Knife Safe

House safety is very important. It is equally important to feel safe in the house against eventual threats from outside but also from the inside. And, despite what you may think and despite the feeling of comfort and safety in your home, you can get hurt indoors if you do not pay attention to the most normal and usual tools and appliances. I consider knives against the most useful, but also dangerous tools in a home. You use them regularly every day for cooking, for slicing the bread and for different other things, but if they get in the wrong hands this can be disturbingly dangerous. I am talking about the little curious hands and fingers of your children who start snooping around as soon as they are able to crawl.


That is why I recommend to any parent to keep an eye on the set of knives all the time. I know they must be kept handy, as they are used frequently but it is also very important to keep them in a secure place. In two words you must have a knife safe home. The first things to do is make sure all the knives are stored in a place where their blade is perfectly hidden and unreachable by accident. So you can purchase a knife holder that is made of wood. But they are not totally safe if placed on the table, especially if your kid is taller than the kitchen table. So maybe it’s a good idea to purchase a knife safe device like the one you can see in this picture.

This device is actually provided by a web site that promotes outdoor living and tools, so it secures the knives when you are out in the woods, camping. However, it is more useful in a home if you ask me. It is very simple in design, yet very smart, too. It is actually a knife support with many compartments for many knives and each compartments is securely separated from the next one with small raised partitions that protect your fingers from sharp edges. Each knife is securely held and the Knife Safe allows you only to grab the knife handle. It is safe and useful and you can mount it easily on the inside of your kitchen cabinet. The hardware you need for mounting this device is included in the package and if you order it online you get a better price, that is $7.27.