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Add More Light To Any Corners with Torchiere Floor Lamps

A floor lamp, just as the name suggests it, is a source of light that uses the floor as its support and is plugged in to give you anything from really powerful to very diffuse light. Torchiere floor lamps take their names from the French version of the word “torch” and combine a fixture and a light source with plenty of benefits to the people who decide to invest in them.

Benefits of Choosing Torchiere Floor Lamps

We can’t help but notice that there are so many different types of floor lamps to choose from, we’re actually happy with the market versatility that gives us more and more options on what we can get our rooms to look like. With plenty of other varieties still left to explore, we wanted to talk about why torchiere floor lamps stand out of the crowd and what it is they have to offer.

  • First of all, torchiere lamps are designed in such a way as to occupy as little floor space as possible. They are easily identifiable thanks to their torchlight shape. It is basically composed of a vertical fixture and a lamp that’s positioned at the end up it and faces upwards. While some would argue that other types of floor lamps are more elegant and stylish, a torchiere is perfect for small rooms with limited floor space.
  • Because of its construction, one of the major benefits of a torchiere floor lamp is the fact that the light will never be in your face. Being directed upwards, you will enjoy the benefit of a diffused light without having the lightbulb blind you when you switch positions. The result is a light that’s pleasing to the eyes, and one that creates a nice and cozy ambiance in whatever room its placed in.
  • Torchiere floor lamps also come with dimmer switches (not all of them, but you can find a great deal of product with this feature), which means that you gain more control over how soft or powerful the light is.
  • Just because their construction is fairly simple, one can’t simply underestimate the elegance of a torchiere lamp. In fact, you can find them in a great variety of styles, including modern or traditional lamps to best suit your interior decoration needs.

Top 10 Torchiere Floor Lamps To Choose From

Great Smoky 74″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

While beautiful, some torchiere lamps can be too thick and heavy. For those looking for something with a slick design, there’s always the Great Smoky lamp. It is designed with amber iridescent glass shades that create the cozy vibe you’ve always wanted to have in your room. It is the perfect addition to a studio apartment or a room decorated in a steampunk/industrial style.

It comes with three arms at the end of which you will find vintage-style LED Edison bulbs. The bulbs are included with the purchase of the lamp, which is one less expense for you. It has an integrated footswitch and comes with a sturdy metal fixture that’s not that easy to tip over. The overall dimensions of the lamp are 74” H x 15” W x 15” D, while the cord measures 72 inches in length.

Leyden 70″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Leyden lamp is one of the simplest, yet most beautiful torchiere floor lamps that money can buy. It is perfect because it combines such a slim profile and basic elements that it has never been easier to match a lamp with just about any type of interior decoration possible.

The fixture is made entirely out of metal and separates into an additional arm closer to the topside, giving you two lights to enjoy in the comfort of your home. It has a footswitch and it measures 69.5” H x 11.5” W x 11.5” D overall. Each of the two bulbs is protected by hand-blown glass shades.

Everby 65″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Everby torchiere is the perfect example of how something that most people perceive as a simple floor lamp can add a touch of elegance to a room.  It has a mid-century design that blends in elements of style, such as a frosted ribbed glass shade that’s perfect for rooms where you’re looking for more intimate lighting.

The fixture itself is decorated in an antique bronze finish and you basically get a combination of a beautiful golden shade and white glass that sends out real luxury vibes in the room. When you want to turn on the lights, you have to pull the chain that’s located right underneath the shade. The fixture doesn’t include bulbs and is not dimmable.

Weese 72″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

With a simple monochromatic design that’s easy to mix and match with different room styles and decors, the Wesse torchiere is a product for people who don’t want any headaches. It is designed as a completely black fixture, at the end of which you get light from a halogen bulb. Since the light is very diffused, this is more of an ambiance-creating lamp that anything else.

It is powered by a single light and comes with a dimmer switch that grants you control over the intensity of the light. As for the bulb itself, it is included with the lamp and it’s a  T3 halogen lightbulb.

Great Smoky 74″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

The Great Smoky lamp is as elegant as it is simple. With a sleek profile and a combination of elements that gives it a modern look, this torchiere is perfect for any living room where light diffusion will please the owners and the guests alike. The three fixtures are all connected to a metal base.

At the end of each fixture, you can find beautiful amber glass shades with a vintage approach. Each of them conceals three LED vintage-style Edison bulbs, all of which are included with the purchase.

Escolta 71″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

With an alabaster glass shade held in place by elegant arms, the Escolta torchiere is a product worthy of a classy living room. Measuring almost 6 feet in height, this versatile lamp is built with a metal fixture and a sturdy base that doesn’t easy tip over. The fixture is covered in a dark bronze finish that makes it perfect for elegant and rustic decors alike.

At the end of the fixture, concealed in the glass shade, one can find a LED bulb (which is not included in the package) that emits a diffuse light for you to enjoy a cozy and intimate ambiance. The Escolta is also equipped with a 3-way switch and a 6-foot black cord.

Patria 71″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

Sometimes, all you really need is a light and simple torchiere floor lamp because you want it to blend into a space with warm colors or you want to create a contrast in your room and add more elements in light colors. Whatever the case, the Patria torchiere is a product that combines beautiful design, a sturdy construction, and a good price.

One of the reasons for the budget price is that the shade is made from plastic, and not glass. However, you can’t really tell the difference unless you actually touch the shade. Of course, unless you knock it to the ground, the shade is going to be very resistant and last a long time. The fixture is made from metal and, at the end of it, you can connect a standard lightbulb (which is not included with your purchase).

Ila 72″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

This torchiere is different from what we’ve shown you so far because it features a more intricate construction and beautiful details that won’t just fit into any decor. Its intertwined design stands out in every room, and everything about the construction of the lamp is a symbol of quality and elegance.

The fixture is made from metal, and somewhere in the middle, you can notice the curving branches that almost make this seem like a sculpture and not a floor lamp. It comes with two lights, one of them being curved to the side so that you can use it as a reading light. The switch type is a rotary socket and the glass shades have a beautiful amber color.

Crystals 72′ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for another fancy floor lamp, you may just have found it. This modern torchiere is the kind of product that fits into a multitude of decors, especially classy ones that could use that touch of crystal. In fact, the shade is made from handmade crystal glass decorated wire shade that looks different depending on whether you have a warm or a cold light bulb.

It comes with a single light source which is a LED bulb (included with the purchase of the lamp) that’s operated by a dimmable switch. The fixture is made from metal and available in a beautiful golden finish that further enhances the luxury look of this torchiere.

Davisboro 72″ Torchiere Floor Lamp

Davisboro Torchiere Floor Lamp

The last item on today’s list is another torchiere floor lamp with simple but elegant elements that make it a perfect addition to modern homes. It comes with a seeded glass shade that perfectly complements the hand-brushed metal tones of the fixture. It powers a single bulb (which is not included with the purchase of the lamp) and is compatible with LED bulbs as well. Other features include a footswitch to power up the lamp, a glass shade, and a total height that’s a little bit over 71 inches.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of different types of floor lamps that one can buy for their home, but torchiere floor lamps are really something else. They bring plenty of benefits to the table and are great for people who want diffuse light in their rooms without having lightbulbs blinding them the entire time.