Top 20 Romantic Bedroom Designs For Valentine’s Day

As you already know, each room has to be decorated differently, in accordance with its function and with the atmosphere you are trying to create inside. The bedroom might seem like a room that’s easy to decorate but, in reality, there are lots of tricky details to take into consideration. For example, most people prefer the master bedroom to have a romantic décor and to be a harmonious and relaxing space that’s also defined by passion and dynamism.

Black romantic bedroomView in gallery
The layout should focus on making the best out of the views

It’s difficult to combine the two influences but it’s also fun to try. If you want to create a romantic décor for your bedroom, then there are several styles to take into consideration and each one of them comes with challenges and particularities. If you want it to have a classical flair then you should opt for something simple yet dramatic.

Canopy bed1View in gallery
Canopy beds are always romantic and they make wonderful focal points

You could have a large chandelier or an oversized mirror above the bed. If you want something modern then you should focus on the small details such as the lighting and the accent features. If you want your bedroom to be extra romantic for a special occasion such as Valentine’s Day for example, then you should also pay attention to details such as candles, rose petals, maybe even a bottle of champagne.

Elegant but romantic bedroomView in gallery
Earthy shades of color make a room feel both elegant and warm
Bedroom fireplace romantic feelView in gallery
A fireplace would definitely add romance to any bedroom décor
Amazing bedroom viewsView in gallery
The views can turn your bedroom from boring to romantic in a second
Royal bedroom designView in gallery
Give the bedroom a royal treatment and allow yourselves to feel like a prince and princess
Montain feel bedroomView in gallery
In a bedroom, comfort is very important so opt for soft textures and pleasant colors
Love bedroom for valentines dayView in gallery
Add some small last minute touches to the décor to make it even more romantic
Feminine bedroomView in gallery
Lighting is very important. It needs to be bright yet subtle
High ceiling canopy bedView in gallery
High ceilings usually add drama to a room so use them in your favor
Minimalist modern bedroomView in gallery
A minimalist bedroom can also feel romantic if you use the right accent features
Bedroom breakfast bedView in gallery
In the bedroom you can forget about pendant lamps and use bedside lighting or cove lighting
Exposed brick wall inbedroomView in gallery
An exposed brick wall would add character and charm to the bedroom
Colorful bedroom ceiling fanView in gallery
A few bursts of color can add dynamism to the décor without interfering with its elegance
Elegant morrocan bedroomView in gallery
A romantic bedroom can also look dramatic, especially if you include oversized features
Velvet bedroom furnitureView in gallery
The color scheme plays a very important role in the overall décor so choose it carefully
Country bedroomView in gallery
White can also be a romantic color and it can make your bedroom look soothing
Cool canopy bedroomView in gallery
Make the canopy bed the star of your bedroom’s décor
Attic bedroom romantic feelView in gallery
Use pattern and texture to create an inviting and romantic interior décor
French bedroomView in gallery
The floral motif remains very strong so you can always incorporate it in the décor

Lighting is very important in a romantic bedroom. It has to be bright but also subtle and pleasant. Natural light is not very important since you won’t be spending much time in there during the day anyway. So you can opt for long curtains that block the sunlight and make the atmosphere more intimate. Chandeliers are nice but it’s best to focus on smaller light fixtures such as wall lamps, bedside lamps and other more subtle elements.