Kitchen Island Lighting Styles For All Types Of Decors

There’s no doubt that the kitchen island is a crucial element in any kitchen, regardless of the style of the décor, the size or the location. Most often, the island is the focal point of the kitchen décor. This is partially due to the fact that it is placed in the center and takes a central position. This makes it hard to ignore. Then there’s also the fact it’s a multifunctional element that usually also serves as a storage space and sometimes as a bar, table and work surface.

Industrial lighting.

Contemporary kitchen1
Simple black and white kitchen with industrial pendant lights

But just being in the center of the room is not enough to stand out. So in order to make the island a main décor element in the kitchen it also needs some additional help. The lighting is very important in this case. It allows the island to shine and to stand out. Usually, the type of lighting is chosen in concordance with the overall style of the décor. So depending on the already existing décor and on the atmosphere you are trying to create in the kitchen, there are multiple options to choose from.


Contemporary kitchen1
Elegant and spacious kitchen with two islands and matching chandeliers

Oversized pendant lights.

Contemporary kitchen1
Traditional kitchen with long kitchen island and two oversized pendant lights

Outdoor lanterns.

Contemporary kitchen1
Cozy double-height kitchen featuring outdoor lanterns and a wooden island

Vintage lighting.

Contemporary kitchen1
White kitchen with three vintage pendant lights and matching barstools

DIY pendant lights.

Contemporary kitchen1
Traditional kitchen featuring personalized, DIY mason jar pendant lights

Modern lighting.

Contemporary kitchen1
Open space modern kitchen with spotlights and minimalist pendant lights

Contemporary lighting.

Contemporary kitchen1
Airy and refreshing kitchen featuring skylights, spotlights and chic pendant lights
Contemporary kitchen1
Elegant kitchen featuring an L-shaped island and minimalist ceiling lighting

The lighting can either be an element that complements the décor or one that adds contrast. For example, in a modern kitchen, an industrial pendant lamp would be an interesting addition. The same type of lamp could also be used in a vintage or rustic kitchen. Chandeliers are not very common in kitchens but they do look good in traditional and elegant decors. An oversized pendant light could also be an interesting addition to a contemporary kitchen, especially if it has high ceilings. But it would be best to now take a look at a few examples and to actually see all these types of decors.

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