Add Style To Your Kitchen With Retro Appliances

The kitchen and the office are the rooms where you don’t really want to fall behind when it comes to buying new appliances and gadgets. Still, some retro appliances could give your kitchen a charming and stylish look. In fact, it seems to be a quite popular trend these days.

Retro kitchen designView in gallery
Add some color into the kitchen with retro and bold-colored appliances

By using retro kitchen appliances and even furniture you give this room a timeless look. It can also be a feature that adds elegance to the overall décor. If you want to go for a 1930s or 1960s look, then you can opt for stainless steel metal cabinets. They were very popular back then and they are also a very practical and functional addition to the kitchen. The cabinets were mainly white but you can add a chic touch to them now by painting them a bold color for example.

Turquoise kitchen appliancesView in gallery
Try to match all the appliances and to create a cohesive décor without too many colors
White retro kitchen appliancesView in gallery
Vintage cabinets and furniture in general always add charm to a room
Retro stoveView in gallery
Opt for a farmhouse style décor for the kitchen and use warm colors

The main reason why metal cabinets and appliances were so popular back then is because they are very sanitary and this was an important issue at that time. Everyone was very concerned about having a clean home and kitchen, especially since there was no vaccine for polio yet.

Retro stove kitchenView in gallery
Glossy finishes and bold or striking colors used to be quite popular back in the day
Turquoise kitchen stoveView in gallery
You can combine modern and vintage appliances in the kitchen as long as the overall décor is cohesive
Black retro appliancesView in gallery
The black and white combo always gives timeless elegance to a décor

In addition to this important aspect, vintage kitchen furniture and appliances are also very charming. They give the room an authentic look. Also, don’t forget about vintage hardware. You can opt for two-tone knobs, brass and glass knobs and, of course, the lighting fixtures.

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