Kitchen Subway Tiles Are Back In Style – 50 Inspiring Designs

Although they may give out a traditional vibe, kitchen subway tiles never get old. They a timeless and classical detail that can be adapted to suit any kitchen and style. There’s more than one way in which you can use subway tiles on your kitchen backsplash and also more than one type. One way of categorizing them would be like this:

A colored kitchen island or an accent rug can also be a solution

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The subway tile backsplash looks great combined with the rustic island
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Make a statement with a gray backsplash
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A traditional kitchen showcasing a white backsplash and matching cabinets
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Rustic and industrial meet in this simple white on white design
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The pattern used for the subway tiles gives the kitchen a more modern appeal
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You can extend the tiles onto the ceiling and even onto the kitchen hood
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Keep a small kitchen simple with white tiles and furniture
The gray grount matches the countertop and emphasizes the pattern on the backsplash
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White grout combined with colored tiles has a similar effect

White subway tiles are definitely the most common and popular. They’re perfect if you want to give your kitchen an airy and bright look and to allow it to always feel clean and fresh. But how you use these white tiles in combination with the rest of the design and décor details is up to you. Here are a few suggestions.

White Trend.

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The wooden floor and the light blue accent bring out the rustic beauty
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The kitchen island introduces a welcomed touch of color
Consider colored appliances for a white kitchen for a little bit of contrast
The white tiles matched with white cabinets is always a chic combination
You should use a lot of white if you have a small kitchen
A tiled backsplash doesn’t necessarily have to be framed by cabinets
Even if you use more than one shade, keep the color palette simple
Break the monotony of a white décor with a black pendant light
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White is the main color here but the wood accents balance it out beautifully
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Consider an area rug if you want to add color and texture to the kitchen

Complement white subway tiles with white furniture for a minimalist and classy look. Use white on the ceiling as well for cohesiveness. Of course, you can and you should also add a few contrasting details as well to break the monotony.


Give your kitchen a clean and fresh vibe with green accents
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Gray is a popular color choice is modern decors and combined with white it looks awesome
Consider a bold light fixture in a contrasting color or wall décor
Colored furniture is excellent if you want to add cheer to the room
You can create contrasts without using bold shades if you pick the right materials
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Stainless steel appliances are a simple way of making a white kitchen stand out
Black and white with golden accents, a classical combination
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Balance out the black and white with wooden shelves and countertops
Small kitchens need simple and straight-forward designs
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The glossy tiles are complemented by matte furniture and appliances
A quirky accessory like this map completely transforms the room
The finish on the cabinets and the lighting fixture are two key elements in this décor

Sure, an all-white kitchen looks nice and all, but not everybody loves the look. Sometimes you feel the need to add some color to the décor, to create strong contrasts. You can do that with colored appliances, accessories or furniture.

Wooden Shelves.

Shelves are excellent for storing items you use on a daily basis

by Kelly Brown

Match the shelves to your countertop or table for some symmetry
Keep the natural color of the wood to bring out its beauty
The reclaimed beams give the kitchen a casual and welcoming look

Use wooden shelves to complement your white subway tiled backsplash and to give the kitchen a subtle rustic vibe. Reclaimed wood shelves also bring out the texture and the organic beauty of the material.

Dark And Elegant.

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Get putty in a lighter color to make the pattern visible
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For a classical and traditional look, add earthy colors and wood
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Glossy black always stands out while keeping the décor simple
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Black and white is a winning combo for all styles
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Group the two colors for a simpler design and a dramatic look
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Alternate similar shades for an interesting visual effect
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Make the backsplash the focal point of the kitchen
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Not too bright but not too dark either, gray is the perfect shade
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If you have black furniture, pick a backsplash in a lighter shade
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The strong color contrast and the shape have a dramatic visual impact

Black or dark-colored tiles in general are less popular because of their dramatic look. They are excellent if you’re trying to create strong contrasts in your kitchen’s décor, to create a focal point or to balance out the overall design.

By Shape – Square Tiles.

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A beautiful combination of square tiles and accents lighting with gold accents
Place the tiles in a straight set to emphasize their geometry
Square tiles are reminiscent of traditional decors but also look nice in modern homes
The tiny black squares form an eye-catching mosaic for the backsplash

Although the rectangular ones first come in mind when talking about subway tiles, square tiles are also a valid option. They can also be installed in a variety of patterns and used to create interesting displays for the kitchen backsplash and walls.