the corners. However, the shape will adapt to the table. 

Sacrifice an extra corner if the table is surrounded by bench seating. Underneath the cushioned seating makes for extra storage space. 

Corner Dining View

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

If you have extra kitchen windows, install a solid wood table, bench seating, and add a few extra chairs. All of a sudden, you’ll find yourself with more space than you imagined.

A corner table with comfy seating functions as a nook for activities other than eating. Windows provide ideal location for a small dining nook. There will be plenty of natural light during the day and you can hang a pendant as well.

Tufted Seating

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

Tufted sectionals and benched seating offer comfort and space. Add tufted seating to one of your kitchen corners and complement the arrangement with a small table. An expandable solid wood dining table will accommodate extra guests.  

Reading Nook 

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

This example is for the bibliophile. A corner alcove banquette with a table, chairs, and bench seating is a multipurpose space. When you add bookshelves, you’ll find yourself with an intimate reading nook.

Reading material on wall-mounted shelves provides a sophisticated touch. Pair the shelves with solid wood table to create an unified and balanced space.

Dual Tables

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

As observed in this example, two tables are better than one. The tables are a practical option for bigger families. Also, you can have two tiny tables instead of a large one and save some space this way. 

French Country Banquette

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

Built-in banquette seating is the best way to optimize your kitchen space. When paired with a long, narrow table, a banquette provides room for more people to eat together. The lower shelf system underneath the built-in seating creates extra storage space.

Round tables offer unique decor challenges. To create  symmetry, hang a chandelier or a round pendant lamp above the table.

Built-In Banquette

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

Corner kitchen tables featuring upholstery seat cushions and wall-mounted benches have become popular. In this example, a rectangular table fits in the corner space without using too much space.

Modern and contemporary interior designs focus on functionality. As Witold Rybcyznski pointed out in his famous interior design book, “Home: A Short History of an Idea,” people ate in different parts of the house.” Since the pandemic, interior designers are turning unused spaces into personal destinations.

Kitchen Island Nook

Traditional kitchen corner table and built in bench

Traditional interior designs are a bit more embellished and robust. One could envision a custom kitchen island with built-in seating on one side, a wooden table, and high-back chairs surrounding it.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Can I Update A Corner Kitchen Table?

Cushion seating allows you to restyle your corner kitchen table without changing your table. All you need to do is change the cushion seat covers. You can use seasonal covers that match your outdoor environment.

Can I Add A Corner Kitchen Table To An Island?

Adding a small table or banquette to a kitchen island is easy. The first thing you need to do is make sure you’ll have enough space to walk around the island after the table is installed. Second, measure the size of your chairs. If your island has a sink or worktop, leave enough space between your table. And third, choose upholstered materials for seat cushions as the material is easy to clean and long-lasting.

How Does A Corner Kitchen Table Impact The Mentality Family Dynamic?

Families with children could use their corner kitchen table to discipline a child. Should a child misbehave, they could be sent to the corner table, where they would eat by themselves. When used for such purposes, the corner table takes on an added dimension, becoming a disciplinary space.

Corner Kitchen Table Conclusion

Your kitchen is a space where cooking and eating are celebrated. When you have extra seating options, the kitchen space is heightened. Either way, you won’t spend a fortune creating a corner kitchen table or alcove.

Customizing your corner table is also easy and affordable. A corner kitchen table is a place where you can engage in other activities, like playing chess or reading.